Tomeu Nadal: Rafael Nadal’s brother?! Mystery solved!

This afternoon (CET) Facebook and Twitter were on fire as soon as our champion posted a photo of himself with his ‘brother’ Tomeu Nadal. The question on everyone’s mind was: Does Rafael Nadal really have a brother?

Photo: Rafa Nadal's facebook
Photo: Rafa Nadal’s facebook

We all know he has a sister Isabel, but we’ve never heard of a brother. Thanks to Neil Harmon, reporter from The Times, we found out that this photo is connected with a promotion for one of his sponsors, Poker Stars: “For those confused about Rafa’s brother, it is a promotion for a Poker Challenge. And brilliant it is too by the way.” Rafa’s PR agency, B1PR, said via twitter that we will find out more tomorrow about Rafa’s brother: “Mañana mas sobre el HERMANO de @RafaelNadal 😉

So the answer to all your questions is very simple: World No. 1 Rafael Nadal doesn’t have a brother and as always it was a good stunt for all who believed it. Funny Rafa 🙂


    • Rafa asked the “bro” to sit on the other seat… the guy sat but returned the favor by hitting him with the cushion… So sweet that these spaniards dont take themselves too seriously…

  1. I always knew it was a prank….anyway his supposed to be bro never even came close to Rafa…..coz Rafa is unique..

    • ha ha not at all…Isabel is a beauty… and what can one say of Rafa…just 7 years ago…so beautiful and handsome at once… i hate to see him grow old…always that great little kid…

  2. He kind of looks like Xisca? Maybe it’s more of a defacto brother-in-law situation. I mean, she’s the head of the social integration for RNF.

  3. It looks very much like him! I couldn’t believe it when I saw him. I still prefer the real thing -nice joke Rafa!

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