Madrid Open 2021: Friday practice photos

Here are a few photos from Rafael Nadal’s Friday practice session in Madrid.


  1. I love you Rafa. Stay well and healthy all clay court season. I pray you will be victorious. God bless you. Mary Lynn

  2. From Twitter:

    Rafael Nadal Fans
    Luckily the shoulder treatment is nothing to worry about!
    Madrid Open 2021: Saturday practice photos

  3. I hope the shoulder treatment is nothing to worry about. By all accounts, Rafa hits the ball harder in practice than in matches. Perhaps he needs to look at the intensity with which he practices and tone it down a bit, as his body will not rebound as quickly as it used to.

  4. I hope that Rafa hasn’t a shoulder injury as I saw him getting treatment in one of the photographs. If he has any concerns he needs to withdraw and not risk aggravating it further.
    Roland Garros is the priority. Don’t risk injury Rafa, we want you at your brilliant best in RG. 🇪🇸🌟🍀

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