Rafael Nadal not worrying about Roger Federer’s record


(Reuters) – Rafael Nadal took sole ownership of one record when he claimed a 12th French Open title on Sunday but says matching Roger Federer’s haul of 20 Grand Slams will not become an obsession.

Being honest, I am not very worried about this stuff, no?

You can’t be frustrated all the time because the neighbour has a bigger house than you, or a bigger TV or better garden. That’s not the way that I see the life, you know.

Nadal has suffered more injuries throughout his career than Federer and Serbian world number one Novak Djokovic, who is third on the all-time list of major winners with 15.

Even this season he has been plagued with knee injuries, being forced out of his Indian Wells semi-final with Federer before withdrawing from Miami.

His knees were still bothering him as his happiest hunting season began on the European claycourts he has owned.

I lost, I think, around 15 or even more Grand Slams in my career for injuries. So it has been difficult.

Watching him repel the swashbuckling Thiem on Sunday with the kind of intensity and sheer willpower that has marked his career, it was hard to believe that just a few weeks ago in Barcelona he was suffering a crisis of confidence. Thiem beat him in straight sets in Barcelona and Rafa said it was at that tournament he realized he needed to change his mentality.

Mentally, I lost a little bit of energy, because I had too many issues in a row. Mentally I was not enjoying. Too much worried about the health and, being honest, too negative.

After the first round in Barcelona, I was able to stay alone for a couple of hours in the room and think about it and think about what’s going on, what I need to do.

One possibility would have been stop for a while and recover my body. And the other was change drastically my attitude and my mentality to play the next couple of weeks.

Sunday’s display proved he made the correct call.

Source: Reuters


  1. This works for him. Self-reliance and thinking rather than “google”-an original idea. Something to be said for basic, strong values and an ability to honestly face oneself. Not everyone can do this.
    Congratulations, Rafael, on conquering your own demons, and finding a successful solution. How
    satisfying to accomplish this.🙏🏆🍀❤️

  2. Rafa must be the highest IQ in the tennis circuit ! Just comparing the answer of Djokovic about the 20 GS of Federer! While Djokovic is ego obsessed, Rafa just wants enjoy tennis and see what the future will bring! Great conduct of Rafa <3 VAMOS

  3. This is what I love about Rafa – he sat down by himself, and worked out how to solve his problem, and then went out and did it. Even with his wonderful team and loving family, he is mature enough to make his own decisions, and take responsibility.

    I have no words to express my admiration for him, as an athlete and as a person.

    • I was very relieved and
      Happy he won this match and
      I understand perfectly how important it was to him but I am deeply bothered by his taking a seven minute toilet break after h lost the second set. It worked perfectly for him. Thiem was not
      there for the third set and once he got
      broken in the fourth he didn’t have s chance. I wonder if Rafa feels
      He didn’t win this slam fair and

      • If you think Rafa did anything unfair, you obviously don’t know how he was brought up. Read his autobiography, and you will see how he was taught by his family that it was better to be a good person, than to achieve any sporting success.

  4. Rafa is not playing for the records & titles. He is playing because he loves the sport & when he is healthy he is happy. I love this man,athlete,roal model,son and soon to be husband to Mery.

    • Agreed 100%, and that’s why Rafa is such a beautiful human being. He enjoys the journey more than the results. He’s simply such a lovely man.

  5. I really think Rafa is able to catch the record. But most important: be happy, be healthy and love what you do.

    Vamos Rafa <3

    • Ditto ,Victoria!! Such a wise saying. You live once. Live the way your soul is happy and content!! Vamos!!!

      • My wish for you Rafa is good health so you can continue to enjoy what you do.

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