Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer Break Tennis World Attendance Record in South Africa

Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer have broken the record for the highest ever attendance for a tennis match. In Cape Town, South Africa, Fedal played out an entertaining match in the Cape Town Stadium.

Roger won the three-set contest6-4, 3-6, 6-3.

After the match, organisers confirmed the official attendance figure as 51 954 – a world record crowd for a tennis match, breaking the record set in November 2019 when Federer defeated Germany’s Alexander Zverev in Mexico City in front of 42 517 fans.

“The energy has been fantastic,” said Rafa. “We can’t describe our feelings. It is a lifetime experience playing in front of such an amazing crowd in such an amazing stadium.

“Well done to Roger, his family and all his team because the organisation of this event has been fantastic. It’s a big pleasure to be part of it and encourage Roger for this good cause. He is doing a great job. We try to give much as much as we can because we have been very lucky.”

“It was an absolute pleasure to share the court with Rafa again. It really is very special on so many levels. This is so much more than just tennis and I really hope we can do it again,” said Roger.

Earlier, in the doubles curtain raiser, Roger teamed up with Microsoft co-founder, philanthropist and rand trillionaire, Bill Gates, to defeat our champ and South African comedian Trevor Noah 6-3 in a one-set shootout.


  1. Only one of many missions accomplished. Well done Rafa and Roger.

    Missing Rafa on the Tour. Wishing him a greater 2020.


    • I couldn’t tell if you were serious or trying to be funny.

      Although Gates’s foundation has given billions to the continent of Africa, I doubt this event would fall under his foundation guidelines.

  2. What a show!! And for a wonderful cause. Rafa and Roger are simply amazing people. Congrats to all that made this event such a grand success.

  3. I love the way they are together, Rafa and Roger. This is the true purpose of sport, to bring people together. And us fans are the lucky and happy witnesses to this!

  4. Is amazing to see you this two great player and a good friend to raise money for this event good luck vamosssssss love ❤️ 🎾😘👍

  5. It was magical! To watch these two Amazing athletes raise money for the foundation. Congratulations to all who supported and were involved! 🎾🍾🥂

  6. It was an amazing venue and that this match grossed. $3.2 million for RF foundation. Rafa was truly amazed at the crowd and just loved every second . You are such a wonderful person..God Bless you always Rafa xxx

    • Point of correction, Lilian.
      The match raised $3.5m, not $3.2m.

      But as always Lilian, we go game by game, match by match and day by day…..cheers y’all.

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