Tomeu Nadal: Rafael Nadal’s brother?! Mystery solved!

This afternoon (CET) Facebook and Twitter were on fire as soon as our champion posted a photo of himself with his ‘brother’ Tomeu Nadal. The question on everyone’s mind was: Does Rafael Nadal really have a brother?

Photo: Rafa Nadal's facebook
Photo: Rafa Nadal’s facebook

We all know he has a sister Isabel, but we’ve never heard of a brother. Thanks to Neil Harmon, reporter from The Times, we found out that this photo is connected with a promotion for one of his sponsors, Poker Stars: “For those confused about Rafa’s brother, it is a promotion for a Poker Challenge. And brilliant it is too by the way.” Rafa’s PR agency, B1PR, said via twitter that we will find out more tomorrow about Rafa’s brother: “Mañana mas sobre el HERMANO de @RafaelNadal 😉

So the answer to all your questions is very simple: World No. 1 Rafael Nadal doesn’t have a brother and as always it was a good stunt for all who believed it. Funny Rafa 🙂



  1. He kind of looks like Xisca? Maybe it’s more of a defacto brother-in-law situation. I mean, she’s the head of the social integration for RNF.


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