Rafael Nadal withdraws from Paris Masters semifinal: ‘I hope to be ready for London’ [VIDEO]

Rafael Nadal has withdrawn from the Rolex Paris Masters ahead of his semi-final due to an abdominal injury he sustained during his warm-up. He made the decision not to play on the recommendation of the on-site doctors, ATP Tour reports.

He was about to take on Denis Shapovalov, who now moves onto the final to meet Novak Djokovic.


In one of the last serves of the warmups, I felt something in the abdominal.

Hopefully things will be better. I hope to be ready for London. That’s the biggest goal now. But as I say before, I can’t guarantee anything because just happened today.

Sam Smith said on Amazon Prime:

Rafa has pulled out. Everyone was really shocked here.

We were looking at our watches and waiting for the walk on at 3.30pm [4.30pm Paris time] and when it didn’t happen everyone was looking at each other.

Then Marc Maury came on the tannoy and said Rafa was injured in practice.

Get well Rafa!


  1. Vamos Rafa!

    Wishing you a speedy recovery.
    Health and rest first.
    Everything else will follow.

    Always a champion.💪🏻☝️👍🏻🎾🥇🇪🇸❤️

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