Roger Federer: “I called Rafa up and I thought what do you think?” [VIDEO]

Roger Federer has revealed what Rafael Nadal told him during a phone call before they rejoined the ATP Player Council.

With Rafa and myself, we just felt that there was a small opportunity after some guys retired from the council, which was unfortunate to see. I don’t like seeing that but that opened the door for us to join the council.

I called Rafa up and I thought what do you think? I would only do it with you and he said ‘I would only do it if you come too’.

That’s when we sent in our proposal and joined the group again. This is when Novak and the rest of the council guys had to decide.

I would like to support the good ideas they have and the bad ideas, let’s talk about them or how can we do it differently.

Tennis is doing well at the end of the day so we don’t have to talk things bad but it has ben a bit rocky on the communication side of things.

I think having Novak, me and Rafa and the other top guys on the council, everybody wants to do the right thing for the tour.

It makes things so much more simpler. We have been on the council before and we worked very well together so I expect the same now.

Source: Tennis Channel


  1. Thanks! Nadal and Federer for stepping up to participate in the ATP council !
    You are top-class on and off the court. You are experts! Can bring very good ideas for the council to consider.

  2. Can’t vouch for the veracity but for what it’s worth a report today on and being picked up by other Spanish media the wedding will be October 19 on Polenca. Hard to understand that choice of date as he is scheduled to play an exhibition vs Djokovic in Kazahkstan only 5 days later. Why would he want to interrupt the honeymoon when he could marry 2 weeks earlier? Unless the Route 66 trip,if actually true, will take up all those weeks. It is his and Mery’s decision of course and they must be in agreement on it. Excited to see some photos(hopefully) whenever it takes place and sending them the warmest wishes.

      • That may be the case. The Express U.K. stated earlier this summer that he had cleared his Oct. schedule but they could very well be wrong. He is still listed on the Shanghai website as playing.

    • Yes, I read the same about the wedding date in the Majorca Daily Bulletin online. Exciting and busy times ahead for Rafa and Maria. I’m sure they’ve made the best decision which suits them in regard to the date. Wishing them the very best.

      I’m also looking forward to seeing all the photos of the big day. Meanwhile, there’s still plenty of work for Rafa to do on court beforehand. I’d love to see him with an early wedding gift in the form of the US Open trophy. That would be great!

  3. Rafa and Roger are two kindred spirits. I was moved when i first read about their phone conversation concerning the ATP Player Council. Both men are keen to protect the integrity and tradition of the sport whilst realising that changes need to be made for the benefit of the players. They have a genuine love of tennis and with all their years in the top flight on the tour, they will bring to the table valuable experience, wisdom and balance. Welcome back guys.

  4. Glad they are doing this. In previous article sounded like Rafa has very good ideas for the council to consider.

  5. Fedal forever, inextricably linked.

    This is most likely a rescue mission for Fedal in order to bring cohesion and better communication to an ailing players council. It’s obvious with Djokovic at the helm the council was in dire need of an equalizing force which I feel Rafa and Roger can bring to the table. Wishing them good luck in their joint venture.


    • Rafa_1310, I could be wrong but from everything I’ve read about the players council Djokovic could be part of the “problem.” IMO for him not to include Rafa and Roger in the decision making process to replace ATP president Chris Kermode was an egregious omission.

  6. Rafa good luck in the US OPEN vamossssssssss champ this year is your all the way 🇺🇸🎾💪😘❤️🇺🇸🎾💪😘❤️🇺🇸🎾💪😘❤️🇺🇸🎾💪😘❤️🇺🇸🎾💪😘❤️🇺🇸🎾💪😘❤️🇺🇸🎾💪😘❤️🇺🇸❤️🌎

  7. Thank you to Roger and Rafael for stepping up to participate in the ATP council. Their perspectives
    provide valid input. As for NK, he is 24. Enough of these childish outbursts; he either wants to play
    tennis or move on. He has become wealthy, despite not wanting to “show up” at times. Give someone else an opportunity. Tired of his big mouth and manic tantrums.

  8. To me, it’s clear both of them love tennis beyond their own participation and I think that’s why they would agree to do it. I hope that they keep the interests of the players and the sport above any internal political arguments.

  9. Great I except dad the US Open is more important I wish the king Rafa to win the us grand slam this year Amen

  10. Number one item. Kyrios must be fined at the least for his behavior. Or put on parole so to speak. He is dangerous. It isn’t cute! He could have killed Rafa with tat Deliberate! Slam directly to his chest. Happily, Rafa has good reflexes. Same for Serena. She’s gotten away with the same stuff over the years because she’s “Queen”. The both give a bad representation of tennis. They are bad roll models. They are the Trumps of tennis. Reign them in!!!! Swearing and tossing racquets is not a good image and is dangerous!!!!!
    Looking forward to South Africa. Rafa, federer, Trevor Noah and Bill Gates are my four favorite people in the world!!!!!

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