PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal’s US Open 2017 Nike Outfit

The 15-time Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal is having a wonderful year and he will give his best to cap the season with a memorable performance at the US Open.

Check out what he will be wearing during day and night session matches in New York City.

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  1. I think Rafa looks fabulous in the hot pink, and the white shorts are a classic great look. Here’s hoping Rafa goes all the way, lv him! 🎾👍🏆

  2. Rafa is awesome. A champion!
    As far as neon pink. The shirt is ok
    But the neon pink hat and jacket have
    Got to go! He must be getting paid
    a lot of money to be wearing that!

  3. Rafa looked a little rusty to begin the match yesterday but he came back with a vengeance! In style as well 😉

    • That has to do with his French Open record. The 10 is for his tenth title this summer and the 13 is for total times he tried for the title. 10 Titles+2 loses+1 retire=13


  4. Orange T shirt and black shirt is better look for Nadal. Play aggressive and maintain your rank number 1 . Well done

  5. It’s kinda weird , but somehow I feel something with Nadal’s outfits in tournaments he enters , particularly the colors. I see or feel something in the colors that will suggest that he will win all the way or will be eliminated early. I detest pink & yellow, because he never won wearing those colors. I also don’t like orange for the same reason. About his red outfit in USO, I really hope that it is a lucky color for him. Black, blue ,gray, white & green have all been lucky colors for him. I hope for& wish him all the best this USO & beyond.

  6. Wow, sharp and sleek! While the black is bold, the melon-coral or peach (I think) is subtle.
    I actually like this color combination. Colors to offset and tone down the hot sun, hopefully.
    Let Rafa’s tennis bring the heat instead. Rafa always looks so well put together in all his tennis attire.

  7. I lije All of Rafel’s Sport Wears.Really fit with him.Especially The Colour of his sport T- shirt.

  8. I do agree that Rafa does look great in all colours, but particularly good in earth colours.

    The main thing is what colours he selects and feels OK in.

    Love and prayers,


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