Rafael Nadal Warms Internet With Big Heart (Again)

At the end of the year, Rafael Nadal has not forgotten the solidarity that is often expressed with the most disadvantaged during this traditional period of family reunion. Our champion donated 3 tons of baby food to the Mallorca food bank.

The foundation itself shared the donation through its social networks, and shared a snapshot of Rafa’s wife, Maria Francisca Perello, delivering the products.


  1. We thank God for both Maria and Rafael’s generosity and kindness to the needy. Thank you to the lovely couple too. I am an unwavering fan of Rafa’s

  2. You’re a great gift and blessing to humanity. God richly bless and increase you. You are an inspiration to all and indeed a great human being.. your biggest fan💕😘

  3. While there is so much turmoil and famine across all corners of the world at the moment, I’m so happy to see that Rafa is doing is his part in alleviating some of the grief stricken people on his part of the planet. Every little it helps,

    That is why Rafa has won ATP Sportsmanship of the Year for the 3rd year in a row and 4th time overall. He is ALL of that and then some. Love him Vamos Rafa!

  4. Thank you so much for all you have don vamosssssss champ love your fans for ever happy New Year 🎆 🎊🥰🍾🍸🍷🎈

  5. Rafa and Maria demonstrate once again that they care about people and provide practical support in the appropriate manner. They are true humanitarians and very connected to both their community and the wider world.

  6. Rafael is not only an outstanding athlete, he is the total humanitarian also. Just like Ronaldo as well, may other celebrities follow in the same footsteps…

  7. Well done rafa, you are GOD heated because GOD says what you do to others that you do to him, you are blessed

  8. 50,000 people have died in Spain, and the Covid variant has been detected there. Your efforts to relieve some of the pain and suffering are appreciated, Rafael and Maria Nadal. Once again, your
    generosity is inspiring-the parents must be so grateful🤱you continue to lead by example👍👏🌹🙏

  9. What a kind thing to do rafa you are so very kind and thoughtful thank you and l am sure lots of baby will have full tummy thanks to you your a angel rafa xxx

  10. Thank you so much for all you have done on and off court especially this year, Rafa! 🙏❤️ 2020 has been a challenging year forcing most people to adapt to new realities……As always, so proud to be one of your many fans. The best to you and your beautiful wife 😍

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