Rafa Roundup: Nadal happy to spend time with uncle Toni on Tour again


“I am good. Honestly, I am confident. I am playing well,” said Nadal. “I [have been] practising well [during the past] couple of days here in Monte-Carlo before the tournament starts. I feel ready.

“It’s true that I didn’t play much. At the same time, [it] is true that I had good success in the past without playing much. My mindset is the same as always. I just try to be ready… Going day by day. Tomorrow, [I have] another practice. I [am] just trying to be ready for the first match.”

“Toni has a lot of experience,” said Nadal. “He knows a lot about this sport. He has all the knowledge that somebody needs. I am sure that [is] going to be an important help for Felix.”

“I am happy for Felix. [It] is going to be a good support, [to] have a great coach like Toni next to him,” Nadal said. “[I am] happy for myself, too. I am happy to see my uncle here, see him here, spend time with him here on the Tour again. That’s a positive thing.”

Nadal, widely known as ‘Uncle Toni’, coached his nephew from childhood and through his adult career until he stood down in 2017. He will now join the team of highly-rated Auger-Aliassime, 20, starting at next week’s Monte Carlo Masters.

“I never considered before to work for someone else,” Nadal, 60, said.

Nadal said he would not be in either player’s box if Auger-Aliassime and his nephew met in the coming months.

“If [Rafa] has to lose to someone then I would rather him lose to Felix,” he said. “I’m still his uncle and have many years of involvement with him.”

All eyes will be on Rafael Nadal at the Monte-Carlo Country Club next week as he starts his clay-court campaign for a record-extending 12th Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters crown.

Over the past 15 years, the Spanish superstar has largely dominated each spring European swing, and it’s in the Principality where, more often than not, he has laid down an early marker to his rivals. Nadal has won 71 of his 76 matches in Monte-Carlo, including an Open Era record eight consecutive titles from 2005 to 2012 and a further three crowns from 2016 to 2018.

FFT President Gilles Moreton said it had made the decision after consulting with public authorities, the governing bodies of international tennis, and its partners and broadcasters.

“It will give the health situation more time to improve and should optimise our chances of welcoming spectators at Roland-Garros …,” he added.

“For the fans, the players and the atmosphere, the presence of spectators is vital for our tournament, the spring’s most important international sporting event.”

VIDEO: Rafa’s presser in Monte-Carlo


  1. Uncle or no uncle the fact is Rafa is the one who’s doing the main job, and Tony is also doing his job, so let our Champ do what he’s capable of we looking forward to no 12,vamos Rafa, im right behind u all the way from South Africa

  2. Rafa will not return to Toni as his coach. Toni stated that should Rafa and Felix meet in a match, he will not sit in Felix box as a courtesy to his former employer/nephew. I think that Uncle Toni may change his decision should this happen, why I think this is that Toni has a habit of changing his mind. Carlos Moya is there to stay with Rafa

  3. Rafael I have been following you for years now. Carlos Moyá is a great coach and you should stick with him; having so many different coaches around is a bad omen. I have observed in the past many people in your entourage. That is not good. Why? Very simple. During a tournament you must be concentrated only in your matches: You have to train, you have to compete, you have to rest, you have to eat, you have to study your opponents, you have to take physical therapy, and prepare every match. You see? No time but to work hard with your coach. That is why YOUR coach must accompany you in EVERY tournament. Also, having so many people around WILL NOT allow your coach to work properly with you: Simply too very many distractions. Literally, your coach, Carlos, will be frustrated because he knows that to win, you guys must work hard. Now, also, you must practice YOGA: This is the best physical therapy you can have and you need to improve your stamina and flexibility. Don’t eat meat, chicken, milk, and eggs: These products produce inflammation in your body and you don’t want this. ONLY VEGETABLES! Vegetables is the source of perfect health: Vegetables have all the nutrients and anti-inflammatory you will need. Remember, vegetables also carry full source of proteins so you will be able to build your body very well. I am also a Spaniard and I know, Spanish food is delicious ( my mother was the best cook you could possibly find) but unfortunately not very healthy.

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