Rafael Nadal loses to Alexander Zverev at Paris Masters

(AFP) – Rafael Nadal said he had enjoyed a “positive tournament” at the Paris Masters as he gears up for his latest tilt at a first ATP Tour Finals triumph, despite losing to Alexander Zverev on Saturday.

The top seed slumped to a 6-4, 7-5 loss to Zverev in the semi-finals at Bercy Arena, but said his run this week would help him at the season-ending event in London, which starts on November 15.

“It has been a positive tournament for me. Of course not happy about the loss, but that’s part of the game,” said Nadal, who has also never won the Paris Masters.

“I spent hours on court. Of course I wanted to win the tournament, but it’s always difficult. But I had the right attitude during the whole event, I think, fighting in every match. That gave me the chance to play four matches that I think will be helpful for London. I need to adjust a couple of things, but I am doing well on all the important things.”

Rafa has only won one of his 86 ATP titles on indoor hard courts and that success came in Madrid over 15 years ago.

“I need to find a better feeling with the backhand on this surface, because when I hit the ball sometimes I feel that I can miss it,” he admitted.

“To compete at this highest level, sometimes it’s a little bit tougher.”

Source: AFP


  1. On the Tour Finals website it gives the following description of the Finals, “The ATP Finals is the second highest tier of annual men’s tennis tournament[s] after the four Grand Slam tournaments.”

    Slams reign.

    I have always been of the conviction that the ATP Finals tournament is not the most important tournament of the Tour. For the winner, it affords him bragging rights and 500 points more than a Slam thereby boosting the winner’s ranking by 500 points more than a Slam would.

    Instead of the top eight why not the top ten to qualify for the tournament. Why is it played on the same surface year after year.

    My only inquietude is for Rafa’s feelings. If he doesn’t make it at the Finals my feelings will be the same. It goes without saying he will have my full support, as he always does, once he commits to play a particular tournament be it a 250 or a Slam.

    My priorities for Rafa are good health and maintaining his indomitable competitive spirit.


    • Margo, I agree with most of what you’ve said. However, I think the undefeated champion of the ATP Finals gets 1500 points, which is 500 points less than a grand slam winner would be awarded.

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    Now, that I live alone. This is another story.

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  4. Hello every Rafa fans,
    I had a gift for him but it seems that I will never see him, so if one of you will go to London or at any tournament, maybe you can give it to him.
    Thanks in advance,

    • I’m sure that Rafa has pressed the reset button by now (as I have) and is focused on the job he has to do at the atp finals. Every opponent is a massive threat and they’ll all be pumped, so let’s hope that he gets off to a winning start, unlike last year when he lost his first match to Zverev.

  5. Opportunity LOST and what a loss!
    Rafa this was your best chance. Did you watch the finals? and your other 3 matches where you were a set down?
    Had you just held a serve and taken it to a tie break and won it, he would crack……and Daanil would never beat you. So close and such a good opportunity lost….
    Get your first serve harder. With those muscles you should get a lot more aces in.
    Anyway, hope you get better practice, balance your schedule properly and win it next year.
    Paris, Shanghai, Miami, WTF and a second AO. Thats all left to get. Cmon you can do it,

  6. Tough day at the office for Rafa but as we all know he always analyzes his performance after every tournament…. He recognizes the positive and dissects the negative elements of his game, to improve upon for the next tournament coming up…

    When he played the Rome Masters after a 6 month layoff he lost in the quarters to Diego and yet was pleased with his overall performance… He had 10 days to work out the kinks prior to Roland Garros ( and yes I am aware it was on clay) and we all saw the result of that slam…

    Rafa has the same amount of time as he analyzes and works on his game before London begins.. He’s very aware of what he needs to do and once again he was generally pleased with his overall play in Paris. Hopefully, going forward he will be able to turn it up a notch and execute with improvements.

    Stay well and stay healthy everyone…


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  8. I am glad I can read your comments here because since yesterday evening I can see none on YouTube, nor comment on any channels even when it’s written direct. My phone does not allow me to receive phone calls, nor to send some SMS. Internet connexion had been slowed down. I Wonder what can still be forbidden.
    Hope that Rafael will stay healthy and I can meet him.

  9. I feel his level of motivation and hunger to win Indoor hard court tournaments compare to Clay court and Roland Garros looks lesser. There is almost lack of interest to be aggressive and take the opportunity to win especially when Djokovic and Federer are absent who are best on indoor hard courts. I feel a great opportunity missed too easily.

  10. Rafa has done momentum in the second set at 5-4 but then he lost his mojo and allowed Sasha to take control ..I am disappointed but it’s hopefully just one match to forget .

  11. Win or lose, Rafa always maintains a positive mental attitude. I’m hoping that the stars are aligned for him in London.

  12. Rafa, tu es toujours merveilleux. Même dans la défaite tu demeure le meilleur. Je déteste les gros serveurs car pour moi ce n’est pas du beau tennis.

  13. Thank you Rafa! It was so exciting to see you in action
    again in Paris! Made my day to see you play today as
    still shuttered in during Pandemic so grateful to see you in great shape! I loved the pink and green too🎾🎾🎾

  14. Rafael Nadal-we know you are dissatisfied with this loss, but stay healthy and safe.🤛💪👍👏🎾❤️
    Z. is eager to prove himself.

  15. Great King Rafa Today is acBad day this is Sport
    God bless you and your Family to Amen 🙏🏿

  16. i think reaching the semi finals is a fine result for Rafa in this tourment, indoor and on this surface.

  17. It would have been nice if Rafa could once again have tied ND for most Masters 1000 wins at 36 but it wasn’t possible today.

    Lucky for us that we can cheer him on soon at the ATP finals.

    Wishing Rafa and the team continued good health.

    • I love your tennis Rafa you are the best no one can win every tournament they play butt you can win most every tournament you play. Good luck in the atpl finals Rafa

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