VIDEO: Sergio Ramos and Rafael Nadal watching Twin Peaks

The influential 1990 TV drama “Twin Peaks,” made by David Lynch and Mark Frost, is back. Real Madrid football star Sergio Ramos and Rafael Nadal definitely don’t want to miss it. Both stars make some silly excuses to cancel their meeting so they can be alone and enjoy in the TV show.


  1. Rafa, do you “really” ever rest? At least this Movistar commercial seems pretty couch-potato-ish..LOL


  2. Rafa , I so wish the trophy in Rome had your teethmarks on it this year ,but as that wasn’t to be ,I have to say big congratulations and respect to Alexander Zverev who stopped Novak in his tracks to claim the title.
    Rafa you are the favourite going into RG , but I think looking at Novak’s form he will be snapping at your heels along with Thiem and Zverev.
    I was hoping Novak wouldn’t be getting his A game back quite so soon , but it looks like I will have to get used to his stomach churning performance’s at the end of his matches again in the near future. Commentator’s have said one of his new coaches is Andre Agassi, but he will be announcing his full team on Wednesday.
    Rafa good luck in RG ,I so hope you can win it for the 10th time and now after you I would like to see Zverev and Thiem in the running.

    • Hi Maria – I said the same thing about the ‘love giving’ but it’s taking ages for comments to be posted so nothing makes much sense anymore as it’s so out of date. Never mind. I hope all is well and you’re getting excited about roland garros. Seriously hoping that rafa can do it but as you say there is much competition.

      • Hi Susie, yes can’t wait for The FO my favourite tournament of the whole year, it’s going to back a hard battle ,but I still believe Rafa can take the title again, hoping anyway . Hope you and Raffy 😿 are well

  3. Dominic Tiem beat rafa in straight sets and Alexander zverev beat novak in the final in straight sets. As much as it pains me, this finally marks the dawning of a new era. Sasha will be in top 10 2mrw. However, the big four maybe down (perhaps not rafa and roger) but they are not out. Not at all. Plus sky commentators say novak will announce on Wednesday that Andre agassi will be novak’s new coach.

  4. It’s a shame for Thiem….He tried to play the same way with Nole as with Rafa. The only difference is that he was very controlled and precise against Rafa but just over played today against Novak. I haven’t been able to post, which made me very sad because I wanted to be involved with all of Rafa’s fans and express my joy with all his latest Achievements. I watched every single game over and over and I am more than thrilled on how Rafa is playing. I also thought that he should perhaps miss Rome but anyway he got some practice in and now is home in Majorca resting ( Watching Twin Peaks which I am looking forward to as well)! So happy to be able to post again….I will be very careful on what I say!

    • That is a commercial for Twin Peaks by Movistar. I wonder if he really watches the show. Could be.


  5. Okay so novak is clearly thrashing dominic thiem, so why is he giving such an uncouth roar every time he breaks. It’s unbecoming novak. And when he wins (as he’s one game away) he’s going to do that God awful love thing to the crowd. Seriously no need for any of the dramatics! Learn some dignity from Rafa, novak.

    • @Susie Anyone who dislikes Nole so much would stop watching him. That way you don’t have to come here on Nadal’s fan site and complain about the World #2 constantly. Between you and Maria England, I can’t tell who loves him more. Quite frankly, I come here to read other fans’ comments about Rafa. Not complaints about Djokovic. The both of you should really take your complaints to his fan site. Just a suggestion from a Rafa fan.


  6. Oh no – I’ve just had the misfortune of seeing novak beat del potro in rome and therefore caught his ‘love giving’ to the crowd. Not nice at all. It’s nice for all of us though to have a little time out before roland garros. Rafa’s not the only one who needs a bit of rest from this brutal schedule.

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