Laver Cup 2017: Highlights and best bits [VIDEO]

On court highlights from the Laver Cup.


  1. Congrats Rafa to you and team Europe!!! Was just wonderful to see you so happy and letting out your emotions.

    Rest now while u can and all the best for all your up coming matches!

    God bless! Love you!


  2. As much as I am happy that Rafa”s team won, I am delighted that team world with sandwich big mac as captain lost.

    What kind of coaching is it when you call a rival player “son of a bitch”? He dared yell that to Sock to “finish off the son of a bitch” Rafa during their match. Fortunately Rafa finished off Sock.

    In an ideal world McEnroe would be barred from coaching. Never respected him when he was a rude spoilt brat, dislike him all the more as hooliganism provoking captain team world.

    Wamos Rafa you are the best.

  3. Nadal looked like a shade of himself at times, but this is normal for him during the indoor season. As for the Laver Cup, it is a nice format to start with. Ideally, an event like this has the potential to really become a prestigious price to win. That is not yet the case.

  4. The Laver Cup creates an excellent competition to generate more excitement and exposure to the sport and the talent and personalities of the top players in the game. It was so much fun to see the comraderity of the normally opposing players. I enjoyed every minute of the event. Can’t wait for the 2018 Laver Cup in Chicago!

  5. AWESOME – Congratulations Team Europe on the Laver Cup win – well done 🎾💪🏼😃😍🏆🎉🍾👏🏻

  6. Well done to Team Europe for winning the Laver Cup.

    What a great addition to Tennis.

    Now back to Mallorca for Rafa and Switzerland for Fed, so these guys sure live at a fast pace,
    then China for Rafa, before coming to Australia in January.

    All the best guys,

    Love and prayers,


  7. He can lose the small battles and win the war at WTF….play for the bigger prize..the only missing trophy

  8. Rafa Shud skip China open and concentrate on Shanghai and Paris..if he can win dese two and year ending wtf he will be left with Miami to be conquered next year…I think he shud skip Basel too..too much workload..he shud start play aggressive tennis with flat forehand and backhand rather than looping dem

  9. Enjoyed watching the entire competation over the weekend. Congrats team Europe, Roger and Rafa especially on winning the Lever Cup.

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