Rafael Nadal attends Cosentino event in New York City

Rafael Nadal is already in New York preparing for the last Grand Slam of the season. Yesterday, he co-hosted an exclusive cocktail event with Cosentino in New York City.

As you can see, he looked great as usual and seeing him with that “cake” made our Tuesday morning much better.



  1. Wow Rafa you look so handsome no matter what you wear.

    ALl the best for this week,

    Love and prayers,



  2. The Telegraph claims that Rafa can adapt his game and triumph again at the US Open. How? By hitting more backhands. According to the article in the Sport Tennis section, Rafa is successful at running round his backhand and bringing his forehand into play on clay because the ball bounces higher and the surface is slower, giving him more time. However, he can’t do this at the US Open, where the ball bounces low and gets through the court much faster.

    Rafa’s backhand has improved dramatically and it’s become a serious weapon because he hits it harder and flatter, so I hope he will use it effectively and with confidence.


  3. Rafa ademas d star guapo y elegante como se t ve…eres el mejor embajador d EspaΓ±a…das honor a nuestro pais…k tengas suerte en l Us Open…


  4. He looks gorgeous! Such an attractive man – I wish there were a few more about that looked like him alas there is only one so we can only marvel and gape!

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  5. Love that smile and those casual loafers. You look dashing, Rafa. Enjoy Manhattan and have a better time at Forest Hills. [BIG SMOOCH]



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