Roger Federer to Rafael Nadal: “Don’t be late, please!”

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal will head to Cape Town in South Africa to play an exhibition match on 7 February. Here’s how they reacted to the iconic charity video which was recorded 10 years ago.


  1. Let’s not forget that Rafa has a long flight to Kuwait to inaugurate his new tennis academy on Feb. 5 with an exho vs. Ferrer. Then a 14 hour flight to Capetown for the match on the 7th. Really killer jet lag for him.

    Wishing he would withdraw from Acapulco and rest up his body and mind at home in Mallorca for the rest of the month. Would be more beneficial over all as he has already played so much and there is still such a long season ahead.

    • RR, thanks for the reminder as I had forgotten about Kuwait.

      I agree that rest should be Rafa’s priority. He cannot afford an injury. I hope he doesn’t jeopardize the Olympics, FO, Wimby, USO and other tournaments he will want to play.

  2. It seems quite a few have given up hope of Rafa beating Novak in a Grand Slam other than the FO. Even that this year …… who knows.

    Hope Rafa wants to beat Novak and Roger in a Grand Slam before he retires. So the I hope he watches videos of them playing well and he and his team come up with ways for him to beat them. Of course come dude very will play a big big part.

    As for Domi and Sasha – it’s not that they can’t beat Novak in Atp matches but in a GS seems difficult at the moment. Novak’s determination, focus, experience and killer like way of playing is tough to push against.
    Really wish though that it will happen soon.

  3. Have fun in South Africa and don’t be afraid of the animals. With Roger as your guide you should have a wonderful time.

    • What animals Margo? Are they planning on going to a zoo in South Africa as well as their charity match?

      Poor Federer… oh well. The miracle was not to be. However I’m sure Fed fans must have some beautiful memories from his tournament, especially his great escapes!

      I’m hoping either Thiem or Zverev can find their A+ game in the final to take down Djokovic.

      • Mac, if I were ever in SA, I would love to go on a safari; open plains and free animals in their natural habitat. I don’t know what is on their agenda but I would guess they might go on a safari. Even as a child I thought zoos were horrible for animals.

  4. Roger to weak today. Have no liking for him or joker. But at least joker stopped Roger adding another GS to his tally. Now Dominic you are the tougher opponent for beat Sasha please…Dominic as you are Rafas’ practise partner at events..I forgive 4r beating him…on another day that result would not have happened. So now return and make Sunday a good day for Rafa. Vamos Dominic

    • Dear Lilian O’Connor,

      Oh dear, you just don’t get it, do you?

      Alexander Zverev will be crowned the new AO champion on Sunday.

      Wanna bet?

      But as always, we go game by game, match by match and day by day.


      • My money is on Dominic Thiem. He’s been in consistently good form and he already has a 6-2 h2h advantage over Sascha Zverev, which i think this will be extended.

    • Unfortunately, Roger was injured today; so he was not able to play his best tennis against Djokovic. I like and admire Roger (not nearly as much as I do Rafa of course). I was hoping but not expecting Roger to beat Djokovic but it was not to be. Now I am hoping that Zverev or Thiem will beat Djokovic. Zverev has a big game and a very bright future but right now I think Thiem is probably mentally tougher, is more experienced at this level and is the better all round player. So, although I like both men, I am hoping Thiem reaches the Final and beats Djokovic. It will be very tough to do that though. Djokovic is so comfortable in Melbourne and so good on hard courts (though I hate to admit it). So I really hope that Thiem wins tomorrow and on Sunday. (We obviously don’t want Djokovic to win another Major to take his tally to seventeen!)

  5. Roger didn’t pull out but he lost in straight sets. At first I thought Roger had a chance……I hope Dominic or Alex beat Djoker in the final on Sunday 🤞

    Funny video from both, they couldn’t stop laughing. I have watched this video many times over the years, they made me laugh every time😅

    Good match Roger and Rafa!

  6. easy win for djokovic on federer. Federer was not hunderd percent. Djokovic will win the australian open. The australian open for nole is what the french open is for nadal.

    This means that nadal can still equalise federer in Paris. But it will not be easy. He has some work to do. For example working on his mental health. Right now nole is mentally the best player in the world right now.

    Nadal Thiem in my eyes has become a real rivalry especially on clay. Furthermore I predict that if nadal succeeds in beating djokovic on hard court surface lets say in indian wells or miami that will be a game changer.

    His main competitors on clay


    Nadal will win many majors more but only in Paris and New york is his best chance win not at wimbeldon and the australian open i have peace with that

    • Sincerely I don’t think that Nadal will win the 13th French Open. Apart from the fact that 13th is a mythical no, Djokovic has his eyes and mind focused on staining Rafa’s glorious record at the FO.

      For the records, Rafa is 12 – 0 at the FO finals as Rafa has never lost at the French Open final. Djokovic is intent to (somehow) stain this record.

      Again, by winning his 2nd FO, Djokovic will become the 1st man ever to win at least 2 GS every year. Rafa has been trying to be the first to achieve this with the AO, but all to no avail.

      I’ve a feeling a surprise will happen at the French Open in June this year

      But as always, we go game by game, match by match and day by day……….. cheers

  7. Meanwhile, Novak continues his easy ride through to the AO final as Roger is seen practicing with his thigh bandaged up.

  8. I remember that video ten years ago. It was so funny and it still makes me laugh. They were like two giggling school boys. Really sweet. Have fun in Cape Town guys. All in a worthy cause.

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