PHOTOS: Rafa’s Saturday practice in Melbourne

Photos from Rafa’s practice session in Melbourne on Saturday.


  1. Vamossssssssssssss Rafa you can do it .good luck .is time for you can win this 2017 is your year. Your fans love you.

  2. Fans have made this Rafa’s Happy Page

    Fans happy that Rafa is healthy
    Fans happy that Rafa is back
    Fans happy that Rafa is happy
    Fans happy to cheer our champ Rafa
    Fans happy to wish Rafa the best
    Fans happy that Rafa gives 150%
    Fans happy that Rafa makes us smile


  3. Rafa, I am soooo very happy to be on this page with other fans who are wishing you a wonderful AO, good health, and a great 2017.

    You believe it, Moyà believes it, Annacone believes it, and I too believe you can win another Slam. It will happen this year. Yes, Yes, Yes! Go with your heart.


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