Rafael Nadal to replace Novak Djokovic as world number one

Photo by Chicco Nacion | @cbcsports

Rafael Nadal will return to the world number one spot after Stefanos Tsitsipas recovered from a slow start to record the biggest match win of his career against Novak Djokovic 3-6, 7-5, 6-3 in Shanghai.

With the loss, Djokovic trails Rafa (9,225) by 1,280 points in the 2019 ATP Race To London and the battle for year-end No. 1.

The Serb has opted not to play in Vienna or Basel, meaning he will drop 1600 points, elevating Rafa to world number one in the first week of November regardless of results in the final Masters of the year in Paris.


  1. Congratulations to Rafa and Maria, now husband and wife❤️❤️ Wishing them a lifetime of love and happiness, and best wishes always!

  2. The bells rang out at 13:47 local time. That was Rafa’s best match ever, He won Maria Francisca. May all the richest blessings be bestowed upon this lovely couple for a long and joyous life together.

  3. Rafa, today is your wedding day and you are beginning a new chapter in your life and i wish that it and all the others that follow, is filled with every happiness, health, joy, fun laughter and whatever you wish for yourself and Maria.

    Tons of love,



    fansfavorite atp

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    VOTING ENDS 11:59pm GMT [23:59 GMT] on Friday, November 1.

    Please excuse my earlier errors re the time and URL.

  5. Feeling he is not 100% fit, Medvedev has finally decided to rest after playing non-stop. Unfortunately he had to pull out of Moscow, his home tournament. He has cited exhaustion. I’m surprised he got this far without injury. He plans to play the Finals but didn’t mention Paris. Wishing him well.

    Djokovic also plans to play Paris.

  6. The auto/biography Rafa he wrote together with John Carlin, an English/Spanish journalist based in Spain , I have read it in French and Rafa signed my copy last year in Manacor after training. 😀 There are some vidéoclips of them talking togeher over the screen a while back. Fiona in Mallorca

  7. Hey Rafans! Please go to ATPtour.com and vote for Rafa. I just read the comments there and most support Roger. Let’s create a tsunami of Rafa votes! Vamos Rafa! Our amazing Champion!

    • Dallas, great post and I hope it prompts more fans to vote for Rafa.

      Last week, or the week before last, when I posted my get-out-and-vote for Rafa post I too was wishing for a tsunami of votes. I get family and friends to vote too. Just hoping Rafa fans VOTE for our CHAMPION. Polling will close soon.


  8. “Rafael Nadal’s Best Tennis Is Happening Right Now”. This ATP article focuses on Rafa’s incredible second serve performance which “….has elevated to beast mode.” and his stats over the last 15 years are very interesting.

    We know Rafa’s second serve has been a weapon for quite a while, but he stands to have the best second serve for the third consecutive year. He achieved his best second serve performance in 2017 at Roland Garros with an astounding 74.17% of points won. This is just another example of Rafa’s determination to evolve and improve. Well done champ. Keep it going

  9. Such beautiful comments, everyone! And informative! I don’t have time to do the research so am really grateful to those who have the “inside scoop.” I also am so very happy for Rafa! This has really been his year! (And of course we all have such good taste).

    Also, I must comment on Medvedev. He’s like a shot in the arm for tennis and for those who were getting bored and wanting to see new people at the top (not me though). I really enjoy watching him play, and I think he will continue to be challenged by Rafa’s brand of play, though it could be costly to Rafa’s physicality in the long run.
    We shall see.

  10. At last normal service is resumed on the ATP website.

    ATP Rankings:

    Novak Djokovic 9545
    Rafael Nadal 9225
    Roger Federer 6950
    Daniil Medvedev 5920

    ATP Race to London:

    Rafael Nadal 9225
    Novak Djokovic 7945
    Daniil Medvedev 5875
    Roger Federer 5690

    Ganaste US OPEN LAVER CUP y ahora n. 1…y despues tu boda con Xisca… todo redondo y perfecto… Te deseamos todo lo mejor… Siempre contigo…

  12. There seems to be a glitch on the ATP website. Rafa isn’t featured in the rankings and race to London lists. Come on. Get your act together ATP.

    • More Frustrating that they have put on 15th number with no points.. May be they also don’t want Rafa to be number 1…But as always Mallorcan Won’t be denied again.
      Vamos Rafa
      Congratulations to All Rafans here and everyone for 2 Slams, 2 Masters 1000 and Year end Number 1 for 5th time

      • Rafa still has some work at Paris and the WTF before he can claim the YE #1. He won’t move to the ATP #1 ranking until Nov 4, when Djokovic’s WTF points from last year drop off.

  13. Medvedev has grand ambitions. After his Shanghai title he said “I don’t know what more I need,” cracking a laugh. “I need to win 21 Grand Slams to beat Roger.”
    [SOURCE: ATP News]

    Could a “new” Big Three be comprised of Rafa, Djokovic and Medvedev? I don’t see Roger winning another Slam unless Rafa or Djokovic is injured.

    • Roger was 2 MP’s away from winning Wimbledon this year. I don’t see him winning more slams either but it’s a bit soon to write him off.

    • Thanks for your encouragement, Dallas – and you too Margo. Great job rallying the troops! I’ve just registered my vote for Rafa.👍🏼

      I couldn’t see where to vote when I went directly onto the ATP website. If this helps anyone, I typed into google “fans’ favourite atp” and the voting list appeared straight away.

      • Thanks too to you Lorna.

        FYI something strange…when I received the RNF e-mail advising of Dallas’ post, the link atptour.com worked. However, once I clicked on “comment” or “respond” and arrive here at the RNF site, the link no longer works. I wanted to see the comments and they are OVERWHELMINGLY for Roger.

        In any event, fans now have 2 URLs where they can vote; yours at “fans favorite atp” and Dallas’s at atp.com halfway down the page.

        Let’s give back to Rafa and vote him in as Fans’ Favorite. Voting ends on Friday, November 1, at 11pm GMT [23:59 GMT].

  14. Daniil Medvedev moves into third place in the ATP Race to London, surpassing Roger. That puts him in position to potentially finish No. 3 in the year-end ATP Rankings.
    [SOURCE: ATP News]

    • Yes. Daniil Medvedev deserves his new highest ranking of no.3. You’re right Mac. Anyone who can push Rafa to the limit like he did at the US Open is worthy of much credit. Meanwhile Roger is kicking himself that he didn’t go further in Shanghai, with Novak being eliminated early. His meltdown in the QF said it all.

      With only a few days to go to Rafa’s wedding, i’m hoping that marriage will help to bring him luck and inspiration in his quest for that elusive WTF title. What a fitting year-end finale that would be.

      • I am sure Rafa must .be pleased for Medvedev to win in Shanghai 😃👑 after he let him win in US Open 😉 Fiona in Paris

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