PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal celebrates with family after winning Roland Garros

Rafael Nadal has sent fans into a frenzy with a beautiful moment with his wife Maria Francisca Perello and other family members after the Roland Garros final. Here are a few photos.


  1. these pictures are so nice what a lovely family you have you must all take care of each other l now you will good by for now rafa xxx

  2. I dont know if you look critical at his achievements on other surfaces besides clay.

    he only won 22 titles on hard courts
    he only won 4 titles on grass
    he only won 2 titles indoor

    djokovic record
    – won 15 titles on clay
    – won 6 titles on grass
    – won 12 titles indoor

    Nadal has done better on djokovic favourite surface then novak did on nadal favorite surface. Hopefully the champ will improve on other surfaces

    • Just curious, are you including his french open win as his second indoor title?
      I do see your point about his level of play on indoor hard court or hard court, but played brilliantly on medium fast indoor hard at the davis cup, but it took something out of him mentally at Australia. I do believe though he
      has the weapons now to be competitive against anyone in Australia or indoors. Despite his loss to Novak in the cup, he raised his level in set 2 to make it a match but he was not fresh.
      He will be fresh and ready next year. Also, he defeated tsitsipas in last year’s YE Championship by playing at a very high level.

  3. Rafa plays well on hard courts. Witness his US open victory a year ago and three previous victories in New York. He played a very tight quarterfinal versus Theim at the last AO. As long as he is careful with his knees he will do fine. Rafa has been thinking about the 2021 AO for months and he very much wants to win it.

    At this point Theim is an equal danger to Rafa as Nole. Djokovic has weaknesses including mental and emotional shortcomings as evidenced by his on the court conduct in New York. He has neck and arm problems when he gets deep in a tournament.. I don’t know what his problem was in Paris. He was simply unable to match Rafa’s level of play.

    To Marijnt’s point, Rafa has and will continue to improve his game. His backhand has become a real weapon as is his serve. The big servers on tour are a challenge but Rafa usually finds a way to prevail.

    • Totally. His backhand and serve is the reason he can go toe to toe against anyone on a medium fast hardcourt now. As long as he does not try crazy defense on hard his knees should hold up. Fingers crossed.

  4. Dont get me wrong I am very happy for rafa. But I really hope he will do better in the remaining years of his career on other surfaces.

    He had bad luck the last years at the australian open. A lot had to do with the surface that benefit roger and novak. He reached three times the final in which i think he should have won these finals also he suffered injuries. And with the rise of new hard hitting big serving players it will be very difficult for him more and more to compete against them unless he is willing to improve his game on hard court

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