Rafael Nadal reacts to shock Monte Carlo exit

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Rafael Nadal’s reaction after his shock semifinal exit at the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters:

I played a very bad game against a good player, so in that situation, you have to lose. That’s what I did this afternoon.

No, was a bad feeling. Was a tough day and was a difficult opponent. I am coming from low moments in terms of injuries, and in terms of the mental side have been not easy to accept all the things that have been going on during the last times.

So just was this kind of day that everything was wrong. I probably played one of the worst matches on clay in 14 years. So when that happens, you have to lose. And today I deserve to lose because I played against a player that was better than me today.

I was lucky to win that two games and to avoid the even worse score. But the final result is the same, so don’t make a big difference. I was not thinking much. Just thinking about how bad I played today and just to, at some point, understand the things.

Problem sometimes is we are used to be very, very solid all the time, and even coming back from injuries, winning and winning and winning, and things are not easy, no?

And after one year and a half, without having the chance to play tournaments in a row and a lot of stuff happened, is more difficult to hold sometimes the level every single day when you don’t have confidence in tournaments in a row, no, or matches in a row.

And that’s what I needed probably to know that the half level, I have it. Even if I have been very competitive all the tournaments that I have been playing, all these stops create some nonstability in terms of you know that you have this 60 or 70% of your level, 100%.

Then some days you have that 90 or 100, but this 70, you have it always. That’s why I have been able to win all the things that I won, especially on clay. And today seems like I had during the previous days, but is always more difficult when all these things are going on.

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  1. Rafa – we your zillions of fans watch this great sport because of one reason Rafa !! You had an off day . That’s that. You rock big time ! The greatest player we have seen& been privileged to watch . Vamos & keep fighting .
    It’s your first tournament after the knee injury so it’s tough to keep winning & get the rhythm every time . Vamos Rafa

  2. Rafa – we your zillions of fans watch this great sport because of one reason Rafa !! You had an off day . That’s that. You rock big time ! The greatest player we have seen& been privileged to watch . Vamos & keep fighting .
    It’s yoyr first tournament after the knee injury so it’s tough to keep winning & get the rhythm every time . Vamos Rafa

  3. Rafa, YOU especially and a few others are the core reason am such a fan of this intensely demanding sport so I PRAY for YOU to take proper care of yourself for complete healing both physically and mentally. I ONLY wish to see YOU play in person as for you’re MUCH MUCH MORE than a GREAT tennis star and athlete. YOU are a great and kind loving human. You will always be the GOAT in my ❤!! Vamos Rafa!! You are loved and adored here in the 🇺🇸!! xoxoxo

  4. Thank you all for your positive comments. I don’t care about the loss, but I do care that Rafa is suffering so much. He’s a wonderful man who always tries his very best. He puts a lot of pressure on himself and so many injuries have taken a toll, physically and mentally. I think today was more mental than physical. The games he won to avoid the bagel were the best he played all day. Once he knew the match was lost he loosened up and played much better. Whatever the future holds I’ll always love him and be grateful for the joy he’s brought me and so many others over the past years.

  5. To put it in perspective for me, Rafa had a walkover in IW and he had to pull out of Miami due to injuries. This is his 1st tournament back since IW. He needs time to heal and fully recover his form and confidence. We always have this expectation he is going to win every clay court match since he is the greatest clay court player there is, Common sense tells me it is way better to pace yourself to make sure Rafa is 100% healthy. I rather have Rafa at 100% than Rafa compromised by remnants of any injury whether it be physical or mental.

    Watching Rafa today, I just got the feeling he was holding back or playing tentatively. I know he is the greatest problem-solver and can usually effectively adjust to opponent or windy conditions. I just got the feeling Rafa seemed like he was being cautious for his own self-preservation. It’s a long clay court season and to me the clay is the most demanding surface. The rallies are way longer than the other surfaces most of the time.
    I will congratulate Fabio for his consistency which isn’t always the case for Fabio. I do know Rafa does like a lot of matches under his belt in order to regain his confidence. It still was thrilling for me to watch Rafa win his 1st 3 matches here, though. Honestly I am not really concerned about how Rafa will compete in his up-coming tournaments. I strongly believe he’ll be just fine. I also agree with Cynthia below, that “we love YOU, NO MATTER WHAT!!! Vamos!!!

  6. Cynthia Pheifer above has it about right.Rafa is a shining example of how to behave in defeat and when winning. That is very close to being the best you can be . Circumstances do alter cases. Who among us is perfect.? My respect for Rafa will never waiver! He continues to be a huge source of happiness to me. At eighty five years he remains for me all those attributes Ihave tried to instill in my own family , of love and respect for others , of courage under duress, grit and determination. Jean Palmer born close to Wimbledon, now in Winnipeg Canada.

