VIDEO: Here Are Rafael Nadal’s Best Shots | Australian Open 2020

Some of Rafael Nadal’s best shots during Australian Open 2020, before losing the quarterfinal in 4 sets to Dominic Thiem.



  1. Rafa has arrived in Kuwait. Have only seen Papa, Maymo and Maribel with him so far.

    Disappointed if Maria Francisca didn’t go as I was hoping that on their next stop in Cape Town that Roger & Mirka would take the two of them on a sightseeing tour. Will keep checking photos.

  2. I’m gobsmacked that Fan Love has not deemed it fit to contribute to the comments so far!

    Appears Fan Love has not yet FULLY recovered from Nadal’s loss to Thiem at the AO. But the loss was not unexpected for those who know…….besides, we should be happy because had Rafa qualify for the AO Final, Djokovic would have had him for breakfast, lunch and diner!!!!

    Anyways, we’d see what happens in the FO, Fan Love, take heart, Nadal the Bull will be back in the FO, but can Nadal win his 13th major…..yes, the 13th, the mythical 13th, the strange, odd no…..hmmn

    But as always, Dear Fan Love, we go game by game, match by match and day by day

    Cheers, Fan Love

    • MSI
      I think Rafa will win the FO. Perhaps it is there where he is at his most confident.

      It is interesting to note that so many tournament winners, be it a 250 or a Slam, cite their confidence and self belief as contributing factors for their win, something Rafa lacks at crucial moments. I remember Rafa being able to anticipate his opponents’ next move. I was spellbound.

      I don’t expect Rafa to win every tournament, and I cannot say with certainty what is on his mind, but I am still hoping he can win more tournaments before others displace him on clay. I think that would shatter him. Then, maybe not. It may spur him to win even more. He’s always full of surprises.


  3. Depending on how you look at the numbers, following is the good news and the not so good, as of Monday:

    Rafa has dropped to world No. 2, 325 points behind world No. 1 Djokovic. If he stays healthy, Rafa can move back up.

    Thiem has moved into the No. 4 spot, 85 points behind Federer. He could become the new world No. 3 very soon.

    As the season progresses, these numbers are bound to go through some permutations. Who will be the top ten.

  4. The inevitable result. I suppose this is how people who are not fans of Rafa feel about the French Open. Thiem did better than I expected, well done Domi. At least Djokovic’s victory celebrations were somewhat muted, rather oddly so. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a player accept a trophy so casually. Anyway, enough of him.

    I’m looking forward to some fun content from Rafa’s two exhibitions this week! The Match in Africa is being shown on TennisTV, but I’m not sure if the Kuwait Academy match with David Ferrer will be streamed anywhere – I hope so.

    • Perhaps Djoko knew deep down Thiem would be a threat from now on, and he’s lucky to win this AO – yes I said lucky because luck was really with him, with the draw, with the two main threats Tsitsipas and Agut went out early, with an injured Fed in the SF, and with Thiem in the final after Thiem had toughed it out with Rafa and then Sasha and with one fewer day of rest – who knows how many more or if any more slam(s) Djoko could win.

      Imagine Rafa having Djoko’s draw and Djoko Rafa’s, Rafa would be holding the AO trophy for a second time on Sunday, beating Djoko if Djoko came through Kyrgios, Thiem and Sasha, or maybe beating Thiem in the final when Kyrgios gave Djoko a hard time in R4.

      Djoko was lack lustre this AO final, and Thiem just lacked the killer instinct to finish off Djoko in four sets and had let Djoko back into the match, rather unwise. Perhaps, he had fallen for the tricks Djoko had up his sleeves so often, that of looking down and out and needing medical attention and then out of the blue Djoko sprung back to life to take the fourth set and then the fifth and the match.

      Djoko had always done that to Murray in the AO finals, time and again Murray fell for it. Thiem is now another victim, he has to learn from now on that Djoko is never down and out until the last ball is played, just don’t let your foot off the pedal when you have Djoko under your control!

      • It’s strange,I’ve even heard Djokovic fans say they think he won’t win any more AOs, that this final was too much of a struggle. He can’t expect to have it easy – that’s something that Rafa never does, and I think Rafa’s respect for the abilities of other players may partly explain his good results against the Next Gen so far.

        I remember the last match I saw Murray and Djokovic play, Doha 2107. Djoko fell over and had Andy all concerned about him. Then Djoko went off court between sets and came back wearing a casual T shirt, like he wasn’t Novak the tennis pro anymore. Needless to say, Novak won. You’re right, the nice guys have to learn to turn off the niceness during matches.

  5. Terrible and undeserved. Sorry! Yes, Dominic lacked the experience to deal with Novak’s theatrics. Novak’s behaviour and that of his ….. fan’s is disgraceful. Dominic u fortunately let up in the 4th. Too many errors!
    Such a typical pattern to have medical time out when he is losing – the poor guy no energy, oh something’s hurting OmG just amaaazing! Unfortunately a miss is as good as a mile!

  6. Oh, that sucks! So near and yet so far. It just takes one sloppy game to lose. I turned off at match points because i couldn’t bear to see Djockovic’s victory celebration. When he steadied the ship in the fourth, I new it signalled danger and he played not to lose in the fifth. Pity Thiem had by far the tougher passage through to the final, but that’s life.

    Yes, Mac. I hope Thiem gets his revenge, but not at the expense of Rafa!

