Monte Carlo Masters R2: What time does Rafael Nadal play against Kyle Edmund?

Nine-time champion Rafael Nadal will face Kyle Edmund for the first time when the pair clash in the second round of the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters on Wednesday.

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Date: April 19, 2017

Match time: Around  2 PM local time / 8 AM EDT –  New York, Montreal /  1 PM BST – United Kingdom / 2 PM  CET – Spain, France, Germany, Italy / 10 PM AEDT – Melbourne. To convert to your local time, use this website.

Rafa is still in search of his first title this season. He is 58-4 lifetime in Monte-Carlo with nine titles. He is the defending champion having beaten Gael Monfils to claim the Monte Carlo title for a ninth time last year.

Edmund on playing Rafa:

I’ve always known him. But he’s probably not known me. I played Novak Djokovic three times, Andy Murray twice, Stan Wawrinka, Milos Raonic. It’s another top-10 opportunity for me.



    • Hi Susie , Holly not to good besides that all is fine , hope all is well in the Susie/ Raffy household 😸 🏠. Get ready for the stress levels to rise this week, Rafa certainly doesn’t make it easy Watching for us, but we can’t help but love him 😁

      • Oh i know – rafa at it again. Nail biting stuff. Sorry to hear that Holly Berry isn’t well. She will be ok I’m hoping? All good here thanks maria

  1. Never ever under estimate the under dog. Remember Wimbledon – Rossol, darcy and brown? That says it all …..despite it being on clay. It’s a different and older rafa so I expect to see this a bit more as it’s realistic after the last couple of years. Doesn’t mean that he’s lost it. It happens to everyone eventually. I support him win or lose

  2. Good grief, if Rafa does manage to pull this off , it’s looking like it could be one hard slog to even get into the final this year . Come on Rafa .

  3. For heavens sake Be Aggressive Rafa!!! Too many short of length shots! Wonder how long I’ll be able to continue watching.
    No real credit to anyone including Federer for winning against Rafa. Even though he (Rafa) says otherwise, he is nowhere near his best.
    Too sad!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  4. What the hell is happening Rafa, this is Kyle Edmund, ( who) exactly , this is not what i was expecting at all.

  5. Edmund took the second set, breaking Rafa 3 times. I can’t believe it. Really Rafa, whatever is going on your mind now, just try to bush it off and restart the match pls.

    Didn’t expect this AT ALL. 🙁 Not sure if I even want to watch the third set now. 🙁

  6. Losing 2nd set to Ed 7/5 troubling! Rafa is hitting short again, my worst nightmare and unless he corrects this, he’s in trouble.
    If Edmund can’t capitalize, Zverev will.
    Rafa needs to get it together now! We have seen these lapses before in the past few months.

  7. Even if Rafa wins here ….. one can notice lack in confidence – mostly defensive. If mental problems tackled, confidence, belief, nerves etc. a lot of the other stuff will fall into place. Rafa has to win points on winners – on his merit – rather than on opponents errors unless forces errors.
    Just pray he wins here and plays better in the future.

    C’mon Rafa, VAMOS

    • Agree, Rafa fan. Just after my nonsense rambling last night after the Djokovic match and THIS happens just exactly like what I’m always worried these days. 🙁

  8. Rafa, pls try to move him around much more, playing more proactively and especially with angles. Also try to attack his second serve and take the ball earlier. He’s the aggressive style and has nothing to lose now. Grinding him now is not gonna work.

  9. Rafa, why did you still play that defensively why breaking BPs? Getting broken 2 times in a row after breaking him in the second set and bagelling him in the first set? 🙁 🙁

    • Sorry, “when facing”.

      So Rafa survived another BP again :(. He’s still playing passively.

      4-4 2nd set.

  10. Oh no. Rafa double faulted and Edmund broke just right back! This is what I don’t like the most. 🙁

    2-2 second set.

  11. So Rafa did bagel Edmund in the first set :p. But he only put 40% of first serve in :(, and of course winning all the points (4/4) and 6/9 on his second serve.

    Second set now.

  12. Pls, Rafa. Bagel or breadstick him to let him have “just another great experience” playing “another top ten” :D.

  13. Pressure is on for Nadal. If he does not win Monte Carlo, we celebrate a new low: a full year without a title.

  14. ALL the best Rafa for Round 2,

    and the whole Monte Carlo tournament.

    Love and Prayers,


    • Rafa would win 2 tight sets: 6 – 4, 6-4 or 7.6, 7-5

      But as always, we’d see……………hmmn

      • I feel Rafa can do better; by how much I couldn’t say. My clairvoyance capability is stymied by a cold at present. Hmmmnnnn No we’d.

        BTW, have you apologized to the other M? Your outburst was shocking.

        RAFA ROCKS

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