PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal’s new 80 Sunreef Power yacht

According to Sunreef Yacht News, Rafael Nadal has recently commissioned an 80 Sunreef Power catamaran with Sunreef Yachts. An avid multihull enthusiast, the international tennis superstar has selected the shipyard’s latest motor yacht model, having visited and chartered Sunreef Yachts’ catamarans in the past.


As someone from an island as I am, the sea is part of our lives and It’s not a secret that I love the sea. Every time I am at home in Mallorca I try to go out and find that time where I can just enjoy my time on a boat. I am very happy to be on board of this Sunreef Yachts family and would like to thanks Mr. Francis Lapp for making this possible.

Francis Lapp – Sunreef Yachts Founder and President:

We are very excited to have one of the greatest tennis players of all time on board with us. Mr. Nadal’s personality, skills and strength are an inspiration to us.

The first unit from the 80 Sunreef Power range is to premiere in September 2019 at the Cannes Yachting Festival. This luxury multihull is a pedigree motor yacht, blending seaworthiness and supreme comfort for worldwide navigation.

Here are a few photos.


  1. With Rafa’s impending marriage to Mary, they will celebrate the end of single life in their own way.

    Mary went with friends to Malageña to celebrate her last summer as a single woman.

    Rafa plans to take friends to Sardinia to celebrate the end of bachelorhood. They will then come to the US for a road trip along Route 66 culminating in LAS VEGAS. That should be a blast.

    Wishing the happy couple ALL THE BEST.

    • Part one of Rafa’s bachelor party has already happened. I bet part two is immediately after the USO and they go to see Maná in Las Vegas. I believe Maná are one of Rafa’s favourite bands.

      • Margo… This is old news… I read this back in February 2019…

        Jas_uk – Vegas is a great place to have a bachelor party blast and Mana being there on Sept 14 sounds like perfect timing for Rafa and his buddies…

      • LOL, I think it’s new news here as I don’t recall any posts about it.

        New news is good news.

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