ATP Rankings: Rafael Nadal still leads Roger Federer by 1,960 points

(EFE) – Rafael Nadal remained in the number one spot in the ATP world singles rankings released on Monday. He maintained the top spot although he lost the Shanghai Rolex Masters final on Sunday against Roger Federer, who came in second.

Rafa still leads Federer by 1,960 points in the rankings with 3,000 points available for both men at Basel, Paris and ATP Finals.

Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

Andy Murray occupied the third position, while Marin Cilic jumped to the fourth. Alexander Zverev dropped to fifth. Dominic Thiem went up one position to replace Novak Djokovic, who held the seventh spot. Grigor Dimitrov jumped to the eighth spot, while Stan Wawrinka dropped to the ninth.

The current ATP rankings and point scores are as follows:

1. Rafael Nadal – 10,465 points

2. Roger Federer – 8,505

3. Andy Murray – 5,290

4. Marin Cilic – 4,505

5. Alexander Zverev – 4,400

6. Dominic Thiem – 3,935

7. Novak Djokovic – 3,765

8. Grigor Dimitrov – 3,590

9. Stan Wawrinka – 3,450

10. David Goffin – 2,885

Source: EFE


  1. Rafa I believe you are a far better player than Federer and certainly a far better sportsman.

    Now rest and take it easy until London.

    Love and prayers,


  2. Doesn’t matter to me whether Rafa is ahead or behind Roger in the rankings. He’s always #1 to me! Stellar season! Great comebacks! Love the passion and positivity as always.

    Your consistency all season long is just amazing. Couldn’t ask for a better season and still going strong. Just stay healthy, rest, relax, and be happy. It’s such a pleasure to always root for you.

  3. All credit to Rafa, who has had a fine season so far. That said, the fact remains that he has yet to solve the Roger conundrum! The bottom line is that, at the moment, Roger is super confident and his brand of tennis is working well against Rafa. His backhand now stands up to the relentless pressure Roger likes to take the ball early and rush his opponents. Furthermore, he’s coming to the net frequently and succeeding. He seems to elevate his game against Rafa because he is always so hungry and determined to beat his arch rival to get bragging rights. Rafa is a creature of habit, as we know, and he likes time on the ball and his play can be quite predictable. He was truly stunned by Roger’s performance in the final.

    Rafa and his team have to do something to turn the tide. He has go and rest, skip Basel and then do his homework on how to deal with Roger. A very difficult proposition! Roger’s serve on most days is his money shot which gives him loads of free points. One thing is for sure, and that is Rafa has to be brave and take more chances. Playing it safe isn’t going to cut it.

  4. still number 1 and hoping you remain til end of the season. Rest well
    and stay strong. 💪💪💪💞

  5. Rafa has to change the strategy with Federer for sure on hard courts. Hope that coaching staff helps him out. If he wins the toss during a match against Federer, he should receive first. I have seen recent matches, when Nadal loses his serve he is not the same player any more.

  6. Good article and pictures in today’s Daily Telegraph about Rafa and Roger’s rivalry. It helps (a bit) to put yesterday’s disappointment in perspective. (Paywall but I managed to sneak in via Google).

  7. I feel it was just a bad start for rafa in the match that cost him so much i mean the margins are so little…that when u loose 1 st game the opponent have a comfort and confidence against you to play agressive tennis…after 1 st game rafa served well…but roger served well to there were no chances there were no long rallies and rafa returning short so for roger he just like to play 1 2 3 shot… is so important 1 2 3 shot if u managed it u will have chances against him. And rafa knows it very well….and then when u loose 1 set the player like roger its difficult to recover ….and roger has decided from ao final whatever may happen he is ready to.loose 10 matches in a row to rafa but he decided to play an out an out agrresive fast tennis from baseline…and so far it is coming out good …for sure rafa will find out solution to it…i still feel rafa would have played better if he would have not loose 1 st game….
    Roger intentionally not choosing tournament were rafa got a clear edge on roger do he dont want to loose to rafa…and rafa got into loosing streak to roger so that also playing in rafa mind

    • 100% the case. I trust Rafa is the stronger player and will once again eventually push princess r aside and out of sight. Lets face it, princess r was loosing in the AO final against Rafa but with his cunning lack of sportsmanship, r choose to call for medical break….for a rest, for a chance to catch and deal with his loosing the match…..he called for medical time winning and complaining, hiding his out of breath, dead low endurance, and getting a rest while Rafa had to sit there and wait, cool off the momentum etc….etc… UNDENIABLY, talent and ability, RAFA WON THE AO with his stronger tennis….He was brilliant and fighting and had the upper hand!!!!!!!! In my humble opinion, princess r has conniving court ways that he exhibits again and again. As a long time avid Tennis fan, I have zero regard or respect for his career and his protected situation . Specifically, again in this tour, we saw Rafa got much much harder draw….and in sport you are suppose to COMPETE…….not be handed easy rides…..and the question remains why doesn’t princess r ever has to face real top, strong players who are at their best? Why does not princess r get to play against the players Rafa had to face? Interesting to see this unfolding infront of everyone’s eyes and being allowed to continue where princess r gets easy draws over and over again and reaches finals or semis handed a wooden old man Cain and lots of help. Like the previous comment, why does princess r runs for his life each time Rafa is on his blessed groove and top shape? We all know the answers and that is why it makes zero difference….We recognize RAFA IS THE PLAYER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) We all know Rafa has the better, stronger fitness, endurance, game, speed, court coverage, passion and fighting force princess can only dream of. Rafa has global popularity because he is THE BRIGHT, BRILLIANT STAR IN TENNIS HISTORY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) As importantly, Rafa enjoys playing! : ) We feel his passion and love for the game with each point with each stride…..on the other hand, princess r looks like a tense, sad, poor facial expression looser during all his entire matches… that is why it is really no fun to watch him play. That is why he is catching a free ride on rafa’s popularity and longevity He. All the utterly useless , in my opinion, artificial titles he accumulates are meaningless because Tennis fans know the twisted dynamics happening around protecting and helping this old player seem relevant. So at the end of the day, Rafa will go down in history as the true worrier! The true Tennis champ. The true GOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) The Tennis fans ideal !!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) WE LOVE YOU RAFA NADAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) 🙂 🙂 Your year has been magical…..keep going sweetheart & know you are highly regarded and highly respected globally for your sheer hard work, your beautiful Tennis, and all your authentic titles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) 😉 VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) Lots of love & happiness & GO RAFA GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) 😉 XOXOXOXOXO

      • I also wonder how come regularly Rafa gets the toughest draws while RF gets draws that make him “cruise” thereby feeding his aura of “invincible”. What kind of software do the draws use that the name Nadal draws the hardest while the name Federer draws the easiest? Anyone have an answer to this systematic bad luck?

        Next biggest problem the systematic loss of Rafa against RF. How can Rafa’s mindset change?

        Anyway Rafa is always the best to watch and against cheating RF – remember how he managed to turn around the AO final he was losing against Rafa and asked for medical time thereby breaking his opponent’s rthym- , I will always support Rafa the correct respectful player.


  8. Prayers for Good Health.Stay Confident.Take Good Rest and Relax well.Be Happy.Take Care.Take both Success and Loss positively . Always Look Ahead and Be Strong.God be with you and your loved ones.VAMOS.

  9. The most important thing is that Rafa is healthy, fit and rested .He is Number 1 and I hope that he will still finish as Number 1.

  10. Tu eres n.1 siempre…has decidido seguir adelante…edtamos contigo…nos alegramos esta decision

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