PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal’s new 80 Sunreef Power yacht

According to Sunreef Yacht News, Rafael Nadal has recently commissioned an 80 Sunreef Power catamaran with Sunreef Yachts. An avid multihull enthusiast, the international tennis superstar has selected the shipyard’s latest motor yacht model, having visited and chartered Sunreef Yachts’ catamarans in the past.


As someone from an island as I am, the sea is part of our lives and It’s not a secret that I love the sea. Every time I am at home in Mallorca I try to go out and find that time where I can just enjoy my time on a boat. I am very happy to be on board of this Sunreef Yachts family and would like to thanks Mr. Francis Lapp for making this possible.

Francis Lapp – Sunreef Yachts Founder and President:

We are very excited to have one of the greatest tennis players of all time on board with us. Mr. Nadal’s personality, skills and strength are an inspiration to us.

The first unit from the 80 Sunreef Power range is to premiere in September 2019 at the Cannes Yachting Festival. This luxury multihull is a pedigree motor yacht, blending seaworthiness and supreme comfort for worldwide navigation.

Here are a few photos.


  1. With Rafa’s impending marriage to Mary, they will celebrate the end of single life in their own way.

    Mary went with friends to Malageña to celebrate her last summer as a single woman.

    Rafa plans to take friends to Sardinia to celebrate the end of bachelorhood. They will then come to the US for a road trip along Route 66 culminating in LAS VEGAS. That should be a blast.

    Wishing the happy couple ALL THE BEST.

    • Part one of Rafa’s bachelor party has already happened. I bet part two is immediately after the USO and they go to see Maná in Las Vegas. I believe Maná are one of Rafa’s favourite bands.

      • Margo… This is old news… I read this back in February 2019…

        Jas_uk – Vegas is a great place to have a bachelor party blast and Mana being there on Sept 14 sounds like perfect timing for Rafa and his buddies…

      • LOL, I think it’s new news here as I don’t recall any posts about it.

        New news is good news.

  2. It just looks fabulous..he won’t need an aeroplane anymore…Congrats Rafa..I know you won’t have it til 2020.

  3. So sleek and beautiful. Enjoy yourself, Rafael. You deserve this. How we would love to cruise the
    Mediterranean aboard such a vessel. A fantastic way to de-stress. 🛥🍀👏🍾❤️

    • What a beautiful yacht!!!. ENJOY and may it bring you & your future wife &family just Happiness. God bless Rava. Sabina (South African Fan)


    • Do you know Rafa invited Roger for a spin the next time he is in Ibiza where Roger likes to take his family😂😂😂


    • WOW! Congratulations Rafa!
      You work so hard for it, between when in Roland Garros, And your run at Wimbledon and I just know you’re gonna tear it up in NY at the U.S. Open! I so hope you get that one, and that way you are playing, You’re the favorite to me!

      Anytime you want to take me on a cruise with that yhacht I’m so in!
      You should have them install a hardcourt on there, that is about the only thing missing ha ha.
      Very nice, Steve

  5. Enjoy, Rafa! You’ve worked hard and deserve to enjoy some leisure time and adventures with your dear family and friends.

  6. OMG !! What a beautiful luxurious one WOOOW a good purchase ! I love it the words they said about Rafa! The skills and strength are a inspiration for them! Enjoy it life Champion <3

  7. Dear Rafa. Your new boat looks absolutely amazing. May you, Maria, friends and family have lots of exciting adventures on it. If, at any time, you would like to invite me on board, of course the answer would be YES! 😀😀😀. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  8. Smooth sailing! You deserve all good things. Your life and your character have been an inspiration to many–and a thorn in the side of Kyrgios. 😀❤️🍷

  9. Wow so beautiful enjoy your vacation Rafa well deserved vamossssssssss champ have fun vacations 🎾❤️💪😘🇺🇸🎾❤️💪😘🇺🇸🌎🎾❤️💪😘🇺🇸🌎🎾❤️💪😘🇺🇸🎾❤️💪😘🇺🇸❤️

  10. Could this be a lovely wedding gift for his beautiful bride to sail off on an extended honeymoon sometime after the Laver Cup? Wishing them many years of happy sailing along with friends and family.

