PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal to face Nick Kyrgios at Madrid Open after win over Fabio Fognini

Rafael Nadal was made to sweat by Fabio Fognini this afternoon.

The 14-time Grand Slam champion, who has won the title in Madrid four times before, won  7-6(3), 3-6, 6-4 in two hours and 57 minutes on Court Manolo Santana.

Our champ will play in the third round against Australian bad boy Nick Kyrgios, who beat American Ryan Harrison 6-3 6-3.

More to follow…


  1. Not his best match but Rafa fought for every single ball – as always. All the best for the next round. Vamos Rafa!!!

  2. Rafa, rest up for mañana’s hurdle. Lots of TLC and great nutrition will help you champ. All the best vs Nick.


  3. Totally agree with all the comments that this was a tough match for Rafa, but he found a way to win. It was more entertaining for non Rafa fans. Rafa seemed to be bothered by his ears and the wind, but he did raise his game in the third set. I too am worried about tomorrow, but will take it match by match. Rafa at the night match tomorrow with a lot of fan support!

  4. Rafa’s first matches in a tournament are often nail-biters. This one more than most! However, the right result. Hope he feels better and has woken up by tomorrow. I think his greater match experience carried him past Fognini. So may it continue.

  5. boy that was tough to watch. But first match at a tournament is always difficult you have to find your rythm. I am sure rafa realizes that in order to be a candidate for the title he has to play better. Especially against krygios who is serving unbelievably well he will not give nadal many chances. So rafa needs to serve well play and return aggressive. I was not happy with the way he returned today also his groundstrokes were too short. It needs improvement

  6. Congratulations Rafa and all the best of luck for tomorrow. – Have a good rest to be ready for it ❤️🍀

  7. Rafa obviously not nearly at his best but had the confidence to battle to the end. Ear infection, no doubt has had an impact. Hope he gets good rest . Well done Rafa.

  8. Rafa had a long, tough match against Fognini who played a very aggressive game but, true to form , smashed a few rackets along the way.
    I fear Rafa is still not out of the woods with his ear infection and to-morrow faces another tough, and volatile, opponent in Kyrgios.
    I still feel that Rafa would have been better to have skipped Madrid, especially once he got the ear infection. but we know he would not want to disappoint his Spanish fans so there’s no use going on about it, I suppose.
    So all my support and very best wishes to Rafa for the rest of the tournament. He really fought hard to win this match,
    But please, Rafa, don’t wear yourself out before Roland Garros…

  9. Stay healthy. This guy is always tough play against. Good job. Nice win. Next guy is just as tough. You just never how they are going to play. Up and down players. Go king of clay. My Mr. Tennis.

  10. Good win by Rafa, and boy did he have to dig deep for it. Fognini seems to have some extra gear which he can switch on every now and then to create some wonderful shots… alas he can’t use this over sustained periods. Good fight though!

    Kyrgios next! Rafa must improve if he wants to advance past tomorrow. Do it champ!

  11. What a match! So proud of my hero, the greatest competitor the sport has even seen! Rest well, Rafa! Best of luck tomorrow!

  12. Whew! Rafa survives, he played better in the 3rd. Will still have to raise his level alot to beat NK.
    Not a pretty match.

  13. Phewwww I’m now going to sit in the garden in this glorious sunshine to get over that very tense match. All I can say is well done Mr Nadal – just very well done. His confidence must be at an all time high after that

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