Rafael Nadal pulls out of Paris Masters quarter-final with knee injury 2017 (7)

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  1. I am really sorry about your knee; I won the west coast nationals for my high school a while back. I have acupuncture everyday and I feel like a billion dollars you should try it even know I now just play tennis for fun I am retired at a very young age but I would like to visit the academy. But things are not good in Barcelona. I have stone tennis courts in my back yard. maybe one day I will come to one of your matches. But I watch tennis channel when you play. I hope your knee gets better and maybe if you come to new York I will come and watch. For sure I will be in Monte Carlo at Hotel De Paris next time you play next year. I am staying in south of France for 30 days. Safest place to be besides where I live at castle rock Arnold Ca. When you are recovering go on line to my website JW.org it is free and watch some videos or read some of our stuff. Your friend Cheryl Norris by the way the puzzle is the stone to play tennis looks like puzzle pieces.

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