PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal’s Outfit for the French Open 2017

In the world’s fashion capital, Paris, all eyes will be on Rafael Nadal when he steps out on court at Roland Garros next week.

As you can see, Rafa will be kitted out mostly in blue for the 2017 French Open.

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  1. Rafa looks great in the blue, well he looks great in anything.!! All the best Rafa, I am rooting for you, have been since you first burst onto the tennis scene. So much energy.

  2. My favorite, and the one dubbed “Darth Nadal” by some in the media, is the all-black outfit and lime-green sneakers he wore for the 2010 US OPEN. Darth Nadal won.


  3. Looks great!!!!. Nice color. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Good luck and all the best Rafa. Really been praying for you. We’d love to see you taking home your 3rd Decima. Just stay cool and calm and focus. VAMOS RAFA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Rafa looks handsome in any color… I really love him in black but I think he likes bright colors. Like Lorna said Who cares What color he wears as long as he lifts that Trophy for the historical 10th time!

  5. It is a very beautifull look! BLUE os for him! But any way he looks good in any color! All the luck for him on Roland Garros! Go Rafa, Go! With faith and all your experience!

  6. Miss you already Rafa.

    Rafa has landed in Paris. And he has a new updated Mille watch; a very limited edition of only fifty. It features the yellow and red of the Spanish flag.


  7. I would like a roll back with the pants to the knees. But I love the colors for this year’s French Open.

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