Rafa Roundup: Nadal’s thoughts on Donald Trump

Ben Solomon / Tennis Australia
Ben Solomon / Tennis Australia


“It’s not my style. I was in the United States when Trump was on the campaign trail,” Nadal told Spanish online site El Espanol as he limbered up for the Australian Open.

“It is true that I don’t care for his manner of speaking — his way of expressing himself is not a style I appreciate,” added Nadal, while conceding he was no expert on the US political scene.

“Also, I’ll be honest — the other option didn’t do much for me either,” added the Spaniard in allusion to defeated Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Injuries and confidence issues have played their part in that time, but Nadal remains a potent threat when fully fit and fired up, no matter the surface. Should he reclaim the Norman Brookes Challenge Cup on January 29, the 2009 champion will join Roy Emerson and Rod Laver as the only men to win all four Grand Slam titles at least twice, and the first to do so exclusively in the Open era.

… Nadal is hoping he’ll benefit from his decision to end his season in October. Rest has always been something Nadal has been loath to try. Yet he did it.

Another sign of just how times are changing — and how seriously Nadal is seeking to reinvent himself — was Nadal’s decision in December to change up from his fierce loyalty to his longtime coach and uncle, Toni Nadal, and add countryman Carlos Moya to his coaching team after 40-year-old Moya split with Milos Raonic.

La vida no es sólo ganar y ser el mejor. Hay otras cosas también. Aunque en el deporte, de cara a los medios de comunicación o a la opinión general, sólo valga ganar también existen otras cosas. En la vida hay cosas más importantes que ganar. Está la felicidad de uno, hacer lo que te gusta si te sientes bien. Lógicamente, si no estás bien es un sufrimiento.

Entrenar a Nadal es el mayor reto que voy a tener nunca, el mayor desafío en toda mi carrera como entrenador. Primero, por lo que significa Rafa. Segundo, porque nunca voy a poder entrenar a alguien tan grande como él. Y tercero, por todo lo que nos conocemos, lo que hemos pasado juntos, lo que hemos vivido en la pista y fuera de ella. Ningún reto va a poder igualar a este que tengo por delante. Y estoy preparado para ello, le voy a incidir en muchas cosas que puede mejorar dentro de la pista, pero también fuera de ella.

Annabel Croft: With Rafa, there looks like a lot of work has gone in during that off-season. Again, he’s certainly not one to be underestimated and I think the tour is so excited to have him back.

“The thing is, Roger and Rafa can still win big titles; it’s the matter of doing it over the whole year that’s the challenge,” said Paul Annacone, who formerly coached Pete Sampras and Federer. “But I don’t see a reason why people should even wonder. Rafa can win the French Open playing average tennis for him, and Roger can win Wimbledon playing good. And there’s no reason why they can’t do that this year or for a couple more years if they stay healthy.



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