Rafael Nadal pulls out of Paris Masters quarter-final with knee injury

(AFP) – World number one Rafael Nadal pulled out of the Paris Masters on Friday before his quarter-final with a knee injury.

Rafa who had his right knee strapped during his third-round win on Thursday, said he wanted to try and be ready to face Filip Krajinovic in the last eight but that “it wasn’t possible to play”.

He did not say if he would be fit to play at the World Tour Finals in London later this month.

Photograph: Ian Langsdon/EPA


Yesterday (Thursday), the pain was very strong but it was not the moment to stop.

I had treatment last night to try and be able to play today… But unfortunately it was impossible for me to return to the court in the same condition as last night. It is a sad day for me.

I had a long year, a lot of matches. I pushed the body. We are at the end of the season. It’s normal that these kind of things happen. The knee is always, you know, bothering a little bit, but sometimes it’s worse, and now is a little bit worse.”

I’m going to do my treatment, do my best to be playing in London, but I cannot talk about that now because (it) is a day that is tough enough for me to pull out from here.

For me it’s not about London. For me it’s about longer term. And longer term I’m going to do the treatment I believe that (is) going to be more safe and more important to keep playing tennis as long as possible.

Source: AFP


  1. Sorry about that, but wise decision. Now take good care of yourself and get well soon, dear Rafa. – Looking forward seeing you back on court 😍🤗❤️🍀
    VAMOOS CHAMP NO. 1!! 🎾💪🏼👑😘

  2. Does anyone know what has happened with Rafa’s lawsuit against Roselyne Bachelet? It was meant to be heard in July, and was then adjourned to October.

  3. Your priority Rafa is you. I am as sorry as you are not to go on in Paris,but, the future beckons. Rest,get better soon Champ. Xx

  4. I love to watch you play so much! But I love to see you healthy and happy more!
    London or not you are No 1 in the World my friend! What an accomplishment! I pray I get to see you just once. My health problems have prevented that. You make me keep trying! Rafa your health is much more important! Rest and take care of yourself. That is No 1 to me. Love and prayers for a great recovery. Always remember what Andy Roddick said after Roland Garros! 10-10-10 no one ever has done that. Much love and respect to you always!😘❤️❤️❤️👏👏👏🎾💪 Vamos!

  5. Take your time, champ! It’s sad, but you have to take care of your knees! You need a good rest also! So, be good, all the best and we know that you give us, your fans, a lot of joy, love and most important you are our no ☝️

  6. good decision Rafa, rest and recover from the injury…you don’t need to prove anything more. God has blessed you so many things. We enjoyed watching you through out years , you deserve to be no. 1. ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Good luck-recover well. Take the time that you need. Thank you for a fantastic season, Rafael!🍀👊🏆💪👑😍1️⃣💕

  8. So sad for your pain but not for your withdrawal from the tournament.

    Please please Rafa just focus on GS’s and do not abuse your body for the rest.


  9. For me I wish you had not played the Laver Cup . But too late now . I thought your knee stiffened almost completely in the 2nd set . I only hope from someone who has had knee ops and knee injuries similar it takes many weeks to recover . So glad you have all the right resources to help you. I feel so,so sorry for your pain. Rest and repair for 2018. I still hope to go to Brisbane and hope you will be there in full health.

  10. It is the right decision and maybe even a bit too late. Rafa is the year end no. 1 but it has come at a price. The focus should now be Aussie Open, which is already in two months. The knee needs time to heal and this takes a lot of time. Next year, focus on the majors only and take a long break after the US Open. Play only one tournament before the WTF and try to peak one more time then. Asian Swing should be skipped from now on.

  11. Rafa looked very sad at his presser, but we know he hates to withdraw. While I would like to see Rafa in London, only if he is 100%. He has had a tremendous year, but also played a lot of tennis. It is more important to me that he rests and starts 2018 injury free.

  12. Bien Bien Bien Bien Bien…m alegro k hayas tomado esa decision…cuidate…ayer sufri verte k tu no podias jugar como tu estas jugando….solo gana un partido asi un RAFAEL NADAL PARERA….COMPETITIVO SIEMPRE….BENDICIONES PARA TI

    • désolée , une blessure au genou , mais Nadal n’est pas à genoux pour autant ,
      il va me manquer , je crains que Londres ne soit pas à l’ordre des prochains jours
      Je garde l’espoir , sinon , à l’année prochaine , abrasos Rafa

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