  7. Not Rafa’s day and he is, as ever, totally realistic . Let him
    move on. Today is gone . Let us support the player who has given us endless days of enjoyment . The most compelling star in the game , a star and the most loved player ever .
    Fognini played better to day .
    Wishing Rafa a good rest and all support always .

  8. Fognini does not hold a candle to Rafa. He ‘s known to be an obnoxious person also. So just a temporary blip and you’ll be yourself again,Rafa

  9. Dear Rafa. All your injuries and withdrawals have not helped your confidence nor your routine. Just stay positive. No one is better or more talented than you are. Please believe that and keep reminding yourself of that. Sure all top ten are extremely talented etc etc. but they do not have more talent or skill than you. So please be your positive self, do what you need to do to remain healthy and always know that you have just as much and more talent and ability than any opponent you will face. Love you. And God bless you Rafa. Mary Lynn.

  10. Après toutes ses blessures il devrait se retirer et lasser la place aux jeunes Félix Auger-Aliassime, quel joueur et future vedette Denis Shapovalov et Tsitsipas. I am from Québec Oh yes.

    • Laisser la place aux jeunes ??? Il n’en est pas encore là ! C’est sa décision et j’espère qu’ill pourra encore jouer quelques années. Vamos Rafa.

  11. Clarification: Rafa has 2290 more points to defend for the season than anyone else in the top 10.

  12. All credit to Fognini who played the better tennis by far. However, for Rafa to say that he probably played one of the worst matches on clay in 14 years tells us a lot about how he is feeling right now. Rafa had a close shave against Pella yesterday and needed to raise his game against Fognini who was up for the fight, but the reverse happened. Stop-start tennis due to injury lay-offs is taking its toll on Rafa mentally. There is so much pressure on him to win week after week with a body which is increasingly prone to injury, never knowing when it will breakdown. No good for his confidence.

    Rafa is in a difficult position, having over 4680 points to defend during this clay swing and and 2290 points more than anyone else in the top 10. That’s pressure.
    Monte Carlo 1000
    Barcelona 500
    Madrid. 180
    Rome. 1000
    Roland Garros 2000

    I really think that he should withdraw from Madrid so that he doesn’t burn himself out before the French Open. Over to you Rafa.

    • I am happy to read such kind comments from fellow Rafans about his loss today. We know that even Rafa cannot win every match. I thought Rafa was dropping serious hints that he would skip Madrid?

    • Great attitude.Rafa you are always loved!.
      In my prayers that you can overcome your injuries .
      You are the king in my eyes!🥎🥎🥎🎾🎾🎾

  13. Monte Carlo is the master that is fitting best to him. The clay is almost like the one in roland garros. That’s i’m worried. I realy want him to win roland garros. Maybe the weather was one couse of his bad match? Finger crossed in french open. Until then the goal is to stay healty and fresh. Can he skip at least 1 of the next 3 tournaments? I want a fresh rafa in roland garros. I also dislike the monkey named fognini. He should lost the point in fifth game (the phase with the towel). Vamos Rafa and win the 12 times roland garros.

  14. I really thought Rafa had a good chance this week and I feel he needs a title to help with his confidence. But he had a bad day which conicided with Fabio turning up with the intention to win. It was very difficult to watch, but provided he’s physically OK, it’s time for Rafa to get back on the horse, as they say. The Barcelona draw is already out. Rafa can beat most players most of the time (that’s his 70% I guess). Stay healthy and keep going Rafa, that extra 20-30% will come.

  15. Far from your best Rafa – we all have bad days and today was a bad day for you. On to Barcelona and another chance to win number 12. Still the King of Clay and the darling of tennis. Love and adore you always. Big hug xxx

  16. Rafa said it was the worst match he played on clay in 14 years and I agree I am sorry I so wanted him to win but he can’t be winning year in an year out I understand that but I do get upset when he looses but he is healthy and I’m so happy for that On to Barcelona very good luck Rafa

  17. You were not your best but we all have off days ! Don’t be hard on yourself . I still think you are great ! Love watching you play , exciting and full of passion!
    Move forward to the next tournament !!
    Good Luck Rafa xx Would love to see you play live ! On my bucket list

  18. No worries..Rafael Nadal…I will always love this great player…I just want him to be happy…and when he is happy..he will WIN again. VAMOS RAFA.

  19. You are correct . You did not play well at all . Fabio was v v good. So you list. He was def better than you . But you were at 30% of your normal self.
    Vamos & hope to see you win Barcelona next week
    Cheers & good luck

  20. I am schocked 😦 No service and a lot of unforced errors..long time ago i have seen Rafa so bad on clay. He is far away from his best. Take rest and than good luck for Barcelona. Time to step up! Vamos Rafa ❤

  21. If I could talk to you, Rafa, you still are 100% a star to me! No one is a robot and perfect.
    Please don’t be too hard on you. YOU went out there for us!!!
    We love YOU, NO MATTER WHAT❤️

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