VIDEO: Rafael Nadal practices with Alexander Zverev ahead of Wimbledon

Looks like Rafael Nadal and Alexander Zverev had a bit of a hit today.


  1. Mirka the wife commiserated with cry-baby husband in AO 2009 and elsewhere called Wawrinka “cry baby” on court and joined a hooligan public in whistling against him.

    I forgot the match where Wawrinka was insulted for not being a fraction in rudeness level of RF in AO, but remember it as one of the events which for me made RF and wife an odious tandem.

    Anyone remember Mirka the wife (whose biggest role in life has been campaigning for promoting the greatness of husband) behaving thus?

    Anyway, RAFA ROCKS

  2. John Millman is ranked 137. ATP site has no titles listed. That’s all folks.


  3. Rafa’s made a smart move to practice with Zverev. I don’t know if we can read too much into his 7-6 win. Of corse, a better indicator of what shape he’s in, will be his first Wimbledon match. Looking forward to seeing the draw today!

  4. I’m reliably informed that Rafa won this practice 7-6. Not much data re Zverev and grass so I’ll let you make your own mind up.

    • @Tiggy, I found some info for Alex Zverev on grass.

      At Halle, 2017, he won against Lorenzi; Kholschrieber, Bautista-Agut, and Gasquet. He lost to Federer in the final.

      He lost to Gilles Muller at ‘s-Hertogenbosch in the semi, 2017.

      He beat Roger in London, 2016.

  5. Milos Raonic is on his second coach after having parted ways with ex-coach Carlos Moyá.


    • I was at Hurlingham during the last two days. Rafa looks confident in general, but it also quite evident that we should expect a grass performance like post 2011. The physical skills required for his old game are not there anymore. It’s not a drama, I am just managing expectations. Both Berdych and Zverev were blowing Rafa off the court at times, Rosol/Kyrgios/Brown – like.

      • I’ll pump your comment up up if Rafa makes the 2nd week. Was wanting to ask you about Rafa’s form and each aspect of his game after reading the first sentence. But then of course with your pessimistic attitude there’s absolutely no need. I’d rather watch Rafa play for real very soon, probably on Monday.

        By the way have you read this?

      • By his negative comment it is apparent he hasn’t.

        Thanks for supplying the link as another person actually copied the entire article and posted it here. Ridiculous.

        RAFA ROCKS

  6. Rafa you have absolutely nothing to prove and everything to gain by being your true self.

    Love and prayers for all your games next week,


  7. Oh, hpw I cross my fngers and hope that RAFA the greatest of all tennis champions picks up the Wimbledon trophy for a third time, thereby depriving FR of further swelling of his airbag.

    For those who cannot understand my dislike of FR and hpw tournament organizers and so-called legends of tennis promote FR at the expense of Rafa I advise to watch the 2009 Australian open final ceremony.

    At that event you will see the most disgusting behaviour Iimaniginable of any tennis player, i.e. FR when Rafa won the championship thereby depriving FR of the title wereby he would have surpassed Pete Sampras. Please do watch and see how FR chokes in tears saying “it hurts” provoking a non-ending applause from tornament organizers, Rod Laver and co, and the AO public that jointly steal the show depriving kind, sweet Rafa of any joy in his championship of the AO.

    WAMOS WAMOS WAMOS RAFA play with the confident aggressive style of play that carried you through clay-court tournaments and especially RG.


    • Puma, I agree with you re. the 2009 Australian Open. I am an Australian and I was shocked at the lack of recognition given to Rafa by the officials and the obvious bias given to RF.
      It was almost as though they wanted to apologise to RF because Rafa won while Rafa’s victory was practically ignored at the ceremony.

      • Hi Beverley and PUMA…. If I recall correctly, Roger said, “This is killing me,” or something to that effect.

        It was Rafa who won the tournament but who showed such heartfelt empathy for Roger the loser that perhaps the officials didn’t want to be upstaged in the kindness department. Or they could have been simply flummoxed.

        Please don’t take that as an excuse for the officials. It’s possible that they had never been confronted with a bawling, crybaby on-the-verge-of-hysteria loser in their life on a world stage, a grand slam no less.

        It was Rafa who succeeded in making Roger smile by whispering something in his ear. It was RAFA who WON TWICE that day.

        Rafa won not only the AO, but I am positive he also won many hearts because of the dignity, patience and kindness he showed at a time when he should have been the center of attention.

        Did anyone watching that day hear Mirka cry out, “Crybaby?” I surely did not.

        RAFA ROCKS

    • Oh I remember it well PUMA and agree with all that you say. Poor rafa being so nice spent most of that ceremony consoling RF – he couldn’t possibly have enjoyed it.

      • Yes, Margo. I well remember Roger sobbing “this is killing me ” and the kindness of Rafa who himself was almost in tears as though feeling bad about beating Roger.
        I read somewhere that Rafa whispered in Roger’s ear “you are a great champion ” and it sounds like something Rafa would say but I can’t recall the source after all this time.

      • Thanks Beverley. I was dying to know what Rafa told him. Could never find it.

        What REALLY irked me more than anything is the VERY few words Roger said to Rafa, once he could speak. To me, it appeared as if Roger didn’t want to congratulate Rafa. AND, Roger did not face Rafa as he spoke his too few congratulatory words. He could not look Rafa in the face. WHAT’S WITH THAT???

        By contrast, Rafa complimented Roger so much and looked DIRECTLY at Roger as he spoke. The epitome of a respectful CHAMPION to the LOSER.

        I reviewed the YouTube coverage just now and have to say that Rafa was given a very nice introduction by [Ricci?]. This guy had Roger move away from the podium so he could give Rafa his due. It was Rafa who went and brought Roger back to the podium. ROGER NEVER WOULD HAVE DONE THAT!!!

        RAFA ROCKS

  8. I love seeing evryone in traditional whiteI. hope Wimbledon never changes its tradition. Wish the others would follow. It looks so clean send so real tennis!

  9. Wimbledon are an utter biased disgrace. They have posted next to nothing on Rafa. Check out their twitter account it is unbelievable. An obligatory tweet or two on Rafa and scores of Fed ones. They appealed to the Fed fans by posting Rafa’s nasty loss against Rosol which totally breaks with convention of their other tweets. Sickening.

    • Yep, lots of Fed tweets. He did win seven titles there.

      2 or 3 of Andy who lays for England, and a few of Nole. They did cover Rafa’s journey to La Décima, though. They may have deleted the Rosol loss as I went as far back as May 5 but did not see it.

      David Goffin pulled out of Wimbledon per their tweet.


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