PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal celebrates with family after winning Roland Garros

Rafael Nadal has sent fans into a frenzy with a beautiful moment with his wife Maria Francisca Perello and other family members after the Roland Garros final. Here are a few photos.


  1. Some enigmatic comments from Rafa in El Pais in English regarding the months after the lockdown. He says no one knows how difficult his day to day life has been with complications on a physical level. He describes the tougher conditions in Paris only adding to the fact that his body was already a little run down.

    Certainly hoping that his health and condition have fully recovered. Would love to see him take at least the rest of this month off.

    • Oh Pauline, I feel so bad for him. Your comment arrived just as I was thinking how healthy Rafa looked yesterday. He may be talking about any pain he may have which is caused by damage to his body after so many injuries which wouldn’t be visible by just looking at him. He could be experiencing worse pain brought on by the terrible weather in Paris and by lack of exercise.

      My heart hurts for him. I hope the much better weather in Mallorca will have him feeling better. There is a limit to what he can take to alleviate any pains because of banned substances by the ITT/ATP.

      I know his team will do everything possible to have him feeling better.

      Feel better Rafa.

  2. I just found out that the last time nadal beat djokovic on grass was almost 12 years ago (final of queens 2008). The last time he beat djokovic on hard court was 7 years ago (us open final 2013). For me these are schocking statistics.

    I am wondering if rafa has come to terms that he can only beat nole on clay

    • Highly unlikely marijnt. Whichever tournament Rafa plays he will fight to win be it against ND or whomever. He does not run away from obstacles but will face them with determination as he showed the world at this French Open.

      After yesterday’s win I am disheartened by some here who, instead of sharing in Rafa’s joy, are expressing their desire for Rafa to win so and so tournament and demanding even more from Rafa after all he has given to sport in general and to the wider world of tennis lovers and watchers.

      As a Rafa fan I would love for him to win more Slams but it is up to Rafa to decide what’s in his best interest and what he wants to do. What other players do in no way diminishes my support for Rafa who has already broken so many records.

      Enjoy the win.

    • Wow…. are you serious? “come to terms” ??

      Coming into Roland Garros, Rafa had played only 1 tournament in 6 months.
      Novak … had the Adria Tournament disaster , Southern and Western Conference and the US Open he was tossed from… He played a lot more than Rafa did but. we all saw what happened…
      With conditions being described as the worst ever at RG , Rafa came out yesterday and played like the warrior he is … He practically obliterated ND and it’s not only because of the surface… He was ready physically and mentally and he took ND to task…freaking Novak out as the match went on.
      It’s obvious Novak was rattled as he was bageled in the first set….and beyond…

      The mental part of this win will have lasting effects on Rafa…

      Once he enjoys some time off, celebrates and relaxes…. we will see him back on the courts at the Academy… this time on hardcourt…

      He has nothing to come to terms about…. He is a 20 time Grand Slam winner and that speaks for itself….I know that 13 of those titles are on clay… need I remind you, he has won the US OPEN twice in the last 4 years….

      • I agree wholeheartedly . Rafa has just reached the pinnacle of tennis heirarchy . Djokevic is 3 Slams behind having lost badly to Rafa in the most important match for him this year . No question , Federer and Djokevic are also in the same heirarchy as Rafa but neither has achieved a record close to Rafa’s 13 Roland Garros wins .

    • Marijnt, never underestimate what Rafa is capable of doing. He and his team devised a perfect plan to beat Novak at RG. Rafa’s will and determination to adapt and improve are second to none. I think the next misson will be to work on elevating Rafa’s game on hard court to beat Novak and he will. More exciting times!

  3. Thank you Mimi. Covid cases are rising here so we’ve been advised to keep our celebration as small as possible and/or virtual which I am doing.

    I hope this reply is put in the right place as my last one to Margo wasn’t.

    Have to laugh as I also watched the match again. Totally stress free that way isn’t it? Just sit back, relax, and marvel.

    Actually I thought of you after Rafa’s victory regarding the donation you make every time in his name. You inspired me and I did the same this year.🤗

    • That is good, a different kind of celebration for now……Pauline. I have a sister who works close to my house. She used to come to have lunch with me every Thursday, and although I am not a good cook, but we enjoyed each other’s company……..hopefully it’s okay to continue soon🤞

      Yes, definitely. I never watch match Rafa loses a second time, do you? Talking about stress, I slept through the night for the first time since Rafa returned in action.🙂

      Thank you for telling me, Pauline.🙏❤️ I am glad to hear that. I made the donation as soon as the trophy presentation was over. I have donated to the same hospital since 2016 when Rafa and Marc won Olympic gold in doubles. I actually met the annual giving officer last year and found out she got married the same day as Rafa and Maria. We are supposed to do lunch again in March, I already made a reservation too, but because of the pandemic, it has been postponed. However, she already told me she will be expecting her first baby this month. Hope to hear good news from Rafa and Maria soon.👶

  4. Congratulations Rafa – your thousands of fans are grateful to you for lifting up our spirits during these stressful times

  5. Hi Rafans!

    Hope we are all recovered from the medical levels of emotions experienced before/during/after yesterday!