    • Lorna,

      Me too, I didn’t want to see his celebration either. As soon as Dominic lost, I left the arena……

  7. djokovic ultimatly won. That means that the gap is now two between rafa en nole.

    The french open will be very important this year. I expect that rafa will equalize federer in Paris but it wont be easy.

    Murray lost three grandslam finals before he won his first slam in new york 2012 hopefully it will not be thiem first one in Paris.

    The top three is still dominant. Nole won based on his experience he won the vital points.

    For rafa i will say keep improving especially your return and court position

    Nole is unbeatable in melbourne the only one who can beat him is wawrinka at his best that is the sad truth

  8. And so it ends!

    Thiem ran out of inspiration:):) But he will be back, and hopefully not at the FO):)

    Well done Djokovic for securing his 8th AO. It is to him what FO is to Rafa.

  9. Yes, Mac. Strong like an ox! Djockovic doesn’t know what’s hit him. We must remember that Thiem is battle hard, whereas Djockovic has eased through up to now. Keep going to Thiem, so Rafa can hold on to no.1.

  10. Having so much fun! My seat is right at the corner, fifth row, only a few seats away from Dominic’s box, so easy to cheer on Dominic with his team, 2 sets to 1. Go Dominic💪

  11. I don’t buy for one minute Novak is having ‘energy problems’… Thiem should ignore all that and finish him off in the fourth set.

    Djoker plays this possum when he’s losing and sometimes he seems half dead and comes back to win. Hopefully not this time.

  12. Just heard Becker talking of how much Novak has improved his serve. His second serve is 10kms faster than last year and is a real weapon – very difficult to return. He claims that Novak is the best ever in this department. Or one of the best?

    Dominik hasn’t played him this year so hope he is really prepared for that.

    • Thiem has been on court six hours longer than Djokovic and so far Thiem is being stretched from pillar to post. Early days, but Djockovic is 3-1up.

      I look back at the 2009 AO semi final, where Rafa won a gruelling five set match against Verdasco lasting 5 hours 14 mins. He then went on to win the final against Federer. I only hope that Thiem can accomplish the same feat. Fingers crossed!

    • FALSE…..trying to smooth talk to coaching n again…..air building and senseless …..has deep envy of RAFA THE FEISTY GOAT OF ALL GOATS….

  13. There’s a lovely Instagram picture of Rafa looking happy, reflective and relaxed as he looks over at the beautiful Mebourne coastline.

    Rafa, enjoy Cape Town and I look forward to seeing you play later on in North America.

      • Ok, thanks RR. I wasn’t sure where the picture was taken, because the caption on his Instagram picture said “Melbourne, Victoria, Australia”.Confusing.

    • Hi Lorna,

      On his latest instagram posting I see no caption indicating Melbourne. He has only put emojis. There are several photos of Rafa right now online with fans in Dubai inside the hotel with the name clearly showing. Also they have mentioned where they are.

      To Margo’s question yes he has to be in Kuwait at least by the 5th but he decided for some reason to stopover in Dubai. Might be to check out professional opportunities or could be a purely personal mini vacation.

      Hoping he and whomever from his family and team are with him are having a wonderful time.

  14. I was rooting for Garbine Muguruza, but all credit to Sophia Kenin is clever tactician. She won against the odds showing steely grit and determination, unsettling Garbine Muguruza. Dominic Thiem is strong and will recover well from his SF match to lift the trophy. Let’s have another maiden grand slam champion!

  15. Mimi, that [board] was funny from your husband. Had me laughing. Enjoy the final and cheer for me too. Go Domi, go.

    • Thank you Margo🙏 will do👌 Good luck to Dominic🍀 their head to head is good, only 4 – 6!

      My husband didn’t know what he was talking about lol

      My sister also had one selfie with Rafa but she is a fan of Roger.

  16. Twenty-one-year-old American Sophia “Sonya” Kenin just won the women’s singles AO trophy. The youngsters are coming.

    C’mon Thiem and win your first Slam.

    • Give him a shoutout from me please? Vamos Domi! Hope you’re still enjoying the tennis Mimi, even though it’s never the same without Rafa

      • Will do Jas_uk👌
        Thank you!🙏 I try hard and it helps to have my sister with me.

        Yesterday was the hottest day since we got here. Today has been raining almost all day. No complaints, Australia needs more rain……

        One of the most fun thing for me to do here is taking an AO selfie with Rafa at the Kia booth. There are four Rafa photos to choose from, once I pick which one, I get into the driver seat or back seat of a real red Kia, then they take a picture of me. When the picture comes out, Rafa is sitting next to me. I love it, it looks nice. I have all four now🤗

        I sent one to my husband and asked him if he saw my selfie with Rafa, he replied “you meant you with a board” 😅

      • I wanted to add there was no Rafa “board” on the passenger chair when I got in the car?🤔

  17. Rafa we mis you in the tournament vamosssss for the next get ready and good luck champ we love your fans for ever 👍🎾😘🎾😘🇺🇸

  18. thanks for your great planning in the Australian open it might just be a blessing you can get plenty of rest and prepare for rolan Garros I’m sure you will do great all of your fans still love you very much

  19. Thank goodness there is humor and fun between the two . They both need some giggles in their stress filled lives. They are the good guys and they appreciate eachother! Nice!! Have fun, you both deserve it!!

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