Here’s why Rafael Nadal won’t play before Wimbledon


(AP) – Rafael Nadal says he will again not play any warmup tournaments before Wimbledon.

Rafa hasn’t entered a grass-court tournament ahead of Wimbledon in any season since 2015. That year, he appeared in two grass events between Roland Garros and the All England Club – and then lost in the second round at Wimbledon.

Fresh off his 12th French Open title, Rafa says:

Why do I need to change that? … What gives me a better chance is to be healthy than playing a lot of matches.

I had a very good tournament last year, I was close to victory.

I like playing on grass but I can not play as many weeks in a row as I did 10 years ago.

With my experience, I prefer to be well prepared and have good training.

Rafa’s two Wimbledon titles came in 2008 and 2010. He is also a three-time runner-up at the grass-court Grand Slam tournament, but he hasn’t reached the final since 2011.

Wimbledon starts on July 1.

Source: AP


  1. I hope the only things on Rafa’s mind are relaxing, his unbelievable 12th Roland-Garros, family and friends. And fishing. And #18.

    Good health to Rafa and many more wins.


  2. Yes wise decision, it’s only with a fit and healthy body that Rafa is able to play is best tennis.

    I do believe that after winning his FO title, he’s more confident, more settled, and more calm and at ease now. So, the next step is to find a good balance of his new found aggressive game of AO and his TOP form defensive game.

    His aggressive game in that Rome final, plus the way he played the FO SF and F, tell me Rafa is ready to take the next step, ie blending those game plans together to tackle Wimbledon.

    It’s a tough ask to win Wimbledon of course, but with a great serve plus great FH, his volleying skills and his willingness to move to the net and to shorten points, he’s certainly moving in the right direction.

  3. It makes perfect sense for Rafa not to play any grass court tournaments before Wimbledon. As he said, last year he came within one point of making it to the final (oh that dreaded roof issue) without playing a warm up tournament.

    Rafa is paying serious attention to his schedule and his physical condition and realises that rest is more important than match practice if he is to go deep at Wimbledon. With this approach, he’s giving himself the best opportunity to win the tournament and there’s a good chance that he will.

    • Totally agree with you. Seems a wise decision to me.

      And I’m happy not being the only one to remember last year roof’s scandal.

  4. The last time Rafa won Wimbledon was back in 2010 and last year made the SF’s. With preparations and rest, I’d say he can do one better and win the whole damn thing.
    It is about time to get that 3rd Wimby title. We have waited too long for this.

    Excellent decision on taking a time out and gathering his thoughts.
    We look forward of Rafa kicking their asses at Wimbledon.

    VAMOS RAFA No 1 to us all.

  5. Please win the Wimbledon this year Rafa! That will certainly shut some toxic butthurt Federer fans. They know the slam record will be eclipsed by the greatness of Rafa.


  6. Rest well dear and stay focus, you will make your dream come true, looking to see your action on grasscourt … “The Wimblefon Tournament” Vamos Rafa.😍😍

  7. Tomeu Salva stated at the beginning of the season that it was decided that around 14 tournaments would be the ideal number to play this year. At Rafa’s age it will help prolong his career. He has already played 8. Apart from Wimbledon, the US Open and Year End Finals there remain only 3 others to choose. Queens was an obvious one to drop for the reasons mentioned in the interview.

  8. I thought he might play one of them, and going into Wimbledon with no grass court practice isn’t ideal, but it’s been a long clay court season and he knows what’s best for him. Or maybe the rumours that they were getting married in June, rather than the autumn, were true after all!

    • Give the poor guy a break! Isn’t winning 12 RG enough for you? He has enough pressure all the time – how about letting him catch his breath!

  9. Rafa counting down the days to seeing you at Wimbledon! Enjoy your rest champ!


  10. Fantastic decision have thoroughly enjoy your tennis in the past two weeks thank you rest and do whatever you enjoy doing look forward to seeing you at Wimbledon
    You certainly are the king of clay was a reputation to have 🎉🎾👑

  11. Fantastic decision have thoroughly enjoy your tennis in the past two weeks thank you rest and do whatever you enjoy doing look forward to seeing you at Wimbledon

  12. I was wondering about Wimbledon and if Rafa would play. Glad to learn he will be there. Wishing him continued success and good health.

    Happy Rafa will have more time home to enjoy all the perks that go along with being with family and friends.

    Rafa is a marvel.

    RAFA ROCKS 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

  13. Tu Rafa es k mejor sabe donde jugar… Cuidate k queremos k estes entre nosotros por mucho tiempo.. SIEMPRE CONTIGO

    • Who knows? That is certainly one of the rumors. I just hope they can have as much privacy as possible. It is so hard when Rafa is so popular.

      • Regarding the rumors…

        Back on May 15… a statement was put out by Rafa’s camp to People Magazine regarding a wedding in June…
        “Normally we don’t speak about Rafa’s private life, ever,” say rep Benito Pérez-Barbadillo. “However this information is absolutely incorrect and fake news from non-credible sources”

        And just last week Rafa when asked in an interview to AS “Tennis World” he commented on the rumors about him getting married after the French Open. “I do not want to get involved in this circus. So I get married in June? Where does this come from? The reality is that you get tired and you disconnect
        They say many false things and then you correct, so you do not even to put attention on that. Every day a new history comes. I tried to keep my personal life in private and live it my way. I cannot look at false things”, said Nadal, who will probably get married in October.

        Sounds like June was just a rumor…

        Anyway, I think Sept/October is a lovely time of year for a wedding…

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