Here’s how Rafael Nadal is getting ready for new season

Rafael Nadal has been conducting his off-season training at the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar, where he has been joined by other Top 100 players in the FedEx ATP Rankings. Among the players who were training earlier this month at the facility are Felix Auger-Aliassime, Emil Ruusuvuori and Lorenzo Sonego.


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    • This was a very smart move by Roger Federer to not reenter the tennis circuit with a 5 set Grand Slam as that can be very taxing on his body, first time out after a year off from 2 knee surgeries… Easing back in is more prudent for sure…

  5. Rafa I can’t wait to see you playing again this year is going too be good 2021 is your vamosssssss champ good luck 👍 🎾👍🥰

    • Me encanta ver a Rafa jugar tennis. Soy una senora de 80 anos con el alma de una joven de 20. Yo se que Rafa nacio bajo una estrella, con un gran don. Que Dios lo guarde.

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