WATCH: Juan ‘Pico’ Monaco interviews Rafael Nadal in Ibiza

If you’re following us on Twitter (@RafaelNadalFC) and Instagram (@rafaelnadalfans) then you could see that we have posted a few photos of Rafa and Juan ‘Pico’ Monaco.

After his retirement, Pico started to work on a TV where he interviews famous people. When he came to Spain, he meet with Rafa and asked him a few question.

Most of us know Rafa so well so we haven’t been surprised with his answers. Despite that, Rafa’s love for tennis and fans each time leave us speechless.


  1. I’m glad you’re in Spain Rafa. One dead and several others were stabbed by a terrorist in Hamburg.

  2. Still the best player and knows his football , right not to start family till he stop playing
    Maria not in hurry either , the best tennis player ever ! Following the best ever football team real Madrid and Rafael Nadal !

  3. So he won’t start family as long as his tennis career is there? Well, we expect seeing your first kid when you ‘re 40 Rafa. Please don’t retire soon. Just please don’t!!!

  4. Thank you for translating!! I’m just beginning to learn Spanish and Rafa speaks so fast it’s hard for me to catch everything he says ☺️☺️☺️

  5. Big thanks to the translator(s) of this lovely interview.

    Much as I would love to see Rafa continue to play for years and win 25 GS’s, I would be very happy for him when he quits tennis touring and chooses his private life happyness in his beloved island.

    To me, Rafa is the best tennis player ever, men and women, both on and off-court.


    • Yes, Puma I liked these video clips as I am learning Spanish and they speak well, Rafa with his Majorcan accent and Pico his South American accent 😀They are lucky to be under the sun 😃in Ibiza, Rafa has had 15 days rest this time, I asked if Pico will go back with him to Majorca to play there and persuade him not to stop as the Argentine has just said he is giving up. Of course we are all hoping for Rafa to continue for a good few years, now he has the Academy in Manacor , as he said some time ago, he wishes to always be involved in sport and it will be an ideal opportunity. Uncle Toni is 56 and still active on the tennis courts. There he has his house, his yacht, la playa, el mar, swimming and fishing, what more could a Mediterrenean person want ? He still likes to go to Mexico and Dominican Republic where he still has houses but will always stay under the Majorcan sun. Fiona in Paris

      • I am hoping to go to Majorca soon to visit the Academy, if I see him I ll let him know our wishes in Spanish. Fiona in Paris

  6. has posted some Rafa’s quotes:

    “The truth is, I always follow my own path,” Nadal told Monaco.

    “It’s true that we (Roger and I) are better prepared to compete for nice things at the end of the year but it depends on what we’re able to do from now until the end of the year. We’ll have to wait and see.

    “The person who will be able to keep his high level for a longer period of time will have more options to fight for the world No1 ranking. But the same can be said of (Andy) Murray or (Novak) Djokovic and many others who are up there. Maybe they haven’t had the best six months this year but they are also candidates.”

    Monaco got Nadal to talk about his private life and whether the Mallorcan was thinking of starting a family soon with his long-time girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello, now that he’s passed the 30-year-old mark.

    “You’re older than I am,” Nadal laughed, referring to the fact that Monaco himself is 33 yet unmarried.

    Nadal added: “I would love to have children, boys, girls… I’m a person who loves kids and I’m a family guy.”

    Switching to tennis, Monaco asked Nadal how he’s been able to return to his best level this season, and claim a 10th Roland Garros and sit atop of the ATP Race.

    “The first thing is to maintain your ambition to do so, that’s the key,” said the world No2.

    “Also my body, for a few months now, has been (cooperating), without that, it would have been practically impossible (to compete at a high level).

    “And the truth is, last year I was at a high level before I got injured. I was in a position to go to Roland Garros and try and win it. I’m not saying I would have won it, but I was ready to compete to win it, but it wasn’t meant to be. 2015 was a tough year mentally but after that I believed I could recover my level.”

    Does Nadal find himself being extra careful now of his body compared to when he was younger?

    “Obviously I am being more careful now than I was when I was younger. When I was younger, we didn’t know that, as young ones, we’re complicated and are doing a terrible job at taking care of ourselves. As you get older, you have the choice to be more conscious of everything needed to try to keep doing what you like,” he explained.

    • Yes, these questions asked to Rafa and other well known people about starting families are impertinent, that is personal and no one of our generation wants to be tied down with children straight away. Even for people like the other players, it is obvious that money is no object and they could afford it whenever but they still prefer to enjoy life and enjoy each other for a few years first. That was my main reason for not having a child until over 30 and it has worked out well. Most people do eventually. Couples without children seem much closer than those who have, a relationship which has lasted 11 years has proved it. 😊 A child like Rafael was a godsend, the photos of him as a baby and little boy so sweet, grown up, some people have all the luck, the looks, the super physique and the great sports talent. 😀he will be lucky to have one like that. Fiona in Paris

  7. Juan Monaco is probably one of Rafas’s closest tennis buddies, and it’s so great to see their friendship continue after Juan retired from tennis in May
    .Im not at all surprised at Rafas’s answers especially him saying he wouldn’t have children until he retires from his tennis career. Rafa in whatever he does gives 100% and when he has children and gets married he will want to be there and devote his time to his family. Rafa knows only to well how much time he missed out on with his parents and sister and also has seen his Uncle Toni miss out on his children growing up ,and obviously has decided he doesn’t want that for his future wife and children.
    I also love Rafas’s passion for his beloved Mallorca, he could have so easily followed many sports star’s and moved to Switzerland or Monte Carlo but his love for his country and family mean everything.

    When Juan Monaco who presents a talk show on TV with his friend and former player Mariano Zabaleta was on air Rafa sent him a video message that was shown during the programme ( message below)

    ‘Pico, I’ve been told you’re becoming TV announcer
    What are you doing? [taking into account] how bad you must be [at it]! (laughs) Nah…you know you are amazing and I’m missing you on tour a lot, but I know you’re happy and am sure the show will be a success ’cause both you and Mariano[Zabaleta] are awesome.
    So, enjoy it and make people enjoy it. I know it’s gonna be so for sure. Big hug and see you in Mallorca soon’,

  8. It would be great if the interviews were translated into English for those of us who don’t speak Spanish!!

    • Yes, I am learning Spanish and like to see the subtitles in Spanish when Rafa or others are speaking to understand more. Some of the videoclips have them, others not. I don t think the computer will ever take over the translation completely as I see some strange constructions sometimes, being a linguist. Fiona in Paris

  9. Sorry Rafa but couldn’t understand your beautiful Spanish,

    Love and prayers,


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