Wimbledon 2018: Thursday practice photos

Here’s a few photos from Rafael Nadal’s practice today. Our champ prepares for his assault on The Championships at Wimbledon in a practice session with Dominic Thiem.



  1. Rafa you look great, and I trust you do very well in your first game at Wimbledon,

    Love and prayers,


  2. Rafa has just received a dreamy draw! Come on Rafa! I predict Rafa would get into the final this year and if somehow a servebot could defeat Federer in the other half, Rafa would get his 18th grandslams


  3. Rafa potential opponents to the path of glory
    R1 – Sela
    2 – kukushin
    3 – Mischa zverev
    4- fognini/ dolgopolov
    Qf – goffin/ potro/ shapo/Murray
    Sf – Sascha/ djkr/ kyrgios/ edmund/ thiem

  4. Thanks for the photos – I’m surprised though that Moya is not with Rafa for a Grand Slam event? Maybe he will arrive this weekend ? Let’s hope Rafa gets a good draw which will enable him to build confidence and get safely into the 2nd week. Vamos Rafa!

  5. I love the practice photos thanks for sharing them Rafa. On the other hand you do look good in anything you wear but white and grey ugh. Nike should have put you in something like an emerald green or something with color.. Did you know that White and Grey are not even colors they are not even primary colors like Red, Blue, Yellow or Green then you go into the Secondary colors like Purple, Orange etc . you need color in your outfit.
    I will look forward to seeing you play but I do not like the outfit it does you injustice

  6. Rafa is and of himself a force of nature.Allowed to be thus by his amazing family,team and friends.We his fans are so honoured to witness this.I have not heard of the slightest whiff of favoritism towards him ever.Simply the Best.VAMOS RAFA.🍀🇪🇸🎾

  7. I am always proud how great Rafa looks even when practicing. His practice clothes are perfect for him and he is always color coordinated. Of course, when you look like Rafa, anything looks good. I just heard the rumor that Djokovic is playing Laver Cup. My guess is that Rafa decided early this year not to play when he committed to Davis Cup, but they are waiting to announce it.

    • The press stories are now out and confirm Rafa will not play Laver Cup because he will be in Europe for DC. It is a very understandable decision, but Rafa will be missed. I loved last year’s LC, but I prefer he play DC if forced to choose.

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