    • RR, that’s a sweet thought.

      Rafa did voyage to the Bahamas on a catamaran after his arthroscopic ankle surgery last year. That trip may have sealed the deal. I think his bride is going to love it.


  11. Very happy for Rafa.

    He has expressed the desire to “ all the Mediterranean, to take the boat to Croatia, to Greece, to Turkey. For sure Sardinia and Corsica too. Discover the Mediterranean is one of the things I am focused on…” “I also want to take the boat to the Caribbean.”

    Anyone who has been on the high seas knows that feeling of exhilaration. You’re in a different world.

    This larger boat may give Rafa a better feeling of security after the rough time he had getting back to Mallorca on one of his trips. He said it was so bad the water was breaching the sides of Beethoven but that the boat held up well.

    Wishing Rafa many happy seafaring trips. Doing it in style.


    • No, I don t think it⛵looks as stylish and impressive from the outside as Beethoven 😕 inside the rooms are very similar ☺ Is it possible he is keeping Beethoven as well ?😉 Fiona in Paris

      • Fiona, By their very nature, catamarans look “boxy”. Beethoven is sleek but not capable of doing what this catamaran can.

        I can’t know for sure but I think Rafa was looking for more stability on the seas if he is planning long-distance trips. Supposedly catamarans are nearly impossible to sink.

        I think the cat is a wiser choice to keep Rafa, crew and guests safe during turbulence. I would choose the cat over Beethoven in a flash.


      • Hi Fiona… Rafa is not keeping his first yacht… Yachts are tremendously expensive to keep up and maintain starting with the monthly expense of docking it at a marina… not to mention the mechanical upkeep etc…And truly, he has outgrown Beethoven… The answer to your question lies in this answer… Beethoven is up for sale….
        And that’s what he wants to do….sell it…

        And I quite agree with you, the shape of this “Catamaran” yacht imo does lack the sleek lines that many gorgeous 80′ foot yachts have… but …what it does offer a tremendous amount of square footage (much more than he has now) on its main deck and bedrooms below because of its boxy shape along with the high end finishes which gives it the “ultra elegance” of sleek yachts… This style yacht will allow Rafa to have a lot of family and friends onboard to spread out and enjoy his love of the sea…plus…sail and motor to whatever port he wants…. Best of all worlds…

      • Yes, this new boat looks boxy and it getting on for the size of a ferry 🚢 like the one Balearia I took from Barcelona to Palma. You can see that it is funcional but I can t see the same glamorous photos under the sun 🌞 of Rafa standing up on the deck of Beethoven, under the shower, diving into the Med. 🏊 I have printed some of these the Fan Club has given us of his breaks in Ibiza etc. in summer. The colours are lovely and the blue boat is the background. It will not look the same 😕 I a going to ask him to keep Beethoven ☺ Fiona in Paris

      • In comparison to Beethoven it is large/boxy. I read that the dock of Porto Cristo has to be renovated, if it hasn’t been done already, so Rafa can berth it there.

        Another benefit of this vessel is that it can be brought up very close to the shoreline. If you want to spend time on the beach, just hop off without the need to unload food, etc., from the boat. Makes life easier.

        What happens when Rafa tells you he will not keep Beethoven? He may have already found a buyer.

        Personally, I think it’s a great choice.

      • Ahhhh Fiona…. I think that’s a great idea…. Ask him to keep it…

        Better yet… ask him to give it to you!!! lol 🙂

  12. What beauty, maybe Beethoven 2? Hope Rafa enjoys it most years later when he puts away his tennis racquet. I hope he still competes for a few more years.
    Wamos Rafa, you are the best.

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