Rafael Nadal and Maria Francisca Perello enjoying their pre-honeymoon in the Bahamas?

Rafael Nadal and Maria Francisca Perello are enjoying a few days in the Bahamas.

According to Spanish publication El Pais, the lovely couple is being accompanied by Tomeu Salva (one of Rafa’s best friends and a current coach at the Rafa Nadal Sports Center) and his girlfriend. Also with them are other four friends.

The wedding will be held on October 19 near Manacor, Rafa’s hometown. The venue is the ‘La Fortaleza,’ one of the most expensive properties on the island.

Overall, the wedding is expected to be one of the most high-profile events in Mallorca. The wedding also brings together some of the most popular faces from different parts of the globe.


  1. Saw some photos of Rafa in the Bahamas with 8 or 9 other guys. Looks like his second bachelor party. Highly doubtful that Maria Francisca or any other girlfriends were there. The press might have been misled by someone.

    • LOL, yeh…I too saw it…undated. It resembled a conga line. Boys’ time to play.

      I betcha Rafa is starting to beat the media at their own game. He may have started with the catamaran. Good for him.

  2. Rafa has withdrawn from Shanghai citing “a wrist injury” according to the Rolex Shanghai Master’s Twitter account.

    Early on I expected Rafa to skip the Asia swing, but not because of injury.

    Wish he had never played Laver.

    Be well Rafa.

    • If he did not go to Pékin , neither to Shanghai ☺ He is back from the Bahamas now , saw him Friday 4 th Oct after training in the Aca 😀🌞 got some lovely photos under the sun 🌞 he looked very healthy 😃 and nice to us all , signed for the Spanish fans waiting. Of course I wished him Enhorabuena in Spanish for US Open and Laver Cup. He had a deep sun tan 🌞🌴 Fiona in Mallorca

      • San him again undet el sol🌞 Thursday 10th and Friday 11th after training in the Aca 😀 again Tuesday 15th yesterday . There were quite a lot of fans waiting and he stopped and signed and photos partiicularly for the childten 😀 However, I saw from the time on my camera, this time there was only 5 mins between him coming out of the indoor court , walking away and going into the private gym. It is never more than 10 mins 😐 people asking him to stop , por favor.😉 I have already written that a fixed stop of 10 mins outside the court would .be appreciated . 😯 Domingo , Sunday 13th I went to Porto Cristo 🌞🌴 and in the Club Nautico saw his yacht ⛵ Beethoven for the first time 😀 It is just as élégant as in the photos ☺ I saïd to the man in the café we have written, we wish him not to sell it 😕 Rafael, it is such a beautiful boat. Fiona in Paris

  3. There is a selfie today of Rafa at Madrid airport. Still wearing his Laver Cup cap. Doesn’t appear more tanned than usual. Can’t say whether he is coming or going. We should know the answer within the next two days.

    • Rafa’s coming, I think. EIB3 sports has a brief interview with Moya saying that Rafa hasn’t decided re Shanghai yet. The draw is on Saturday, tournament starts Sunday. Might be time to let his coach know what is or isn’t happening….

  4. VAMOS SWEETHEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) Hope you are enjoying a great time between tournaments and having fun with your personal affairs!!!:) THE BEAUTIFUL WAY YOU ARE PLAYING AND KEEPING VERY FIT AND SERVING SO MANY GORGEOUS EFFECTIVE SERVES AND KEEPING UP YOUR SPEEDY COURT COVERAGE IS ALL MAGNIFICENT!!!!!!!:) WE LOVE YOU SWEETHEART AND VERY HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!:) VAMOS AND ENJOY EVERYTHING!!!!!!:) ENJOY LOTS OF FUN AND GREAT TIME WITH YOUR PRECIOUS ACADEMY AND ALL YOU DO!!!!:) SENDING LOVE AND BEST WISHES AND VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!:) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) XOXOXOXOXOXO

  5. Some of these postings read almost like a whodunnit, a good mystery story, a detective story….
    And the winner is…..

    I can just imagine Rafa and Mary, big smile on their face, saying We did it. We fooled everyone.

    I am having more fun imagining a plot hatched by Rafa and Mary to evade the press.


  6. He flew to the Bahamas on Monday 23rd Sept. Rafa can t be back in Mallorca on Thursday 26th 😕 Here they say no. Fiona in Mallorca

    • There are selfies of Rafa in a patisserie in Barcelona called Escriba on the 23rd. Very near Dr. Cotorro’s office apparently. He is wearing his laver cup victory cap so the date must be accurate.
      If he flew from there to the Bahamas I couldn’t be happier for him.
      It was a bit deceptive of Pula Golf to show him on their twitter on the 26th and thanking him for the visit.
      Wherever he is hoping his left hand has healed and he’s having a needed rest.

