Rafael Nadal and Maria Francisca Perello’s wedding date revealed

A new report has surfaced on Rafael Nadal and Maria Francisca Perello’s wedding details. Has the date been revealed? Find out, here.

According to Ultima Hora, Rafa and Mery will get married in Puerto Pollensa on October 19. The lovely couple will say “I do” on a property near La Fortalesa.

It is expected that this will be one of the biggest social events of this year, with well-known faces from the world of sport – the presence of, among others, tennis players Feliciano Lopez and Fernando Verdasco. King Juan Carlos, with whom Rafa has an excellent relationship and whom we have seen this summer with the tennis player and his fiancée, will also attend. Pau Gasol and Iker Casillas might be there too with other 500 guests, El Pais reported.

Very little has been revealed about the details of the wedding and the couple have declined to comment on their plans to the press so far.

Sources: Ultima Hora, El Pais


  1. Soooo happy for YOU Rafa and Francesca💕💕💕, with best wishes for happiness❤️❤️❤️🌹

  2. Saw the lovely photos of him in the sea in the Bahamas 🏊🌞 When he returns to Mallorca after the US Open, in the Aca people will .be asking him about China but as last year they did not tell us until the last minute that he had déclinéd. 😐 Fiona in Paris

  3. Rafa developing into a most powerful athlete,is putting fear into his apponents! Shine on Spanish eyes!!!

  4. Rafa’s draw and possible route to the final according to the ATP

    Rafa’s first opponent is Millman

    Possible 2nd round opponent Kokkinakis

    3rd round Verdasco

    Isner or Cilic in the 4th

    QF A. Zverev

    SF Thiem

    F Federer

  5. Margo,
    You are so right. It must be brutal playing on hot concrete on some days.
    Steph Myles,who herself plays and has been a journalist attending all the important tourneys for decades,believes that in a few years the Oz Open will be an indoor tourney due to the weather. I truly hope the us open will close the roof more often in similar conditions for player health and fan comfort.

  6. It seems that Rafa arrived in NYC last night. They’re having scorching weather apparently so hoping his first practice session goes well. So eager for a good draw on Thursday.

    • RR…. We are not having scorching weather… Yesterday was rather warm but today is in the mid 80’s, quite nice… Weather forecast calls for some rain during the week.but next weeks forecast starting on Monday for the opening of the US Open is mid to upper 70’s for the week… Obviously that can change but anything like that is better than the brutal weather during last years Open where the players and spectators were dropping like flies…. myself included….
      I know you are concerned for a “good draw” for Rafa but I’m not worried at all…
      It is amazing how inconsistent the next Gen has become… Zverev, Tsis, Kach, … even Nishikori… So right now Medvedev is on a roll… but Rafa schooled him, big time … Danill is ranked 5 because all of the next Gen were crumbling in the early rounds of the past few tournaments leaving the door wide open for him to come up in the rankings…….. I’m not taking anything away from Medvedev but right now, I just don’t consider him a threat…
      I honestly feel Rafa will have a tremendous tournament and between his amazing play and his smart thinking when faced with adversity, our boy should prevail…

      7 more days and counting till I see Rafa’s backwards hat during the day at practice . and that black sleeveless shirt at night…

      VAMOS RAFA!!!!

      • By a good draw I mean that it would be preferable that he doesn’t have to face the odious N.K. Not that there’s any doubt that he will beat him but we can do without the drama.
        The weather channel said that with the humidex this afternoon it will feel like 95. To a Canadian that sounds scorching! LOL.
        Have a great time next week.

      • RR, 95 is high but it also depends on the humidity level which actually causes such oppressive conditions. Right now the humidity level is 93% which is a dangerous level and coupled with a dew percent of 72% makes for extremely poor conditions especially if you’re on a tennis court practicing.

        I hope Rafa keeps his practice to early mornings. Alex Zverev and Roger were out practicing early on Sunday morning probably trying to avoid the heat onslaught. I’ve been receiving NYC weather advisories since Saturday advising caution. With a lack of wind it’s even worse. I did not leave the house yesterday but may venture out today.

        I hope the humidity level drops next week otherwise it may be a repeat of last year.


      • Yes, thanks for sharing the funny story about Nick Kyrgios, Marileena 🙏 I wonder why he doesn’t hire a coach……🤔😅

        I know as long as Rafa is healthy and competitive, he has a good chance of winning the US Open but I am a worrywart😬

        Good luck🍀 Vamos RAFA💪❤️

    • How excited, Rafa is in NYC!!! ❤️ Have a wonderful time Marileena🤗
      RR, me too, a good draw will be nice. I hope the big hitters stay away from Rafa, especially the bad boy🤞

      • Thanks so much RR and Mimi….

        And you guys… For me it is so much fun to watch Rafa kick Nick’s a– …. And honestly the way things are going for Nick I don’t see him getting passed the second or 3rd round at most… He’s spiraling downward … Talk about needing a therapist…

        I remember a few years ago at the Miami Open, I went to watch Nick’s practice … I’m sitting on the bench and there is no one sitting to my left except a woman 2 seats over… It was Nicks mom… So he comes out volleys for about 2 minutes …goes to the sideline…grabs a chair and brings it to the baseline and sits down… He then tells the guy on the other side…”come on” . And there he is wanting to practice from a sitting position as he reaches out to hit the ball back… This went on for about a minute while everyone just started to laugh at his antics…Talk about lazy… I couldn’t help but turn my head to look at his mothers reaction and all of a sudden I hear … “Cut it out Nick!!” He looks left to where the sound came and he continues from the sitting position… and again I hear “Cut it out!!” … and he looks over and gets up and says looking right in his moms direction “Ok Ok” ..He then proceeds to hit wildly during his practice in which one of his shots went so high and over the court that it landed on a near court where a game was in play… And I’m thinking…what the h-ll is wrong with this guy! lol

        At the end of the day… I don’t worry about who Rafa will face… He knows his ability … He’s in great shape and he has the “years” of experience behind him… That’s our boy alright!

        VAMOS RAFA!!!

      • Thanks for sharing, Marileena. Hope to hear many more fun stories at US Open from you. 🙂

    • Yes, good arrival, it is only 1 and a half hours flight from Montréal to New York. Good training session Monday 😀 I am going to Majorca end August so, as last year will not
      yet know when he will return home. Good news about the wedding date ☺ Sat 19 th Oct. I hope To stay until then but would not go to Pollenca that peninsula will probably be closed to the public. They may have célébrations and décorations in Manacor, his home town. ☺ Obviously he will forget atp Basel for a honeymoon as he has done the past couplé of years but what about Bejing and Shanghai Sept. 30 to Oct 13 ? China is on the calendar, it is possible to go but cutting it a bit fine. 😯 Fiona in Paris

      • Fiona,
        Rafa arrived in NYC after spending the week at a private club in the Bahamas as per his instagram.
        He practiced on Ashe yesterday with Verdasco and today was scheduled to be with Cuevas. Enjoy your trip to Mallorca.

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