Rafael Nadal loses No. 1 ranking to Novak Djokovic

Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

After securing a record eighth Australian Open title, Novak Djokovic is once again back on top of the ATP rankings for the fifth time in his career.

Rafael Nadal had overtaken Djokovic in November and, at age 33, became the oldest year-end No. 1. But Rafa lost ranking points by getting eliminated in the Australian Open quarterfinals, by Thiem, one year after being the runner-up to Djokovic.

In the rankings, Roger Federer remained at No. 3, and Dominic Thiem went up one place to No. 4, with U.S. Open runner-up Daniil Medvedev sliding to No. 5.

Latest ATP Rankings, Monday February 3:

1. Novak Djokovic 9720 (+1)
2. Rafael Nadal 9395 (-1)
3. Roger Federer 7130
4. Dominic Thiem 7045 (+1)
5. Daniil Medvedev 5960 (-1)
6. Stefanos Tsitsipas 4745
7. Alexader Zverev 3885
8. Matteo Berrettini 2905
8. Gael Monfils 2700 (+1)
10. David Goffin 2555 (+1)

Our champ will get a chance to go ahead of Djokovic at the Indian Wells Masters tournament in March, as he is only 325 points behind his rival.


  1. Yea yea… Novak and Roger can compete over who gets the most weeks at number 1.

    For me, it’s the number of times Rafa has overcome so many adversities to take back the Year End #1…

    Rafa my fighting champion. All the best champ!

  2. Good news – the exhibition match between Rafa and David Ferrer will be shown on the Rafa Nadal Academy Kuwait’s YouTube channel at 6pm local time tomorrow. Kuwait City’s time zone is UTC+3. I’m hoping the match will be available for replay later.

    The new academy is a big deal for Rafa and I wish him and everyone involved the best with their new venture!

  3. Appreciate the unparalleled era of tennis that we are witnessing. That X factor that Roger, Rafa, and
    Novak possess keeps us engaged. That motivating quality is different in each of them; the will to win
    overcomes the pain, the suffering, the fatigue. There was Rafa at the US Open, Roger vs. Sandgren,
    and Novak here. It is easy to say, “Keep fighting.” But to rise above your own play at that moment takes such belief. Luck? How many slams among the three of them? Genius🎾❤️

  4. I forget whom it was against, but there was a big argument at Wimbledon one year when Rafa took a comfort break allegedly to put another player off. Andy Murray looked like losing the 2012 US Open final before he took a long comfort break to get his head together. These allegations get made against everyone – there’s no way of knowing if someone genuinely needs a comfort break or a medical time out or if they just want a break. It’s something that opponents just need to deal with. Nole’s rudeness to the umpire and swearing at the crowd were more of an issue.

  5. Rafa just stay well and find your form and confidence.

    I’m sick of Djokovic’s theatrics but now it’s up to the opponent to try not to lose concentration and keep focused. Otherwise he’ll get away with it always.

    I’m sorry but I don’t quite understand the talk about Rafa’s team – supporting team etc. I seem to have missed something.? Couldn’t watch all of Rafa’s matches.

    • Rafa Fan 1, in any endeavour, whether it’s sport, business, politics, etc the people involved need to review where they have succeeded, failed or remained the same.

      It is good to identify where you went well – so you can replicate it or do it again.

      Also, knowing what went awry, and keep in mind not to be caught in this scenario for next time.

      And finally, for neutral stuff which are neither good nor bad, study how to elevate this and make it special.

      The physical part, that is Rafa playing during the match is the outcome of all the homework done by the team and the player prior to the match.

      The behind-the-scenes work is to me just as important as Rafa executing the game plan on court.

      The day one stops reviewing and improving, is the beginning of stagnation.

      Spells the difference between mediocre players and champions.

      I know, I know what I’m saying can be read as negative, doomsday etc but I just would like to see Rafa win, and after a win, not rest on his laurels.

  6. Rafa lost his ranking when he lost in quarter finals to Thiem which he should not have done. Rafa fought monstrously against Kyrgios and he bowed to Thiem in tiebreak’s. A bit typical of Rafa who does bow to players he respects and sees them as his friend.
    While there is talk of gamesmanship, how about Federer’s fake medical time out in AO2017 final against Rafa?
    Rafa has never faked injury albeit being forced to quit so many times due to real injuries.
    Wamos Rafa you are the best.

    • Rafa has too much integrity to engage in questionable tactics.

      This is why he is so high up there in my estimation.

      I believe he doesn’t mind losing to Thiem. He refers to Dominic as his friend and a good man.

      This speaks volumes of the quality of the person that is our hero.

