Here’s how Rafael Nadal thanked Roger Federer for kind words

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Rafael Nadal thanked Roger Federer for his kind words after equalling the Swiss’ Grand Slam record, while hailing their ‘beautiful’ rivalry.

‘Thanks to Roger for the words,’ said Rafa. ‘I think, as everybody knows, we have a very, very good relationship.

‘We respect each other a lot. At the same time in some way I think he’s happy when I’m winning and I’m happy when he’s doing the things well.

‘In some way for me means a lot the positive relationship that we have together because we have been going through a great rivalry for a very, very long time. Yeah, just can say thanks to him.’

Reflecting on equalling Federer’s record, Rafa added: ‘I always say the same, that I would love to finish my career being the player with more Grand Slams. No doubt about that, no?

‘But in the other hand I say, okay, I have to do my way. I did my way during all my career. Worked well. I’m not going to be thinking all the time Novak have this one, Roger is winning the other one.

‘You can’t be always unhappy because your neighbour has a bigger house than you or a bigger boat or has a better phone. You have to live your personal life, no?

‘Personally that’s the thing that I did during all my career, just try to follow my road, try my best every single day. In terms of these records, of course that I care.

‘I am a big fan of the history of sport in general. I respect a lot that. For me means a lot to share this number with Roger, no?

‘But let’s see what’s going on when we finish our careers. We keep playing. I don’t know what can happen in the future. I am just excited and of course is something that means a lot to me.

‘At the same time share this record between us, that we had an amazing rivalry for such a long time, it’s something in some way beautiful I really believe. Let’s see what is going on.’



  1. What a wonderful achievements for Rafa, Roger and Novak. Good models for this sport.
    Well done Rafa for a wonderful performance on Roland Garos , the best ever in Tennis sports.

  2. I care a lot less about who is the true GOAT now. I am of the belief that the three of them together have produced and inspired tennis at a sustained level that was unthinkable before the present millennium. I will just enjoy watching this incredible display of talent and sportsmanship for as long as Roger, Rafa and Nole can compete at this elite level. (Ps – Just a little ‘Vamos’ for my favourite).

  3. Un rivalité saine entre ces deux hommes ; deux légendes ; deux hommes qui se respectent et s’apprécient ; c’est beau

  4. I’m not into all the “Who’s the GOAT?” debate. If people want to argue the toss about it, you can say that Rod Laver would have won more Grand Slam events if he hadn’t turned pro, or that people way back when would have won more events if Europeans hadn’t missed the Australian Open because it would’ve meant a long voyage by boat, or because tournaments were cancelled due to the war. Rafa, Roger and Nole are all great champions!

  5. Hopefully the champ is going to do better on other surfaces. He has proven himself on Clay but not so much on other surfaces like grass and indoors

  6. I have always been in agreement with Rafa’s statement regarding the understood subject of the GOAT. “But let’s see whatever t’s going on when we finish our careers. We keep playing. I don’t know what can happen in the future.”

    I will go even further by saying whoever retires with the most Grand Slam wins it really won’t matter to the fans of the other champions. Fans will stand by their champion. Imagine a tie among all three champs? A war may ensue. 😂

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