Rafael Nadal loses to Alexander Zverev at Paris Masters

(AFP) – Rafael Nadal said he had enjoyed a “positive tournament” at the Paris Masters as he gears up for his latest tilt at a first ATP Tour Finals triumph, despite losing to Alexander Zverev on Saturday.

The top seed slumped to a 6-4, 7-5 loss to Zverev in the semi-finals at Bercy Arena, but said his run this week would help him at the season-ending event in London, which starts on November 15.

“It has been a positive tournament for me. Of course not happy about the loss, but that’s part of the game,” said Nadal, who has also never won the Paris Masters.

“I spent hours on court. Of course I wanted to win the tournament, but it’s always difficult. But I had the right attitude during the whole event, I think, fighting in every match. That gave me the chance to play four matches that I think will be helpful for London. I need to adjust a couple of things, but I am doing well on all the important things.”

Rafa has only won one of his 86 ATP titles on indoor hard courts and that success came in Madrid over 15 years ago.

“I need to find a better feeling with the backhand on this surface, because when I hit the ball sometimes I feel that I can miss it,” he admitted.

“To compete at this highest level, sometimes it’s a little bit tougher.”

Source: AFP


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