Tired Rafael Nadal withdraws from Queen’s Club

Rafael Nadal has withdrawn from next week’s traditional Wimbledon warm-up tournament at London’s Queen’s Club.

“Queen’s is a great event, I have happy memories of winning the title in 2008 and I wanted to come back this year. But it has been a very long clay court season for me with great results. I would like to say sorry to the tournament organisers and most of all to the fans that were hoping to see me play, but I have spoken to my doctors and I need to listen to what my body is telling me,” said Rafa.

Philippe Montigny – Pool/Getty Images

“We are obviously disappointed that Rafa has decided that he is unable to play this year, but we wish him well and hope to see him on our courts in the future,” said Tournament Director, Stephen Farrow.

All the way with you, Rafa!


  1. Nole gave Grigor a SS drubbing at Queen’s, 6-3, 6-1, while Kyrgios beat British player Edmund in 3. Both winners are into the QF.

  2. Rafa you’ve had an amazing clay season and i’m glad that you’re taking a little time out to rest your mind, body and soul. It’s important to pace yourself as we’re only half way through the year and still loads of tennis to be played. I hope you make a great run on the grass at Wimbledon.

  3. “I am so 😢 and bored of the GOAT debate on my Twitter page RF2.0 and Vamos-Rafa are both beyond amazing 😏 and still playing off the charts, wait a few more years to see how it plays out.”
    [Source: Brad Gilbert @bgtennisnation[


  4. Rafa has plenty of time to practice for Wimbledon, if he decides to play. Last year he practiced on the grass courts of the Mallorca Open in preparation for his grass season and felt he had good preparation. I am betting he will do the same this year.


    • Rafa just may play Boodles this year. Some fans already have their tickets for June 27 and 29 when Rafa is scheduled to play. DelPo is also on the roster.

      If Rafa does play Wimbledon, his practice on the Mallorcan grass courts coupled with the Boodles could land him a third Wimby trophy.

      If Rafa is well rested and has no physical concerns he should GO FOR IT. Wishing him the best.


  5. Congrats to Rafa for winning his 11th French Open title. That makes it 17 Grand Slam titles now. Also it’s a wise move by Rafa for not competing in the Queens Club tournament. His health is more important. Rest up fully for the big one WIMBLEDON. He is due to win this one. We will see you at Wimbledon kicking butt.

    VAMOS RAFA You will be always No. 1 to us.

  6. It’s ok Rafa . You need to rest. You can always have some exhibition matches before Wimbledon instead of risking playing Queens.

    Good luck Rafa!

  7. Recharge and return when you are ready. No excuses needed-you have earned the right to choose.👍💪👊👏❤️

  8. Fortunately Rafa and his team are aware that his body and mind need a rest and do not precipitate events that might even lead to injuries.

    Wamos Rafa, you do not have to prove anything to anyone.

    Wamos Rafa you are the best.

  9. Rafa you so rightly deserve a BIG break,

    and not returning until you feel replenished.

    Rest and relax, and have time with Maria,your family and your team.

    Love and prayers,


  10. I do appreciate that Rafa cannot assume that he will win RG or even go deep. I still thought that his announcement on playing Queens, however, was unlikely to happen. Rafa missed it the two years earlier too. I hope that his iffy record prevented fans from buying tickets only to see him. It should still be a good tournament and Novak was added too. I fully agree on Rafa not playing, but do not know how to avoid this withdrawal either. Any suggestions?

  11. Dear Rafa,
    First let me congratulate you on the Paris win…extraordinary play; however, I also want to hail your recent comments on the gender money controversy in tennis that I heard on a political talk show. Your comment was brilliant indicating it was your belief that because men drew the most attendance in their matches the men should be paid more purse money than the woman. As a woman who has played tennis most of my life, I couldn’t agree more…the talk show host said he had never heard it explained any better & neither have I. I hope I have explained your interview comments correctly. I love to watch you play, Rafa!

