Madrid Open R2: What times does Rafael Nadal play against Fabio Fognini?

Four-time champion Rafael Nadal will begin his Madrid Open campaign on Wednesday with a second round match against world number 29, Fabio Fognini.

Photo via Mutua Madrid Open

Date: May 10, 2017

Match time: Around 3 PM local time / 9 AM EDT –  New York, Montreal /  2 PM BST – United Kingdom / 3 PM  CET – Spain, France, Germany, Italy / 11 PM AEDT – Melbourne. To convert to your local time, use this website.

Rafa leads their overall head-to-head 8-3. He most recently prevailed in the Miami semi-finals.

Rafa has won four titles in the Spanish capital, with his most recent coming in 2014 when Kei Nishikori retired down 6-2, 4-6, 0-3 in the final. The past two years, Rafa has fallen to Andy Murray, in the 2015 final and in the semi-finals last year.


Source: ATP World Tour


  1. Oh no – back on serve. Rafa broken when serving for the match – this is getting a little difficult to watch

  2. The second set stats is worrying as far as Rafa is concerned. Only 5 winners compared to 15 for Fabio. Rafa is having to chase too many balls because Fabio is putting them in awkward places. Rafa knows he has to change something!

  3. Rafa too passive and too far behind. As for the service – the less said the better. Sad!
    Hope he bucks up in the 3rd.

    Cmon!!! VAMOS!!!!!

  4. Oh no – 2nd set gone. Rafa isn’t playing great and defo not in that 2nd set. I’m sure he’ll get it together in the final set. If not – he will have a bit more rest which we all hoped for. So it’s a win win as long as any loss here doesn’t dent his confidence! But we will see

  5. Rafa has not gotten over his slump and was just lucky that Fog choked the 1rst set.
    This is the lowest level I’ve seen Rafa at in a long time.

    I realize Fog can give Rafa toruble, but Fog is not playing that well at all.
    Rafa is hitting short, returning short, missing easy Fhs etc.

    Even if he wins this, he’ll have to raise his level a huge amount to beat NK

  6. C’mon Rafa Champ go nail that 2. set too – plz. 🤞🏻🍀🤞🏻🍀

    VAMOOSS!! 🎾💪🏼😃❤️

      • LOL Yes Rafantastic, Rafa was just as determined as you were for a win. Love the positive energy. I hope he gives Kyrgios a master class tomorrow.

        RAFA ROCKS

  7. Rafa managed to dig deep in the first set to clinch it, but gosh it was too close for comfort. Fabio’s easy power game style definitely bothers Rafa. Let’s hope He stays focused for this second set as he can’t afford to take it to a third!

  8. What a great set of tennis – which rafa won on the tie break – but fabio was really impressive I have to say. Let’s see what the 2nd set brings. Crossing everything that rafa gets this in 2.

      • Hi rainier – that was tough and nick may well be tougher. We need all the grit we can muster for tomorrow – as does our Rafa!!

      • Hi Suisie. I have no doubt both players will up their games today. Just hope that it will be Rafa with a superior mind and will. 🙂

  9. Great first set Rafa , a bit to close for comfort though. Don’t let Fabio rattle you, come out in set two all guns blazing.

  10. Fabio has obviously learnt his lesson from the last time he played rafa – where rafa won quite easily. Fabio is playing really well and it’s close in the 1st set tie breaker. Cmon Rafa!

  11. Rafa’s struggling in every service game bar the first one. Don’t think Rafa’s physically well. Not a good idea playing through an ear’s infection, not to mention his draw is no joke.

    Even if Rafa somehow survives this match, Kyrgios will be waiting for him with his crazy serve. And even if he somehow win the whole thing, which isn’t looking very promising atm, what if the infection become chronic due to not being to heal properly?

    Winning or losing, I just want him to recover well and be healthy now (and always).

  12. So far, 4/3 Fog, Rafa really not playing well.
    Wonder if it’s the ear infection, but commies said he was hitting really well in practice.
    It’s the “short balls” look of things, the general lack of confidence, so I don’t think it’s the ear infection–but if he’s not feeling 100%, that could be affecting his level.

    Hope he can get it together!

    Kyrgios next too. It’s not like Fog is that brilliant today.

  13. Rafa’s playing too passive again when defending BPs and got broken consequently. 🙁

    2-1 Fognini

  14. Keep up the great work Rafa and make it a short match today so Fabio can make his way back home to Italy in case his Bambino decides to make an early arrival 🚼🍼
    I won’t be surprised if Fabio has a little rant on court today as he is not happy that Madrid did ( in his words)Rafa a “favour” by giving him an extra day off.😬

    • Hi maria – fabio always has to be saying or muttering something. Bless him. I knew he wouldn’t be happy but didn’t think he would vocalise it.

  15. Rafa, all your fans are cheering you on for a victory today, Fabio hopefully will not be too focussed on game as his thoughts should be on becoming a father soon.Vamos Rafa 👍💪🎾🎾

  16. Good luck to rafa today. Fabio has been a tricky opponent in the past but I’m sure rafa has his number now and he will prevail. I’m just hoping that all signs of the ear infection has gone and it was excellent that the tournament allowed him the extra day when rafa asked for it. It should be a good match.

  17. The best of luck champ, hope you’re fit for fight 😃❤️🍀🤗

    VAMOOS RAFA! 🎾💪🏼😘

  18. ALl the best Rafa for the Madrid Open now.

    Love and prayers,


  19. Have a great match Rafa, I hope your ear infection has been dealt with. Fabio can be a tricky little customer but no match for you in you’re present form, hopefully his mind won’t be 💯% on the game as his wife Flavia Pennettais is due to give birth shortly. Susie I hope you get to see the match live , if not get your finger on that record button pronto Lol

  20. Time for the grind to begin Rafa! Hopefully the ear infection is just a bad memory now, and you can bring some pain to Fognini. All the best. Best these guys into the dust and have no mercy- do all this while you can my dear. Mwah!

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