  7. Congratulations on a wonderful n most successful year Rafa. You won the most prestigious Award I.e. Sportsman Of The Year n ended the year as ATP No.1. This is just the beginning of 2020 n I pray you keep good health, success in all your ventures, n every happiness together with your darling Wife n your family. My wish of many, many years was fulfilled when I saw you play in person when you came to Perth. Please do come to Perth again Rafa next Jan. for the ATP Cup, when I can once again see you play in person, God willing I’m still alive at 85?! Vamos Rafa. 🐂🏆🏆🏆👑👑👑🎊🎊🎊

  8. Not for long, I got to say.

    Honour the past, learn from it, re-calibrate the present with eyes firmly fixed into the horizon toward that GOAL.

    There’s time, the Season is young. With the right attitude, good health and the all-important boost from Divine Power, man (homo sapiens) can achieve anything one sets his eyes to.

    Lastly, I am wishing Rafa, harmony and unity with his ream. You can quibble as much as you want amongst yourselves in search for the way to success. But once consensus is reached, every member of the team works towards the new goal, abandoning the earlier differences.

    Fragmentation and Ego are the enemies of success.

    Unity is the way to success.

  9. Djokovic ne méritais pas de gagner à l’open d’Australie. Ce joueur à complètement déstta

    ilisé Thiem durant ce match .Il n’est pas honnête, C’est un faux numéro un.

    • Wow Gatina Gatina!

      Certain quarters of the Australian Open crowd thought the same thing you’ve just written.

      Initially I felt that Thiem just took his foot off the pedal in the 4th set, allowing Djokovic to come back.

      But now that you say it, Djokovic did leave the court to do whatever. It now dawns on me that Djokovic has left the court as he mounts his defense away from the majority of the crowd cheering openly for Dominic, and in doing so, breaks the momentum for Thiem.

      This is both fascinating as well as appalling, if proven to be true. Future events will confirm or deny this.

      Reminds me sadly of the Wimbledon semis in 2018 played across two days, first with the roof on, then next day- still with the roof on, apparently at the ‘suggestion’ of Djokovic to tournament officials, even on a perfectly sunny second day. (Our champ is believed to not play as well indoors.)

      If there is truth in any of these occurrences, perpetrators always get their just desserts….eventually.

      As a student of history, there are the dismantling of dictatorial regimes, the crumbling of the Berlin Wall, the exposure of Lehman Brothers in September 2008, the revelations about Harvey Weinstein….

      Questionable deeds cannot flourish any longer in the 21st century.

      Right will always prevail over wrong….in the long, and in some cases in the short term.

      I have experienced the workings of the wheels of justice in my personal life too. Not pleasant at times….

      I find comfort in it, not to take the role of judge and jury but to observe and learn from.

      • Well Thiem has himself to blame for losing a winnable match. I mean this was his third slam final, and against the big three, all the more he needed to stay focused no matter what.

        It’s not the first time that Djoko played possum in his match when he felt he’s not going to win or when he’s playing not that well and his opponent was on fire. Thiem should just ignored whatever distractions over the other side of the net,

        All that Thiem needed to do was to concentrate on holding his serve in the fourth set; he would’ve his chances if the set went to a TB. Yet, Thiem just had a lapse and lost his serve and the set, and effectively the match.

        I’m not sure he would have a better chance next time against any of the big three. He tried to stay positive and wanted to challenge the big three going forward, saying he wished to win a slam during the big three era. Even if he’s successful against them one day, that’s because they’re aging and so would have to lose one day.


  11. No big deal. The no.1 ranking will swing back and forth like a pendulum this year as it so often dies. Rafa’s main focus should be on playing his best tennis and the rest will follow.

  12. Now you can relax, Rafa. Play with ease. Number one carries with it lots of pressure. Play free of the burden,Rafa!! Enjoy your love of tennis and life!!! All will be yours.

  13. Not a problem at all. Rafa is an intelligent man and he will put in good order his supporting team; that is all he needs to do.

  14. you can’t keep our Champ down . He will rise again to #1 we are confident on that note. Stay Happy, Healthy, and in Focus Rafa. This is just a pothole in the road to #1. You are still #1 in our Hearts and Minds.

  15. You will recuperate your tile wining another tournament soon Rafa vamosssssss champ you can do it good luck in Acapulco your fans for ever 🎾🎾👍😘🎾👍😘🎾🇺🇸

    • Annetritt,

      Well, there probably is no reason to be sad for Rafa.

      Rafa himself knew that it would be impossible for him to win the AO title – Hard Court is Rafa’s worst surface, an unfavourable draw as always (having to defeat Nick, Thiem and Zverev before the final match) and of course, his inability to overcome Djokovic over the years.

      Rafa obviously must have known all these; if left to Rafa, perhaps he would have preferred not even appearing in the AO. But he must have also reasoned that someone could just knock off Djokovic before the finals which would open the door for him.

      But cheer up, the FO is around the corner….Rafa could yet bite his 13th trophy, but……..

      As always, we go game by game, match by match and day by day………cheers

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