Rafael Nadal withdraws from Paris Masters semifinal: ‘I hope to be ready for London’ [VIDEO]

Rafael Nadal has withdrawn from the Rolex Paris Masters ahead of his semi-final due to an abdominal injury he sustained during his warm-up. He made the decision not to play on the recommendation of the on-site doctors, ATP Tour reports.

He was about to take on Denis Shapovalov, who now moves onto the final to meet Novak Djokovic.


In one of the last serves of the warmups, I felt something in the abdominal.

Hopefully things will be better. I hope to be ready for London. That’s the biggest goal now. But as I say before, I can’t guarantee anything because just happened today.

Sam Smith said on Amazon Prime:

Rafa has pulled out. Everyone was really shocked here.

We were looking at our watches and waiting for the walk on at 3.30pm [4.30pm Paris time] and when it didn’t happen everyone was looking at each other.

Then Marc Maury came on the tannoy and said Rafa was injured in practice.

Get well Rafa!


  1. Rafa so sorry to hear about your muscle problem. You are wise to have withdrawn from the tournament. We all were hoping for you to win the tournament but your health is more important. It is important to you but for us fans it is important as well because we love to see you play and if you let your health go to pot we all lose. stay strong and health and there will be another tournament in the future . Don’t worry about playing in London your health is #1 just like you are #1
    your fan forever

  2. So I’m on my flight, got happy when I discovered the Wi-Fi on board. Paid up, logged in eager to check on the Rafa scores, and instead I saw that Rafa had pulled out of the match.

    My mood crashed:)

    Shapo was gonna be in for a beating:) Anyhow I hope he can do some damage to Djoker, but of that, I highly doubt.

    Stay safe Rafa. Hope you can make London. You’ve already had a fantastic season.

    Love from India.


  4. How dare people comment that Rafa withdrew seeing that he was going to play Djokovic in the Paris Masters Finals! The type of person that Rafa is, is this: he would continue to play injured, if the injury occurs during the match — Rafa vs Wawrinka at the Australian Open — is one example I can think of — and there have been others. However with injury sustained prior to the match, it is logical to retire prior to the match, regardless of the potential next opponent. Rafa of all players is not cowed by anyone! Put that on record, please. While he celebrates his victories, he is most gracious in defeat. And never an excuse from Rafa — he always admits defeat by either saying the opponent beat him or that he played badly. I do notice a glaring anti-Rafa sentiment in the UK. Well, the opposite is true in Oz. Djokovic won the Oz title 2019 but one of the end-of-finals speeches unfortunately was gushing towards Rafa’s performance as a runner-up. I do not approve of this either! Djokovic was visibly miffed by the tenor of two of the speeches but Todd Woodbridge saved the day by giving credit where credit was due. Great responsibility rests on journos, sports or any variety journo. Call it like it truly is — no more, no less — ONLY THE TRUTH, NO EMBELLISHMENTS. This bodes well for world peace.

  5. what a bummer for RAfa and us ..He was playing well enough to take this title and had his game well suited for the indoor hard court . He was playing better on this surface than I’d ever seen him . Its too bad this abdomininal issue happened !

  6. I read the article in the “Express” express.uk.co and written by Bruce Archer.
    As Margot pointed out, I said that was ‘crazy’. Ridiculous.
    Thanks Margot.

    • You’re welcome. It bothers me when people make unsubstantiated accusations no matter who that person is.

  7. He had a stomach problem yesterday, but it wasn’t clear if it was a muscle issue or an upset tummy issue, but it sounds as if this is something new. I’m going to the London SFs and would love to see him there, but there’s no point him playing if he’s not ready.

  8. Very disappointing! But it was a joy to see Rafa playing so well in Bercy! Anyway, what Rafa says, no choice but to accept and go forward the best way possible. And try to remember that however disappointed we are, it’s a lot worse for Rafa.

  9. My heart breaks for Rafa as he deals with this injury ….
    Muscle tears are never easy… it’s rest and more rest…
    I would be surprised if we see him in London…

    Keep your head up Rafa…. this too shall pass….

    Wishing our boy a full and speedy recovery…..

  10. Get well soon champp. Hopefully you will be ready for London but take all the time you need to recover.

    Vamos Rafa <3

  11. Rafa was confident and very happy with his level of play throughout this tournament and everything was going well until he picked up this injury. I know injuries can happen at any time, but you want to put yourself in the best possible position, so I do wonder whether he has to practice so hard, putting his body through so much stress and strain. As he explained, he’s been there before with this type of injury and, under the circumstances, he was wise to withdraw.
    Rafa is disappointed that this injury has forced him to pull out, but not devastated because he’s looking at the bigger picture of what lies ahead. Wsihing him all the best for a full recovery.

  12. If any muscle tear, no matter how minor, will take more than a week to heal. London is only a week away. I really hope he decides to rest because playing can only aggravate the injury.

    Good health first.

  13. I read in one of the newspapers that fans/people said that he heard that Novak is in the finals and that’s why he pulled out. Crazy, but I do feel that Rafa has to beat Novak and Roger in an ATP 500/1000 or a grand slam to really start believing in himself completely. Of course not on clay.

    Rafa I wish you a speedy but thorough and complete recovery! Take care and rest well!

    Love you!


    • so surprised when heard people saying that, it is so radiculous! hope rafa only having minor injury nothing serious, and have a speedy recovery. ><

    • Rafa fan 1

      Did that newspaper which you do not even name, also claim that the doctor who had made two tests cheated when declaring that Rafa’s continuing to play would be a risk for increasing the injury?

      Certainly speculations will be nasty.

      One should not site gossip as if it were the truth.

      • I don’t recall you EVER citing a source. And your response to Rafa Fan 1 does not make sense.

        I too read various reasons given for Rafa pulling out of Paris. It’s not the first time and I doubt it will be the last. Rafa’s fans are well aware of the anti-Rafa sentiment in certain quarters but as I read it Rafa Fan 1 did not show support for the speculation.
        She said “Crazy.” Or did you miss that part of her comment? Try to think before you write.

  14. What a bummer. Par for the course. Can’t say I’m surprised despite my optimism.

    Wishing Rafa a full recovery.

  15. So sad for Rafa . How cruel on him as he was playing superbly well . Hope he recovers quickly .

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