VIDEO: Rafael Nadal Hits Overhead Smash Hot Shot (Rome Masters 2018)

Rafael Nadal shows off his athleticism and nails this overhead smash against Alexander Zverev at the Italian Open in Rome.


  1. You see the likes of Nishikori and Chokovic missing “easy” over the head smashes which are pretty tough for normal people like you and me. Rafa consistently makes these impossible smashes! That is a testament of how great he is. Vamos!!!

    • Yes Lorna, and such athleticism! If I tried that, I would enjoy neck and back problems for months!

      I hope Rafa rests now and conditions himself for the hard path ahead at RG. He has a huge target on his back now, and some chinks in his armor have been exposed.

      Good day!

  2. Rafa what an amazing athlete that you are, and so confident in your approach.

    All the best for Roland Garros,

    Love and prayers,


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