VIDEO: Here’s what winning the Laver Cup means to Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal

Three days of thrilling matches in an electric atmosphere come to an end in Prague as Team Europe wins the inaugural Laver Cup.

Funny snippets from day 3 of the inaugural Laver Cup…


  1. Wow it all sounds truly memorable in EVERY way.

    Rafa truly is so passionate about his sport and people, and shows it in every way.

    Love and prayers,


  2. Congratulations my precious and wonderful Roger and Rafa for the great tennis that you show to all of us. I was so nervous, but I knew in my hear you wee going to win. “Congratulations to the Blue team”. We are so proud of you. Susana from Mexico. Love you guys❤️💛💚💙💜

  3. I’m ALWAYS pleased to express my appreciation for Rafael Nadal’s playing, WIN OR LOSE!!!! He is clearly an athlete deserving of respect from his millions of fans and his fellow tennis opponents!!! It was such a pleasure to see Rafa and Roger play as a doubles team!!!! WHAT A TREAT!!! WHAT COULD BE BETTER?

  4. Laver Cup 2017 was the feel good tournament of the year. Such fun,excitement, drama and even great humor and even the antics on the side-lines of Team World was a blast. .
    Congratulations to Team Europe but also loved Team World.

    Both captains, former arch-rivals, Borg and McEnroe also made the event special.

    Of course, I have to send my utmost appreciation to the Rocket. Great man and competitor.
    Both teams were so vested and supportive of their team-mates. The joy and comraderie on both teams was such a joy and sight to behold. I can’t wait for Laver Cup 2018 in Chicago.

    Cheers to all! The 3 days were so jam-packed with high energy and high intensity.
    So well done.

    Rafa jumping into Roger’s arms after defeating Nick, the giant killer was so epic and amazing.
    So many wonderful moments.!

    New memories to be made toward the history of this great sport. Loved it!

  5. I agree with Babs – it was a shame and I felt for Rafa but no one could have won against him. What a great tournament.

  6. The best three days ever and had tears in my eyes at the end when rafa thanked us and made us do the wave. Tears of joy i hasten to add because not only did europe win but i saw rafa play 4 matches (2 won and 2 lost but who cares) and it may be the last time i get to see him live. He truly is a joy to watch and a great sportsman and team player. I was close to where tbe teams were sitting and i could see him get into every match. A true hero!!

    • I’m so happy for you Susie, to have been there must have been an amazing experience. Think it was for Rafa too. Unique for any player or spectator actually. On TV, Rafa’s reactions from the bench deserve their own highlight reel, lovely to watch his passion – Rafa the sports fan! I’d love to read anything else you can say about your experiences 🙂

  7. Great tourment pity john isnsr could only play aces not a match he will have to learn how to play a game of tennis. He is boring looking for cheap
    Points to win
    But luckily Nick provided a decent match

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