VIDEO: Highlights of Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer’s exhibition match in Cape Town

There were trick shots, funny moments and brilliant rallies during the exhibition match between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer in Cape Town.


  1. The draw for Acapulco has been made. On the official image of the draw, every player is shown by their initial and surname, except for Rafael Nadal 🙂

    Kyrgios is in the other half. Some of Rafa’s potential opponents in each round are

    R32 Andujar
    R16 de Minaur
    QF Opelka or Lajovic
    SF Wawrinka or Dimitrov
    F Zverev or Kyrgios

    But as always, one match at a time. I believe Rafa plays his first match against Pablo Andujar on Tuesday.

    Vamos Rafa!!!

  2. Wishing Rafa all the very best in Acapulco next week. Hoping he claims the title that he shoukd have seized last year.

  3. As I recall, in 2016, Roger had an operation on his left knee for a torn meniscus – how time flies – and now it’s his right knee. Cruel luck, which Rafa knows all about.

  4. Yes, l heard the news about Roger’s knee surgery. It’s all about the slams for him now, so obviously he and his team have looked at the best time for the surgery. Roger must be raising a sigh of relief that it has ruled him out of the gruelling clay season, which he wasn’t relishing anyway, and he was never going to be a threat to Rafa on that surface.

    It’s very sensible for Roger to do the surgery now, as he’s targeting the grass season, in which he will stand the greatest chance of winning another slam. Best wishes to him for a full recovery.

  5. Roger won’t be back until the grass season so Rafa should have an easier path as long as he stays healthy.


  6. Roger Federer has announced that he is out for the next few months… He had arthroscopic knee surgery yesterday .. He has said that he will miss Dubai, Indian Wells, Bogota, Miami and the French Open.

    At 38, loving hardcourt, it takes its toll on the body as we have experienced with our boy Rafa…

    Wishing Roger a speedy recovery.


    HERE’S WISHING YOU A VERY HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY. 💖💙💜💙💖💙💜💙💖💜💙💖💖💜💙💖💞💓❤💘❤💓💓💚

  8. Donald Trump has invited Rafa to accompany the King of Spain to a state dinner at The White House
    on April 21st. Poor Rafa!! With his busy schedule including Monte Carlo, ending on the 19th and Barcelona starting on 20th April, if Rafa plays both tournaments I guess he’ll have a valid excuse not to attend. I’m hoping that will be the case.

    • Omg! I truly hope Rafa’s tennis schedule in Monte Carlo and Barcelona gives him a good excuse not to honor this invitation from the most horrible president the USA has ever seen. I know Rafa tries to be apolitical, but this president is the antithesis of all Rafa stands for. Please Rafa. Do not go!

  9. Unfortunately, Novak has been humiliated by his family before. His mother shouted, “The king is dead, when Roger lost to Novak in 2008. Novak has learned to handle himself with the press, but his parents have not. His father appeared at a match wearing a t-shirt with Novak’s giant head on it. That says it all. 😱🙄🙀

  10. Have any of you heard or read the remarks that Novak’s father made in an interview after the AO finals????

    In my opinion it was in very bad taste.

    • I read the remarks that Novak’s father made about Rafa – totally ridiculous and out of order. Novak must squirm ever time his father opens his mouth. All Rafa asks of any crowd is respect for the players.

      • Yes, I heard the news today about Roger’s knee surgery. It’s all about the slams, so he and his team have obviously looked at the best time to have the surgery. Roger must be raising a sigh of relief that it has ruled him out of the gruelling clay season which he wasn’t relishing anyway.

        It’s very sensible to do the surgery now, as he’s targeted the grass season in which he will stand the best chance of winning another grand slam. Best wishes to him for a full recovery.

  11. Two rival champions showing children and adults how easy it is to be respectful of each other. Great examples for everyone.

    It would be something if they finish their careers with an equal number of Slams. Maybe then their respective fans will end their vitriol and animosity. There’s always hope 🤗

  12. Que buen duo habeis formado, sois fantasticos, buen humor y compañerismo y sobre todo por una buena causa, he disfrutado mucho de los partidos individuales y dobles, ENHORABUENA por esta actuación, SOIS GRANDES!!!

  13. I’m sure Rafa’s and Roger’s faces must ache after all that smiling and laughing! I really enjoyed watching the matches and all of the off-court things – especially the children’s story 🙂 Great fun, and for a good cause too.

  14. Mutual respect and admiration; rivalry and friendship. Inspiring relationship between two great players who have motivated and elevated each other’s expectations and achievements. We will never tire of following their journeys.🙏🎾❤️

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