    • Even if Rafa is my favorite player by far, I do not have to agree with him on everything. I think it would harder to award prizes based on selling tickets than Rafa thinks. For example, Serena Williams had higher TV ratings and more fans at the USO than most male players except possibly Roger. Until her recent return from the drug ban, Sharapova would attract more fans and ratings than most men except the big four. When Chris Evert and Martina were playing, the ratings for the women’s matches were higher than the men’s, at least in the US. My point here is that Rafa’s position, which is very similar to Novak’s, may be harder to implement than you might think.

      • Interesting because Rafa made this very point in a presser a couple of years back – that the women’s game has sometimes been more popular than the men’s depending on the players and the moment and he mentioned a few woman players. It was probably around the time Novak gave his views on the matter. I’ve looked for the presser on YouTube but cannot find it amongst the hundreds. Unless I read the source myself or it’s translated legitimately I’m dubious. I remember Andy Murray being ‘directly quoted’ which caused a doping furore. He then said he was taken out of context which is, of course, easy to do if subsequent publications only headline a few words as someone’s ‘opinion’.

      • While the following has nothing to do with pay equality, I would like to point out that Rafa has contradicted himself on many occasion. Following are just a couple I can recall offhand. As for the equal pay comment, I haven’t done my due diligence.

        Rafa has always maintained that he doesn’t believe in “luck” but recently he used the word to explain his winning ways, among other reasons.

        A couple of years ago, Rafa said that injuries happen “because we are not 20-years-old any more.” He was quoted here by RNF when the then people running this forum were extremely careful about what they posted.
        This past January he was holding tournament organizers responsible for players’ injuries. He has been pushing for a two-year ranking system as a response to injuries to protect players’ rankings.


  12. No surprises here, didn’t expect him to play Queens. I thought, when the announcement Rafa had entered was made, it was just the tournament trying to show off that they’d got the #1 player to sign up, since Fed will always play Halle. Hope Rafa is getting some rest and and taking time to realise and enjoy his ground-breaking achievements in the clay court season this year. They may not happen again and I’d say it’s it’s better for Rafa to pause and take it all in than go after an ATP 500. Rafa, be yourself, do what you believe is right and I wish you all the best in whatever goals you chose to pursue. Vamos!

    • In February Rafa did say he would play because it would be the “10th anniversary of his first Queens’ win.”

      Like you and others I am happy he is resting. Your lovely words about Rafa was a nice read.

  13. Rafa you must look after your body first &
    foremost – we fans want you around for a bit
    Longer – best wishes always

  14. Dear Rafa
    I am delighted that you are taking time out from Queens..that is what I wished and suggested. Your medics and team understand and most of all you know your own body and what it tells you. Champ I will look forward to probably or possibly see you at Wimbledon. Your millions of true fans including me (your no. 1 Irish fan) will glady accept your decisions. Relax and take life one day at a time.
    Best wishes Rafa..my King of tennis. Vamos Rafa.🎾🎾🎾💚💚💚🎾🎾🎾🇮🇪🇮🇪🇪🇸🇪🇸

    • I too am glad he is taking time off. I wish Wimbledon was not so soon…. there’s really not much time to rest his body. My husband and I saw him at Roland garros, and it was so exciting. It was awesome to see him in person. He is my all time favorite tennis player and I have been a fan since he was a teenager. I wish him the best ever!!! Go Rafa

  15. Rafa is a good idea to reast .we are going to miss you very much,have fun life is to short Rest Rest love your fans 🎾🎾🎾❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆11th.❤️

  16. So happy Rafa is “listening” to his body. Whenever he comes back I am sure it will be with great enthusiasm and hopes for new hardware. New hardware or not, Rafa is the champion to watch, without a doubt.

    RAFA ROCKS 2018

  17. Hi Rafael, I am sorry you won’t be playing at queens. I will miss you but yes your health is much more important. Hope you get better soon and hopefully see you at Wimbledon for another fantastic win.
    Take care lisa xxx

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