Rafael Nadal out in Acapulco’s second round

Rafael Nadal is out of the Mexican Open at the second-round stage after losing in three sets to Nick Kyrgios, 6-3, 6-7(2), 6-7(6).

Rafa, winner in Acapulco in 2005 and 2013, was playing his first event since falling in the Australian Open final to Novak Djokovic.

He had chances to break Kyrgios in both the second and third sets but was unable to convert as both sets went on serve to the tiebreakers.

Kyrgios levelled his head-to-head record with Rafa at 3-3 and will play three-time Grand Slam champion Stan Wawrinka for a place in the semi-finals.

After the match, Rafa said about Kyrgios:

He’s a player who has enormous talent, could be winning grand slams or fighting for the number one ranking. He lacks respect for the crowd, his opponent and towards himself. I don’t think he’s a bad guy, but he lacks a little respect for the public and the rival.

Rafa’s next tournament will be Indian Wells in March.

Source: AAP


  1. So Rafa will be playing in the inaugural Eisenhower Cup in California tonight. It’s a fast-paced knockout tournament consisting of eight players. The matches are all played in a 10-point tiebreak format and will take place tonight. I think this is a good move as it will give Rafa a chance to get more practice prior to Indian Wells and will also help to shake of any nerves that might be jangling.

  2. There are lessons to be learnt by Rafa. He’s too nervy against Kyrgios (just like he was vs Djoko) and let Kyrgios’ antics got to him. Had Rafa remained focused on the job at hand, he would’ve won the match when he was 6-3 up in the third set TB; that DF in the TB was unacceptable!

    He has/had been losing important TBs these days – that 3rd set TB in the Wimbledon SF last year (which imo was crucial to him winning the match); the 3rd set TB he lost to Shapovalov at Montreal in 2017; he also lost a TB to Delpo in the Wimbledon QF last year when he had SP! and that had cost him another hour of court time and extra energy spent; and now this winnable TB against Kyrgios.

    If Rafa couldn’t overcome his nerve and change this current unpleasant trend, he will continue to suffer such losses from winning positions! He simply choked, and snatched losses from the jaw of victories!

    I don’t know what he could do to calm his nerves and stops this trend; it’s all in the mind. Rafa clearly could beat Kyrgios when he was able to gain the upper hand, it’s just that he choked and threw away the chance of a victory.

    Kyrgios only faced MPs in his match with Rafa, I think he didn’t have MP against him in all his other matches on his way to the title.

    Rafa was angry and disappointed with himself I feel, for choking away the match. It’s something he needs to address urgently before it’s too late.

    • Yes Luckystar, I hadn t thought about the nerve issue as I have only seen highlights of thèse matches, I don t have Eurosport and of course Wimb and Aus Open I was praying for him as always, following the score on Internet . It is frustrating for us fans to see that. 😡Some matches don t matter too much but these, as you Say just one point would have won a set and the playing/exhaustion/nerve time. 😁 Let s hope that the next matches will overcome this, only Rafael will be able to reflect on this, he always that said that you learn from defeats. Fiona in Paris

    • Rafa knows very well what he is doing, so for fans here to discuss a few unfavorable past outcomes, as supposed to discuss all his many wins, not only makes zero sense but it is not a sensible argument. Rafa had such a brilliant record, it is absolutely fine for him not to win some matches. Let us point out all the winning, fantastic outcomes and his blessed process and brilliant career…..he is not a machine….he is a brilliant bright tennis genius with longevity and a brilliant record. Please know pointless uninspiring discussions are never helpful to no one.

  3. How did Rafa play? I didn’t watch the match. Did he play with the recent changes made to his game or with his old style which he used in the finales of the AO?
    I’m worried about Rafa. Want to see him picking up trophies instead of roger or any other.

    • Hi Buddy. Rafa had 8 aces, so I’ll say he stuck to his new routine. He also didn’t get broken, saving the only break point he faced. That doesn’t really matter since he failed to convert 9 out of his 10 chances to break Kyrgios.

      Rafa also won more points in the match, 121, to Nick’s 111.

      I’ve always found it peculiar that you can win more points and yet lose a match. Sounds like an American election:):)

  4. So Nick won the Mexican Open. Next please! Mentally, I’ve moved on from that tournament as there’s no point in agonising over what could have been for Rafa. He’s just got to recharge, reboot and get ready for the North American swing. My concern is that Rafa is such an intense and often tense person on the court. It looks like his fear of losing is still hampering him in crucial moments in a match and he’s got to fix that problem. His mantra should be “Respect all players, but fear nothing and no one”.

  5. So…Nick Kyrgios got under Rafa’s skin.. …His antics on the court are all a part of who Nick is… For Nick, tennis is a means to an end… He earns a living, gets some notoriety and has the tennis world talking about him all the time. He would much rather play basketball or video games but he can’t make the bucks doing that. So he half heartedly plays tennis tournaments, his ability gets him in deep enough to earn a living. I remember the US Open 2017 he played John Millman…Nick should have beat him big time but it was all over the media that Nick was in Manhattan partying the night before. Now I’m at the Open at Louis Armstrong Stadium and Millman is winning big time. Come the 3rd set, Nick didn’t even try as his feet were like cement. He kept looking up at the scoreboard as he lost point after point. Match over… he left in seconds and all the people in the stands were a buzz and angry that they wasted their time and money on a match where Nick didn’t even try. No respect for anything or anyone.
    I could go on about Nick but I have already given him too much attention.
    Here’s my problem…What happened to Rafa that match? You cannot be at 40-0 about to break your opponent and not shut the door!!! How many break points or match points can you bring yourself to and not convert? It is so difficult to have an edge in a match against an erratic player like Kyrgios and yet Rafa brings the match to the very edge and he didn’t finish him off! Rafa should have had this one and I found myself just as mad at him as he was at himself. He needs to work on that part of his game strategically… I will be at Indian Wells next week for 4 days (first time, can’t wait). I will be rooting for our boy with everything I have in me!!
    See you soon Rafa!

    • You’re right, Rafa did slip up big time. Meanwhile Kyrgios has gone on to win the tournament.

      I think Kyrgios just put on an act to disrupt Rafa’s game, and it succeeded spectacularly. But yes, Rafa did have 3 match points, and it’s on Rafa for not having been able to close it. Is Rafa losing his killer instinct? I hope not!

      Anyway the silver lining for me is that Rafa will be raring to go at IW and Miami. For me I hope he wins Miami since he’s never won there before.

      But as always, we’d see:) <– Couldn't help that.

      • I couldn’t watch the match? Did Rafa play with his old style or with all the changes that were introduced at the beginning of the year and which he uses at the AO except in the finals?
        I’m worried about Rafa. I want to see him winning tournaments instead of hearing about Roger and others. I hope Carlos and he and the rest of the team are in the right track.

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