    • I read this article in the Mallorca magazine, although they did not put on the date it is obvious it was a previous visit to the Pula Golf restaurant ☺ Fiona in Paris

  7. Shame he went to the Bahamas last week 😕 did not see him here in the Aca , these photos El Pais put on are previous photos , not of this stay. Fiona in Paris in Mallorca

  8. Just got a cute instagram from the US Open…


    1. Doesn’t like cheese

    2. Never changes string tension . (that’s no surprise)

    3. Doesn’t lift a lot of weights…

    4. Occasionally flies economy . (hmmm… I guess it’s possible on short hops)

    5. Owns 0 autographs .

    • 1-4 I’ve known for some time now… but 5? I can’t imagine him asking for an autograph…and those he admires he most likely knows them personally. This list is probably for new Rafa fans.

      • Yes… you’re probably right….
        I found the autograph statement a bit strange myself…
        Who knows, because Rafa gives so many autographs, some interviewer might have asked him if he owned any himself… I can’t see Rafa saying yes unless he was a collector of some sort….

        What I find now, is there is a lull … Rafa is getting some well deserved R and R …. He’s living his private life the best he can… The paparazzi is laying low giving him the space and privacy he wants…. He’s out of the limelight for awhile…. So now RNF is posting pictures of Rafa and Mery on the yacht from a long time ago that we recognize aren’t current… And the US Open is coming up with an instagram post for all those that might be interested….

        I just want him to be happy…and healthy… 3 weeks and counting till they have a spectacular weekend surrounded by family and friends… And I am sure, we will see the most gorgeous pictures from his wedding day when his camp releases them….

        That’s the next thing to look forward to…..

      • As long as Rafa is in Mallorca he is pretty much insulated from the media. Once he leaves the island the media hunt him down for any storyline or photos.

        I read that footballer Gareth Bale held his three-day 150-guest wedding celebration at Sa Fortalesa, after canceling his first choice due to security concerns.

        Rafa’s reported guest list of 500 would have posed an even more daunting security undertaking were it not for the ideal location of the estate.

        I came across some pictures today and the place is just beautiful. I do hope government officials can restrict air traffic over the grounds which would add another layer of security.

        Wishing him a fabulous wedding.

  9. Just going back to the Laver Cup for a moment. I listened to the last Telegaph Tennis Podcast on the event. It’s so funny, filled with good points about how the LC should move forward and it talks about Rafa’s and Roger’s passionate input in it as players and coaches. Well worth listening to if you haven’t already done so.

  10. Despite many of the photos being old, we are still reminded of how much in love Rafa and Maria are. The long awaited wedding will be fabulous.

  11. Rafa
    Enjoy your vacation well deserved. Blessings on your wedding and lots of happines🥰🙏😇
    Dios los bendiga a todos!

  12. Have a great time,glad to see them so happy love ❤️ your fans 🎾😘❤️🎾😘❤️🎾

  13. Rafa was at the restaurant at the Pula Golf Resort in Son Servera, Mallorca yesterday. There is a selfie of him on their twitter. He can’t be in two places at once. Seems like this is another example of fake news.

    • Thanks RR🙏 Wherever Rafa is, I am sure he is having a good time, enjoying himself, with friends and family after winning the US Open and the Laver Cup!🤗

      • The most recent of these photos is the one on the upper right of Maria Francisca in a denim vest. It was taken on the hotel steps in Melbourne in January 2017.The one of her in the white tank top was when he arrived home after the us open in Sept. 2017. The others are from different vacations over the years. This is all verifiable online.

  14. I’m so happy ! He won the 19🏆 he won The Laver Cup 🏆 I guess he must be very happy too🤗 with the right mood to be married 😂 I’m very happy for you Rafa and nice to see you enjoying and happy! Thank YOU GOD for make this happen 🙏Bless the CHAMP always …

  15. A deciding factor in choosing La Fortaleza was because of security concerns, according to multiple reports. So what if it’s expensive, security is paramount.

    I was hoping that the media would leave Rafa alone until he decides to make an announcement about his schedule or to send out wedding pictures. Unfortunately for those who seek privacy, selling scoops/stories run counter to that.

    Wishing him a great time off AND complete recovery.


  16. Glad to see them looking so happy, but I hope the press leave them alone for a bit – it can’t be very nice having the paparazzi taking photos of you and your partner kissing and hugging. All the best to them for the wedding 🙂 .

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