Watch Rafael Nadal and Jack Sock interview each other

As part of a Babolat promotion, Rafael Nadal and Jack Sock sit down for an interview with each other in Paris. Get answers to all your questions.


  1. 👍👍👍👏👏Rafa’s response to interviewers’ stock question about what he thinks of his next opponent is soooo candid and funny. Hint interviewers, think of better questions to ask Rafa.

    They must have received thousands of, if not more, questions to ask Rafa from fans eager to know more about our champ. That video was so much fun to watch. Glad they decided to interview each other. That was an added bonus.

    Jack must have had a great time during his stay at the academy recently. I marvel at the way tennis players can lose to each other and still be buddies or friends, leaving rancor and revenge on the tennis court; just look at Rafa and Andy, Roger and Stan, and Jack poking fun at himself on his losses to Rafa. Long live camaraderie.


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