WATCH: Rafael Nadal is getting ready for North American summer hard-court season

After having a few days of rest, Rafael Nadal is back to the practice courts. Grigor Dimitrov was one of the players who joined Rafa at his academy in Mallorca during practice sessions.

North American summer hard-court season is almost here so Rafa’s next tournament will be the Rogers Cup in Montreal, Canada. Before the US Open, our champ is scheduled to play the Western & Southern Open in Cincinnati.


  1. Rafa has always said if he plays well everything else will follow and his 2017 performance thus far is a prime example.

    Rafa, the very best for the hard-court season.

    RAFA ROCKS 150%

  2. When Rafa was interviewed by the Spanish broadcaster TVE and asked about trying to beat Federer, he said “It’s not something I’m thinking about. I’ll keep on the same path…. (and) I’ll try to keep at the level I’ve been at. When I have been able to do that, the results have come.”. This is a smart reply as ever by Rafa, staying calm, diverting any pressure and focusing on himself and his performance alone. However, Rafa will be fully aware of the threat that Federer and others will pose in the weeks to come.

    Federer has expressed his desire to regain the no.1 spot and decided at the last minute to play in Montreal. It’s going to be a real battle during this hard court swing, as everyone will fancy their chances. Before Rafa thinks about facing Federer, he has to thwart any challenges from a strong chasing pack! One thing for sure, is that we can rely on him to fight with the same intensity from beginning to end.

    You can do it, Rafa. Be super aggressive, return strong and hit the target with your serves consistently!

  3. All the best og luck to you, dear Rafa. looking forward to watching you play again handsome 😍🍀❤️🤗

    VAMOOOSSS CHAMP#No. 1!! 🎾💪🏼☀️😘

  4. Rafa, show your true mettle as I want to see that same fearlessness for this season as you showed during the clay season.

    Have a great hard-court season.

    RAFA ROCKS 150%

  5. Get your poker face on, Rafa. Federer will play Coupe Rogers. Stan will skip both Montreal and Cincy.

    Looking forward to the hard-court season. I hope you had a relaxed hiatus from the Tour and are ready for the competitive but grueling rest of the season.

    RAFA ROCKS 150%

  6. Rafa you are getting nearer and nearer now Rafa so all the VERY BEST,
    and I can see that well trimmed trained taut and terrific body in very great shaper for the American SEason.

    Love and prayers Rafa,


  7. Come on Rafa, show your metal to the world once again and lift the US open trophy once again in your black outfit…. Vamosssssss Rafa
    We are all behind you Champ.
    Love and prayers for all Rafa Fans here.

  8. Rafa i too couldn’t understand the video but loveddddddddddddddd watched the practice in the outfit of course’.

    All the very best for the American games,

    Love and prayers,




  10. Work on confidence, return position and be hungry to win that US Open. And bring the fearhand to the other side of the pond please.

    • Yes Jason, I am pleased to see Rafa practising under the sun in Majorca 😀also spent days in the yacht in Ibiza, meeting fans there, has more time for them when he is off the tennis scene 😃I sent a message to him that I and he must be so pleased too, for Leo Mayer winning in Hamburg, 👑I like the Spanish flavour and I prayed for him. Shame for Cuevas and Lopez not winning the doubles. They must all get on so well, speaking the same language. Leo had a baby boy this year just before his 30 years, same as Fognini who has just won in Gstaad, qué regalo! I wrote him en espanol to Leo and Rafa, what a present ! US Open all the best to Rafa but less important, would have preferred Wimbledon for him. These atps in the Americas before and China I wouldn t mind if he didn t go and be sure to come to Paris and Bale in the Autumn. He didn t last year and I missed him 😡 I asked him to concentrate on Europe and us fans here. Fiona in Paris

  11. Dear Mr. Rafa, I never really liked Tennis that much until by chance about ten years ago our cable company ran a trial promotion of the tennis channel and whenever I wanted to do my workout I had to set the TV on the channel that was running the tennis channel promotion to play my workout video. Well at the time it was the French Open and I am from South Louisiana and Of French Decent so it immediately caught my attention. Also because of my passion for working out and trying to stay in shape, I began to watch. WHEN I SAW YOU PLAY, I WAS BLOWN AWAY. SEEING YOU PLAY MADE ME FALL IN LOVE WITH TENNIS. Merci’ I Wish I Could See You Play In Person. Aralise

  12. I love the practIce attire Rafa has been wearing. The sleeveless shirts in bright colors worn with white shorts is a great look. Rafa obviously would look good in anything, but he looks especially sharp. I hope that the North American swing goes really well for him. I can’t wait until Montreal.

  13. As always. Rafa giving it everything, even in practice! As Grigor said, he’s one of the best role models. Go Rafa!

  14. Hope you have enjoyed your short break Rafa, come back fighting for that number one ranking , you deserve it. Good luck
    Rogers Cup – 7th August -BTSport1- 4pm(UK)time.

  15. I wish I could understand what he was saying but I don’t understand Spanish . I am looking forward to seeing him in the USA

    • Actually, Rafa didn’t speak Spanish in the video. The language is Mallorquin, a version af Catalan, which itslef shares features with both French and Spanish but sounds nothing like either and is emphatically a language, not a dialect.

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