    Since we are currently bathing in the glow of a glorious victory, I want to celebrate the moment by starting a fun debate…

    Which do you think was Rafa’s best Roland Garros title? (you can use whichever criteria for “best” you want)

    I think it’s This One.

    But others might say the first one is always the hardest. Or that getting to ten was the true milestone…

    Would love to know your thoughts 🙂

    • Congratulations Rafa! Wow… I am still on high.

      My God! You were brutal. Eh eh. Once again congratulations.

      Welcome to the 20th.. Great guys stand the hands of time. At least now the reporters cannot blame your wife..

      You showed us that , whatever she is doing to you. Lol. Is great for the game.

      Well done once again. That was awesome..

    • Alex, it’s hard to argue with 2020. We need the Tennis Chnnel to repeat all 13 to decide the question. For quality of play perhaps it will be the next one vs Theim?

    • All of Rafa’s Roland-Garros 🏆are special with different meanings, I believe those were his words when he hit the milestone of “10”. He is the most humble athlete 😍

  6. I want Rafa win another Australian slam and hopefully Novak on the other side of the court. This is the real challenge for Rafa because on clay…. It’s a walk in the park for Rafa. Vamos Rafa get another Australian slam. Stay safe and healthy

  7. The challenge for rafa should be doing better at tournaments he hasnt won yet

    winning Indoor tournament Paris (master series)
    winning atp finals
    winning for the second time the australian open
    winning for third time wimbeldon
    winning miami

  8. Rafa, amazing performance your family is lovely. You are the real deal down to earth humble human being… God bless you always.

  9. I can not see my former comment. It says nothing else that I live reading your posts and all my life I have been struggling to help people, no matter the colour of their skin, their religion, their age, their sexual orientation or any other consideration.

  10. As I see a lot of women on this site, I wanted to share some more information with you. All along my life, I have been struggling to help people (no matter their age, their religion, their nationality, the colour of their skin, their sex orientation), participating in several projects. I have even worked as a volunteer in Spain when I was a teenager.

    From 2005, I have seen some great changes in the society and hope that this will go on in a positive and good way. I have admired a lot of men and women who has inspired my life.

    Recently, I have even been impressed by Greta and her involment. The young, next generation is also taking part of many actions and we can see a lot of results.

    I am sure you have noticed like me the changes.

    For my side, I am still having some health, administrative problems to solve but I will continue to come to read the comments of real Rafa’s fans. You are great.



  12. Thank you for sharing photographs of special moments of Rafa with Maria, his parents and sister. Such loving moments . What an incredible day , history maker once again . Enjoy it Rafa as your supporters certainly do .❤️

  13. Thanks for all the joy you give your fans! Couldn’t be happier for you! LOVED the family pictures and your sweet and beautiful wife! Vamos#13!

  14. What a beautiful couple, we should all be that lucky, they seem to really have it all and in a realistic sense! Fabulous to see such happiness during these tumultuous times. Bless them both.

  15. Nice photos but I bet they’re ready to get back home for all the family and academy members to have a heck of a celebration.

    All the best Rafa and I’ll be waiting to see you again as the reigning Roland-Garros winner and a holder of 20 Grand Slams.


  16. Congratulations on your showstopper performance in 3 straight sets against Nole. You certainly powered through with such determination and skill. Such a blistering exciting performance. I already watched the repeat on my treasured tennis channel. Can’t get over that bagel. Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures of your family/team. The King of Clay prevails! I am so happy for you!

  17. The photos are beautiful!
    Congratulations again!! You re not only a star, but a gem.of a person!!!!!

  18. Vamps Rafa!!! 20 grandslams and still counting. You really smashed it today and demolished Jokovic.

    • Here in Canada it is Thanksgiving Weekend. Am very thankful for Rafa making the world feel like it’s back to normal again if only for a day. It is heartwarming to see the love shared by this family. Blessings to Rafa and Maria. Muchas gracias por todo.

      • Pauline, hope you had a nice Thanksgiving celebrating with your loved ones.

        Yes, what a loving family🥰

        I already watched the replay three times.

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