VIDEO: Rafael Nadal cruises into Rome final with win over Reilly Opelka – match highlights

Rafael Nadal kept his time on court to a minimum by ending the surprising clay-court run of American Reilly Opelka by 6-4, 6-4.


  1. OMGGG!!!! RAFA!!! You did it!!!
    As the tears roll down my face!!!!

    CONGRATS!!! So HAPPY for you and for us!!

  2. Yeahhhhhhhh…..
    Takes him to 3-2. Reenergizes him…
    Now it’s 4-2…

    Come on RAFA!!!!


  3. Our warrior is battling. It is a marathon! We are with you You can do it! YOU BROKE DJ! Vamos our champion.

      • LOL Ziggy, I did something similar, but I skipped “baby” when Rafa served.
        I am bad, I was hoping for DF when Rafa received quite often.😂

  4. Rafa has reverted to type against Novak i.e. he’s playing like he’s desperate. Novak is playing the brain game and conserving what energy he has for the one set shoot out. Get it together champ and don’t over-press.

    • Yup. Djokovic is firmly in Rafa’s head now. Rafa is forcing things and overplaying.

      Calm down and simply do what you do champ!

  5. Dang….Went to do dishes came back and took a peek & Rafa is down 4-1. 😱. Going back to cleaning!

  6. I don’t get how a guy who played almost 5 hours yesterday, finished late and had less than 12 hours rest has so much gas left in the tank. Anyone else would be baked. SMH. Don’t like this at all.

    • He probably slept in a cryo chamber or something:)

      It’s amazing how these guys can recover so quickly.

      It’s obvious that Rafa has a higher level than Djoker today and yet our champ has let the second set slip with the score reflecting very badly.

      Djokovic is now in Rafa’s head. How will Rafa respond in the final set?

    • Pauline, according to predictions I read-Rafa in 3. I didn’t believe it but now I do.🤞🤞
      Vamosssss Rafa💪💪💪

  7. Rafa needs to up his intensity. Djokovic is running on fumes and somehow has a hold on this second set?

    Wake up champ!

    • Please tell DJ he is tired and nit up a break. Push through Rafa. Break him back!

  8. Well done to Iga. Totally ridiculous double bagel in a final!

    Rafa up next. Get it done champ! Give that guy no breathing space and keep your own game together, you can do it!

    • Come on Rafa one more set
      He changed His tactics from 5 all to attack his forehand rather than his backhand n just played wow tennis to clinch the set…. Rafans we are almost there

  9. I just couldn’t believe the scoreline when I tuned in at 6-0 5-0. A no-show from Plishkova who looked like she just couldn’t be bothered. Glad I didn’t waste my time sitting through that match. Well done Iga.

  10. OMG

    Iga just won the Italian Open against Plishkova 6-0, 6-0. I guess Coco Gauff got off easy losing to her in the semifinals 7-6, 6-3.

    • Congratulations to Iga👏🏆 She says she will watch the men’s final during the interview rooting for Rafa.
      Vamosssss Rafa💪

    • Wow! What’s up with the double bagel from Plushkova? Maybe she wasn’t feeling well! Didn’t watch it but that’s embarrassing.Iga is very cute..She loves Rafa & made sure she let it be known she would be rooting for him!.

  11. Rafa all the very very best for today. Remember the confidence you had at the FO last year before and in the finals. I think I read that Moya said that you were very confident of winning. Hope I’m right

    Anyway whatever it is you’re super and don’t pay any attention and don’t let up if Novak gets up to his monkey tricks! Ignore them. Dictate the points from the word go.


    Cmon Rafa!!!


    • I don’t doubt that ND will try every trick in his “Ways to Cheat Legally in Tennis” encyclopedia to try to throw Rafa off rhythm. I just hope Rafa stays focused and does the job he came to do.


  12. Rafa has upped his game in each match. He is calm under pressure and confident. Good that he got the semi final over quickly with time to relax.
    Wishing him a great game in the final and playing with all the confidence of knowing that he is the best. How wonderful it is to support Rafa, no other player compares. 🇪🇸🌟🍀

  13. Rafa…Buena Suerte v Nole. You will do this..🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦☘☘☘☘ Vamos

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