These Are Rafael Nadal’s 9 Most Popular Instagrams of 2016


There are just two days left of 2016, which means we’re busy looking back at our favorite moments from the past year.

For Rafa, 2016 wasn’t all fun and smiles – damn injuries 🙁 but our champ still managed to win two ATP titles (Monte-Carlo, Barcelona) and gold medal in doubles with Marc Lopez at Rio Olympics.

We were curious to see which of Rafa’s Insta posts were his most popular. Using the website 2016bestnine, it was easy to see which of his posts made us double-tap.


Our top posts on Instagram:




  1. Good luck today Rafa against Goffin , what a great end to 2016 it would be to see you win here again this year.congratultions to Andy Murray who has just been awarded a knighhood , I wonder if when he walks on court they will say Sir Andy Murray now that would be funny. I’m betting the players will give him some jokey banter about it.

  2. You can do it you are the most talented player on the circuit I just love watching you play good luck you will soon be no 1 again!

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