Rafael Nadal beats Fabio Fognini to reach Miami Open final [PHOTOS]

Fifth seed Rafael Nadal has reached the final of the Miami Open after recording a 6-1, 7-5 semi-final victory over unseeded Italian Fabio Fognini. He is in the Miami final for the fifth time but is still in search of his first title.

Rafa, who will be going for his 29thATP World Tour Masters 1000 crown, will face either Roger Federer or Nick Kyrgios in Sunday’s final.


  1. Reading your comments on the match and watching how Federer won only makes me think of the articles by astrologers on Federers stars – how he is likely to win no matter what – (not always in these words but ….). Seems sooo unfair.
    Please Rafa fans let’s put out all our positive thought and even maybe affirmations for our beloved Rafa.

    VAMOS Rafa!

  2. Bravo Rafael whatever becomes of the final you will always be a champion and a gentleman, let’s hope is the dream final again

      • Thank you Vy, lovely to see Rafa , having fun. A simple board game, who needs money when you have great family and friends around you😁

  3. Once again disgraceful crowd that I believe had an effect on the outcome. Then Roger says the crowd was great afterwards, lol! Losing my respect for Roger by the minute. I pray to God Rafael please beat Federer and win the title.

    • I believe the crowd certainly had an effect on the outcome,rafa fan. I am not a Nick fan but did feel sorry for him at that moment. He was 5-3 with his own two serves to follow. He practically had the win in the bag and the distraction caused by some fans ( Fed fans obviously ) were a deliberate, and successful, act to alter the momentum of the game.
      It just seems so wrong. Some might say Nick should have been able to handle the distractions, but at that crucial moment it would have been too much to expect.
      If they do the same to Rafa to-morrow if a similar situation occurs in the game I don’t know that he could avoid being upset by it either.
      If he loses to Fed , and he very well could, I would not want it to be due in part to untimely distractions from Fed fans Nor would I wish to see that behaviour from Rafa fans either.
      However I congratulate Roger for his win and the standard of his game throughout the match, winning against big serving guy 14 years younger than himself.

    • The let’s hope that tomorrow the crowd are in Rafa’s side or at least be fair minded. Not sure if their reaction had any effect on Nick ,he just needs to take a leaf out of Andy’s book , if the crowd boo him he actually finds it amusing and feeds off it

  4. Fed won. Nick DF handing Fed the MP, then of course the veteran prevailed. But have to congratulate him anyway.

    76 67 76 Fed

    Poor Nick. But he’ll learn from this defeat. And I’m sure he has gained a lot of fans after from match.

    Come Sunday, another Fedal. Not good for my heart health now. πŸ™

    Will need my fellow RNF friends (I don’t have a Raffy now, Susie).

    Rest well, everyone. See you on Sunday. πŸŒ›

    • I can relate re “heart health” Vy.

      I may follow the score online only unless Rafa is winning. Federer is really on fire now, but it’s also true that could have been anyone’s match.

      I can’t help feeling Fed is lucking out with both Berd and Nick DFing, Berf for MP, Nick for the point before MP that gave Fed MP

      • I had the same feeling with AO17 too, Rafalite. Stan clearly choked and Fed basically admitted so.

  5. Ech! Fed got off the hook again! due to Nick’s DF (classic nick going for a huge 2nd serve) probably bcz he was pisssed about the crowd yelling out when he was making a shot previous point, which he lost.
    So the crowd had an effect.

    Nick made an amazing effort right up till that DF.

    Djok has to endure this all the time against Fed. with Rafa the crowd’s a bit better.

    • I suspect there’s a Fed’s fan here making pushing the dislike buttons his/her life mission.

      Rafalite, this is so often the case in Fed matches. That’s why I never like any of his opponents’ chance when the set goes to a TB, even if it’s Rafa. Plus like Rafa, now matter what people say about his godlike talent, he’s a also hell of fighter. His talent alone can’t win him big titles, especially in the “Golden Era”.

      • Haha I wondered about that VY, getting thumbs down merely for rooting for Nick?

        Some day I’ll write you a novel concerning Fed fans and his infinite holiness.
        I rooted hard for Djok in all those slams against Fed where the crowd was so much against Djok–and I barely like Djok, but better than I like Fed.

        Fed looks stronger now than I’ve ever seen him. Well, the clay still belongs to Rafa ( and maybe Djok and Wawrinka). and I don’t think Fed will sustain this level indefinitely.
        And yes, he is a huge fighter. But when everyone is calling you GOAT, it tends to have an effect.

    • Sorry vy was so disappointed that Federer won I logged off. I felt so sorry for nick and in the cold light of day I still do. Tie breaks in a final set are really unfair at times. I just hope rafa doesn’t lose a 3rd final tomorrow and that Federer doesn’t win a 3rd.

  6. Nick holds again at 2-2 third set. Exhausting stuff.

    Mirka caught on camera cheering for Fed’s opponent’s miss again. >__<

  7. I’m so proud of Nick, he’s played extraordinary tennis this week and has forced a third set πŸ™‚ hope they tire each other out lol

  8. OMG a 3rd set
    This is good for Rafa, mentally exhaustng for both men

    I hope it’s windy on Sunday, very windy

  9. Nick has certainly grown up this year , at one time if he had lost the first set he would have gave up , i wouldn’t​ be surprised to see him with a GS title by the end of this year , for sure it’s not that far off. After this match the final has slot to live up to

  10. Nick is keeping his head, I’m impressed
    This is still so close

    I can’t imagine what rafa can do to either of these guys, playing the way they are now.
    Hate to say it, but that’s what i see

  11. Omg Mirka was whistling/booing at Nick. What the hell I just can’t anymore with Fed. Rafa please win the final.

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